Thursday, December 16, 2004

This is an amazing bird!

Doesn't it look professional? Taken by appa at Butterfly park-S'pore

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Vetri and gv came here saturday night, i made potato gravy for the night as vetri came with chicken and chips. Watched TV and slept early that day. Sunday was fun, gv made his so called vatha kolombu, vetri made vendakaai poriyal and i just helped them. Though vatha kolumbu was not what it meant to be, but it was nice. We played shuttle in the evening and then went outside to have dinner. Vetri got us some sweets as he has become 'mama'. Gv left late evening and vetri stayed. Monday morning parents returned from s'pore. Yesterday whole day i was just talking to them asking about the place and looking at thier shopping. Thats the reason no blogs for two days. Today i spoke with deepak trehan, my DAV school mate after almost 2 years. He is in haridwar now working for BHEL and said that he is going to banglore this month end and might meet me on the way. If i meet him it will be more than 8 years since we last met each other. Once he came to chennai and was on his way to kerala. He was with his college friends on a college tour, but i missed him by mins. I hope this time i make it in time. sms time:
If I were to be anything in this world….
I’d be ur tears!!!…
So, I can be conceived in ur heart
born in ur eyes
live on ur cheeks & die on ur lips!!!!!
pul arikira madhiri onu :
It takes half our life to find
true friends & half of it keeping them.
I am lucky to have spent less than half
my life finding you & wish
to spend the rest keeping you.
sms of the day:
Yes, God made you first,
but there is always a rough draft before the final copy
Thats all i have for the day, hopefully will get more intresting ones tomm. and with that i am signing off for the day.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Weird things happen to my computer, and today it behaved very badly. It automatically got connected to some stupid connection and loads only one page - some messenger page, it does not access any other site. I cleared the cache and still it loads whenever i open the browser. I cant see any icon on my task bar. The phone line becomes busy and i dont know how to stop it. The only solution was to reboot. After rebooting it automatically got connected. I just got fed up and turned it off. Now i started it and it is working properly! hmmm..... i need to consult my expert -google. Nawaz called me today, he is coming in 10 days and obviously he is excited about the trip. Selva asusual is very busy it seems. No idea what alex is doing, i guess he must be bit upset that is not going to make it this christmas. Vetri and gv are coming and hopefully i will cook something for them. I spoke with shyam yesterday, he is in bangalore now and learning J2EE. Spoke to him after a very long time, he is still same... warm and welcoming. I might go to bangalore next month and might see him. No news from bharathi and i have no idea what he is doing. Ok guys its sms time
Could u fax me ur photo
very very urgently ?
Mind u - it's really very
very urgent, damn serious
and very imp ..... I'm playing
cards and we've misplaced
the JOKER.
Another one that i got today:
Maine puchha chand se
"dekha hai kahin mere yaar sa hasin",
chand ne kaha
"saale itni upar se dikhta hai kya"
And the best for one of the day:
Dark were those days,
without your sight.
When I was in darkness,
you gave me light.
You gave me strength 2
make life bright.
Thank you so much
They are better when scroll and read them on your mobile.Ok guys thats all for the day time to say goodbye.

Friday, December 10, 2004


It was a beautiful day to start, it was cold in the morning and then it was very pleasant. Washed my clothes had a good shower and i am just enjoying the day. It is evening now, studied very little. I get distracted very easily now a days. Dinner is alomost ready, i dunno if GV is coming home! he said that he will call me. It was fun last three days. Vetri said that he cannot make it today as he has loads of work in the office. Parents called me, dads training is over and they are coming back on monday. They are just left with saturday and sunday to look around , but i was told thats enough to see s'pore.
sms of the day:
You are the best heart
surgeon in the world
coz you made a place in
my heart without cutting
and spilling blood. I am lucky
to have a lovely friend like you...
These sms are short and sweet. Coming back to computer problems, i have a new problem. Remember the error that i was telling: c:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.
This is weird problem, i have the patch for this problem, which is nothing but a proper autoexec.nt file that i have to save in the systems32 folder. Once i do that the 16-bit DOS appliction works, the trouble starts whenever i reboot the system. I get the same error message. I have to once again repatch it, what could be the problem? could be because of system restore? i have no idea but i am doing it again and again without knowing the reason.
Any idea?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another day

One more boring day, nothing interesting happened today as though something always happens. Not much progress as far as the Job hunt is concerned. Same mails I get everyday about the openings but hell some shit happens after I mail them back. Still fingers crossed Cheer up da ( to myself), I got this good SMS which goes like this:
you know why god created
gap between the fingers?
So that some day the one
who is made for you,comes
and fill those gaps by holding
your hand forever.....
Good one isn't it? I am going to get a very heavy Mobile Bill. I cant help it, I talk a lot over the phone. I am trying to control but I dunno when i will.
I saw punch dialogue of Big B :
mard ho tho dard nahi hota
He says this in his typical style(kudos!), thinking of punch dialogoues i cant resist kollywood
Simbu says:
modhalae first yaar poranu mukiyam illa
Last le First yaar varanu mukiyam
Vijakanth says:
puyal adichu thupichaven irukaan
ana indha thavasi adichu pulaichavanae kidaiyadhu!
naan oru dharam soluvein, orae dharam dhaan soluvein!
There are many more but i dont remember now. Some of them are just too much. If anyone remembers some dubakoor punch dialogues then leave them as comment.
I am signing-off for the day.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Into kitchen

Being alone is boring. I am just bored of TV, all the TV serials have just one motto " cry cry and keep crying" at times its just sick. I wonder how the actors and actresses in these shows manage to cry everyday( glyserene may help but even then) . Vetri and gv stayed with me yesterday night, we were talking for sometime before we hit the bed.Spoke with Bharathi yesterday and today, i always knew that this guy was always confused but now i think even the people around him get confused. Poor fellow as usual is totally confused and i just hope that whatever happens to him, should be for his good. Still no sign of any interview or tests, i am keeping my fingers crossed. I spoke to vomshankar yesterday and he was asking my plans! this guy was my classmate in Swinburne, extremely hard working guy, he worked so hard that he cleared his MS loan debt by doing just part time. Shyam mailed me ( another classmate) he is doing J2EE course in bangalore. Been a while that i spoke with shyam. Vetri said that he will come today, no news from gv so i guess that he is not coming. Have to cook rice and potato side dish. Time to cook. catch up later

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Home alone

Yesterday for once, my sleep pattern was like in Australia- sensitve and extremely cautious. I was alone and that could be the reason. Yesterday amma went to S'pore for a week, before she left she told me the list of people who come in the morning- Newspaper man,milk man,lady who brings flowers and and person who comes to clean car. All this happens everyday before 7, all these days i never heard the bell and never had i seen any of them. Today was testing time, i could even hear the person who comes and sweeps the road early in the morning. Do we naturally become alert when left alone or when we are with someone less cautious?i mean where you are with ppl like Nawaz who would sleep even if a truck went by his side ;-), thats definately God's gift but... I wanted to write something yesterday itself, but was helping amma with her packing. Spoke with a few people today-jk is goign to hyd to attend a test, susi in blore and vetri who woke me in the morning and now in the evening. Gv said that he will come tonight, but his plans keep changing so until he comes, i cant be sure about him. I dont have anything intresting to write today.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


I am spending almost 2 hours everyday just fixing bugs in my computer. Connecting to the internet is like entering a battle field. Everytime i connect to the internet i find some new process running in task manager. I only can see the processes that show themselves in the task manager, but what about those which i cant detect. Atleast now i realise that even the latest ANTI-VIRUS cant help much coz new malwares and spywares are created every day. When i was i Australia nawaz and myself used to see a lot of unwanted processes running that always were responsible for unwanted pop-ups. We used to delete those processes and find them back the very next day. We actually only deleted the processes and never knew or thought of removing them from the registry(regedit). The latest malware or spyware i saw yesterday was salm.exe this one is a curious fello he has to be definately removed and also many others along with him. The information that i got from a website is as follows:180Search Assistant(salm.exe)is generally installed by some other piece of spyware. This not only displays ads but logs your browsing habits to send back to 180! If you have this you most likely have several other programs that you need to uninstall. This malware could have been the reason that i was getting popups like smiley central. I am not sure whether it was behind the mischief. There was one more process that i found in msconfig which called itself bgtit.exe. I could not find anything about this process, may be even this was a spyware or a malware, coz this is not a system process. In one site its written that if some process in the in WINDOWS directory and it is not a system process then there is a high possibility that it is a malware or a spyware. For the last two days i was not able to open any 16-bit DOS application and got an error as follows: c:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application. I found the solution in this site. Meanwhile my close friend whom i was talking about 2-3 days back is still gloomy and that makes me more worried. I was told that he is coming to his home country but i dont have any news about him. One blog that i would recommend to people who happen to read my blogs: site Well thats all from me for the moment i have much work to do. I have to go to JB nagar and photocopy a few things, then i have to study. Whenever i sit in front of the computer to study i start looking at the processes and start doing crapy things.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

viRus viRus everywhere

Installing and running the latest Anti-virus cannot always assure you. I have Norton internet security 2004 installed and still i found my system has 159 infected files. I found this from Panda active security, this is an online scaning system. Since this is an online site where you can scan your computer for viruses, it might get updated everyday for new definitions. Yesterday another peculiar thing happened, i had to restart the computer because it was not responding. After a succesful restart i kept getting messages to connect to the internet and the message that it gave was"you(or a program)have requested information from which connection do you want to choose?" and the sites that it wanted to access were sites like irc, angelfire and these sites i have never visited. I saw in the task manager a process called rasautou.exe was responsible for thisThis from google searches i found out was a system process and was Microsoft Remote Access Dialler. The description for this from a site was as follows: rasautou.exe is the Microsoft Remote Access Dialler process. It is used by the system or by third party applications to manage modem connections. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.That is well understood but why is it trying to access the sites that i have never visted, of course it was trying to access yahoo site as well. As for the poxwx file, guess it is a malware and thats what people say in a forum which discusses the problem with XP. Yesterday that was what i did. i studied very little and most of the time i wasted. Got a call from thiru today and spoke to gv yesterday. Appa has gone to Singapore and amma will also join appa, amma is starting 7 night and will be back by 13 along with appa. This is first time amma is travelling outside india and i am excited more than her. Thats it for the day and hey i have added a process finder in the blog so that i will atleast get to know what kind of a process in running.

Friday, December 03, 2004


How frustrated can a person be because of a girl? No, I am not talking about myself, i am talking about my very close friend. Never seen him so dull and gloomy. I never knew that he was all that serious about that girl! not that i would have changed his life had i known earler. Yesterday was that first time i saw him emotional and feeling guilty. I know that he will come out of this very soon but at the moment he is drained. No more comments on this issue, let me think what i did yesterday. I din study as i intended to after finishing blogging, i wasted my time. I was actually wondering what poxwx.exe is which i found in my task manager. I could not find anything conclusive about this .exe file from google searches. For the moment i have just disabled it from msconfigs' startup. XP i think is a nightmare OS to have with so many ports open to attack. while doing this i found a new search engine ixquick, seems to equally good. It calls itself meta search engine wonder what it is? and how different it is from the normal ones( if the normal ones are not meta search engines). Long back when i started blogging(just 3-4 months ago) i was introducing my friends. Here i continue with my next friend thiRumathi. A very good friend who used to be very sensitive has changed a lot still she is a bit sensitive. One person to whom you can polambify(hee hee) ,atleast she listens carefully. thats all for now will keep updating about my friends.


Its already evening now, end of another day. As per schedule i should start to Melbourne tommorrow but i have postponed the ticket. I guess thats what the malaysian airlines people have done. I am not sure as to what they have done, i gave them the money and ticket and asked to postpone it, but after a week a got an envelope with the ticket and the money. one person says that its been done successfully, but there is nothing written over the ticket.I will have to wait for appa to come back and check it. I have a strange feeling that the transperency is absent in India. The companies are not at all bothered, atleast thats what i presume. I guess thats mainly because of the call centers. For any querries for any product we call the call center and most of them working in there do not know ins and out about the product. I call satyam for a problem in my internet connection(sify) and the girl does not understand the problem and just gives the basic solution. I still do not know why the problem occurs. If anyone reading this knows pls lemme know in the comments. I have a dial-up connection, when i connect to the internet it gets connected, i mean the server authenticates my username and password. The problem occurs when i try to browse any site, i see the message in status bar "FINDING SITE:WWW.XYZ.COM" and after 1-2 mins the browser displays PAGE NOT AVAILABLE. The problem which i think is i tried pinging the DNS server and i could not reach it. I have no reason why this thing happens. This does not happen always, i face this problem only at times and i usually solve this by doing a dumb thing either i reconnect or restart the system and it works most of the time. Does anyone know what is the real problem? and what could be the proper solution. Hope i get a solution for this problem very soon.The day so far was pretty cool, i have to study for the day. enough of blogging for the day.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

---Not him----

The news for over a fortnight in Tamil Nadu is over the contrversial arrest of the seer of Kanchipuram. He was arrested for a murder case, Kanchi shankarachariyar is equalled with Pope and imam. His midnight arrest (dont think of karunanidhi) made first page news in all the news papers almost only month after veerappans encounter. The last thing to happen now is that seer has himself confessed that he ordered the murder in "a moment of weakness". Things like this can only happen in Tamil Nadu. My personal opinion is that, today even the media is causing a lot of damage to the society. One of the most respected News channel a week ago discussed about the seers' arrest in a programme called BIG FIGHT. The programme apart from discussing the arrest took a different turn and started concentrating on Brahmin-Non Brahmin problems in TN and congress' involvement in the arrest. These media people inorder to attract viewers instigate irrelevant problems, and this is not the only case and the only channel doing that. The ambani brothers household problem is now blown out of propotions, which i think would have been solved without the media intervention. We need media but at the same time we need it only to tell us the facts, with so many news channels around each channel wants to highlight some issue, which may be unnecessary. But then it is the survival of the fittest. Ok coming back to, i did nothing usefull yesterday apart from taking rest and eating. Today has been pleasent so far and things are going fine. GV, vetri and thiru called me today. i want to set a deadline for my cisco but so far the preparation has been gloomy and very slow. Guess should start reading now enough of blogging today.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

-Airport colony---mumbai---16:33---30/11/2004

Atlast found some time in my not so busy schedule to scribble something. I dont even remember when was the last i wrote something. I found that i remember blogs either when i am quite happy or very desparate. Well today... i am writing in a fit of desparation... y so? reason being very simple -i am going through the biggest problem than everyone faces ! getting a job. Today i was so irritated with the way things are happening, i have not attented even a single interview (one thing for sure is i have definately become lazy) i just hope that things change very soon, i am preparing for cisco and want to finish it soon, i know that this is the best time to take up certifications, but my mind is not determined i wanted to write one more paper in Microsoft and suddenly i have started preparing for cisco. I hope i get things right very soon! what else to say? Oh yes! i spoke with nawaz today i have called him only when i wanted some some work done there in Australia, how mean! but then it is expensive to call. Nawaz is fine, selva called the other day... by the sound of it he is working very hard which is good for him. Ghuru called me just now, he was awake till 5 in the morning poor chap has to finish his thesis. I have no idea what bharathi is upto ? he said that he will land in india before december but no news from him so far... i guess thats all from me hopefully will write something tommorrow.

Monday, November 08, 2004

south trip

came to chennai 15 of october, the main idea of coming here was to have good south trip, i mean trichy, namakal , cbe and salem. Hmmm... but my body conditions werent supportive though, i fell sick in chennai itself and fell sick again in trichy. Terrible stomach problem... i had to skip all the places other than trichy, had a nice time in trichy. I am planning to go back to mumbai b4 diwali. may be my next blog will be from mumbai.

Friday, October 29, 2004


vandhavargalai vazhavekum chennaikku jai

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Navarathiri has started and we have GOLU in our house. I guess people will start coming may be from tomm. I am planning to go to chennai on saturday. I have a lot of work to do in chennai and lets see if i do them all. I have actually become very lazy, all i do whole day is apply for a few jobs then watch TV and browse. I have to come out of this schedule very soon. Yesterday i got myself Tshirt and its a bit small but then i like it. Okay guys thats all from me today.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Siddhi vinayagar

Time just flies...... its 9 october today and its like yesterday that i landed in india. I got up very early in the morning today 5:30, thats midnight by all means, actually appa woke me up, he wanted me to go along with him to the Siddhi vinayagar koil. This temple is VERY famous in Mumbai and very very powerful. I think it is in Dadar( i am not sure). You should see the ganesh there...too has a site. Thats all the news that i have for today. catch you later

Friday, October 08, 2004


yipee i am in india now, well actually i came a month back, landed here on 4 of september and its just amazing to be back home after more than 2 years. and i want to say it the mc donalds way " I'm lovin it" i am in mumbai now and this place is another paradise.... y? not coz of the city just coz my parents are here. thats all for now...

Monday, July 26, 2004

sake of writing

I know, i din write for a long time... actually i am becoming really lazy and the laziness is in its peak. Arite let me start with what i did yesterday. Yesterday was a pretty good day to start with. Did a bit of cleaning and then washed my clothes after a long time. Then i had afternoon shift in 7-11 and did my shift till 11 in the night. Came home and German f1 was just starting. Nothing to see in it as schumi was there in the pole position and kimis' bad luck repeated. As usual shumi won the race. Today its afternoon now and i got up only 10 in the morning and a made a few phone calls and now i am browsing, so thats in brief what i did in 2 days i hope that i again start writing something atleast once in a week. lemme see how much my laziness has grown.  

Sunday, July 18, 2004

looooooong time

its been a very long time that i wrote somethig. i was lazy in the beginin and kept postponing. i will try to write regularly from now on.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A long gap(GOR)

Hmmm.... a very long gap indeed. what was i doing all these days? Last i wrote was last Monday, I will start from last thursday and try to recollect as what i did. Thursday we ssn guys finalised that we will make it to Great ocean Road. I have actually been there once and i decided to go there again. 8 of of the ssn gang went there. Thursday we guys rented a tarago(8 seater) and we took the vehicle to jk's house. From there i came to my house again and along with nawaz went back to jk's house. By the time that myself and nawaz reached jk's house it was already half past 12. We met susi on the way. After reaching there i made some chicken gravy to take and jk kept rice. we slept around 2 in the night and got up at 7. Got ready and we were waiting for rolands to come. rolands came and now we were 8 of us(Myself,jk,susi,nawaz,prasana,arulmurugan,rolands and ranjith) we took the melway and learnt our way out of melbourne. Rolands was the first to drive, myself and jk telling him the route we were took the Geelong road and were on our way to great ocean. Soon we hit the Princess Freeway which will take us to Geelong. we started from Jk's house at 9:45 and we were in geelong by 10:40(Geelong is 60km from melbourne) We din stop at geelong and no snaps till then. 5 km from Geelond we saw the sign to go to great ocean road. hmmm.... we were very near to great ocean road. Our next stop Torquay. There was the first info center about GOR. This time i din want to miss the things that i missed the first time. So halted there and took our time knowing the attractions in that place and in the nearby places. Arul murugan was all the time hurrying as he din want to halt( myself and nawaz were prepared to halt for a night) From Torquay it was GOR. First beach was bells beach it was beautiful but we did not spend much time there coz of arul. Next we were heading to anglesea! we were told about a golf course were kangaroos were abundant. i wanted to kangaroos as only once before i had seen them in full two years(thats a shame :-( ). As we were a bit fast we missed the sign and arul was the first to say that we will see that in the next trip. Anglesea gone and now we were heading Lorne, a beautiful town. Lorne had a information center were we asked what to see there. They told to take a left next to the info center to go to Erskine Falls. So we deviated from GOR and went there. 10 km off GOR. By the time we reached that place it was heavily raining and we were inside the car for sometime. Then we started climbing down the stairs(abour100-150) and reached the foot of the falls( man believe me it was awesome) and then it was the usual foto sessiion for about 30 mins. After exhausting all the beautiful places we returned. It was already 2:45 by then. We had to come back to Lorne and then go to Apollo bay. Between Lorne and Apollo bay i found a sopt to eat( that was the exact place were we ate the last time 16 -17 months before), open place off the road with a water creek near by and sorrounded by hills on both the sides. Last time i missed my ring and got it after a long time( it was found by the great Alex). This time it was problem with car. All this time arul was in the car( he finished first) and was playing music with the head lights on..... hmmmmm....... car din start and as the car was automatic no use pushing it the indian style. Our Luck just after 5 mins of realising that the car was not starting an old couple passing by stopped and offered lift for 2 back to Lorne to get a mechanic. Prasana and rolands went and they came back with RACV mechanic in his car in 40 mins. It was a minor problem and as the car was a member of RACV we din have to pay anything. We all thanked the old couple in our heart and started again. We reached apollo bay by 6 and it dark and by that time arul also decided to halt and see the rest of the place the next day. mmmm....... i will continue the rest tomm. as i am late for the day. catch you tom.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Time pass...

i din write for last 2 days, mainly coz i couldnt find a computer to write. Selva is in front of the computer as if it is his wife. He has 3 more exams and till he finishes them he is not going to allow anyone use the computer;-) Today i came to browse in uni. Saturday was not very intresting day. i went with anand to holmesglen. Sunday was the same nothing eventful except for the night shift. As usual the night shift had all the troubles. Well that was two days in brief. Hey i picked up a fight with my roomie(alex), atleast this time i din start it;-) Time to introduce the next character. G____ k___________, my class mate in engineering. Fun loving guy at times very dificult to understand. He is in university of buffalo. I guess he is doing thesis at the moment. i spoke with him more in phone than in person. i dunno about his school life, but in college he had a crush on a girl and i think even now he has the same feeling for her. we guys now a days are in touch thru mails and sporadic phone calls. Time just flies, god bless messeneger and cheap phone calls, that we are still in touch. i dont have many characters in my life... just a few more and then in free time i think i will recall some cool moments that we guys had. thats it for today

Friday, June 11, 2004

Pleasant day

It was dull but very fresh today morning, well i got up only at 11.... courtesy alex(my roomie. I slept late and he got up early and woke me up with his kitchen skills. To be frank i just enjoyed the day, but again mood spoiled coz of another dumbo. The more an more you do... the more and more people take things for granted. Anyway i am not worried and may be ppl should realise. hmm...... so what did i do yesterday?, i went holmesglen a place in glenwaverly line to help a friend with web site. I guess only when u work with some 2-3 ppl you will find how weak or strong you are in a particular area. I hope i will get to learn a lot of things from them. My parents called me today, well one thing i know for sure is that they want to hear the good news very soon(pr) hee hee.... i have made up my mind that i am not going to be bothered at all, let that come whenever it is destined to. Went to Pizza hut today with selva and had a good lunch today. I got a call from Sinett corp(Sydney), the person spoke to me for about 30 mins and said that the main drawback in my resume was i din have any MCP or MCSA(Microsoft certs) and he said that if i did that(course and cert) which actually costs heaps, will almost guarantee and job. I am at the moment thinking of it and i dunno if it worth that money. I need to put in some hard work to clear the papers. Lemme think... any suggestions? i was thinking that its been a while that i introduced characters in my life. well after nawaz,bharathi,gv, vetri and dinesh. Time for the next person. Deepak trehan. Damn cool bloke, he was my schoolie in delhi. I still dunno how we guys become friends, but at the end we were almost in separable. He is in IIT assam. A brilliant boy with specs. he could understand you by just looking at you, this ability he had when he was in school. It been 6-7 years that we guys met each other, but we are in touch even now. I dunno where will we meet each other again. May be in a subway in Japan ;-) check this for melbourne transport

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Night shift

Yesterday night shift started with a lot of problems. We guys have to two registers in the counter, the purpose of the second one is mainly to run parallel shifts if two ppl are working and when shift change over takes place. What we guys do is the person who is starting the shift will sign on and 2nd register and then the person who is going to finsh will sign off in the first reg. Yesterday my luck the secong register was not working. So the person who was to finish could not finish his shift....i thought of continuing his shift. Then i called my owner and said the problem, he said he was unaware of the solution. I called the customer service and they gave me some instructions which i followed, but in vain. Yesterday being tuesday all the night clubs were open, so there was pretty much crowd. When i could do nothing, i thought i will continue previuos persons shift anyway and lets see to it in the morning. In between the sandwich delivery came and that person was in no good mood. he was upset with the owner. Our owner always rearanges the whole cabinet set up by the delivery person. He argued about the owner and left the shop. God damn, this was happening with 7-8 ppl inside the shop. Next thing was the coffee machine was not working and ppl started complaining about it. i went and rectified it. It was only 45 mins that i started the shift. Next thing.... owner came and that fello was totally off his senses. i got so frustrated that i thought of walking out of the shop then and there. then he could not do anything with the register and he also left. My problems werent over, then came the great drunkers(night club open) some irritating and some doing funny things. like one dumbo kept and curd inside and microwave and left. After a while i could hear bursting sound, had to clean the microwave for 15 mins. one person fell into the garbage bin outside, and from that found a wrapper which had free chocolate, he came and gave it to me and got a chocolate free. crazy ppl.... hey guys my friends have put up a site check it out

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Last 3 days

I din write anything for the last three days. Saturday the whole day i spent sleeping, i had finished night shift. I had planned to go to my uncle's house by saturday evening, that was the reason that i worked friday night instead of saturday. I called my uncle's house to find out if they wanted me to help them(They were having a small get to gether as his sister and bil had come from india), but patti said almost everything was done and so i could come the next morning. Sudarshan came from clayton. Susi(pet name) studied with me in india in the same college and he did Ece. A nice bloke who is leavin australia 21 this month. Next morning got up at 8:30 and went to my uncles house, i was the first to go there. helped them little bit and ate good indian food after a long time. Got to meet a lot of doctors there(My uncle is a doctor). I Started from their house late evening and reached house by 8. I brought with me parcel of all the foods.So i din have to cook for the night. After having my dinner, something went wrong with the stomach and it was irritating the whole night. Got up late and imm hurried to 7-11. My dear sham was waiting for me. He had finished night shift, i had to releive him. Worked there till 3 in the evening and then i thought i should check out dvd home theater deal that was going on in dicksmith. My bad luck the last piece had sold out and they said that i could check out the other branch just next street. I went there and my bad luck again. Then i saw another piece and it was good. Thought for sometime, called selva and asked him whether to go for it? then after cautious indian calculation purchased a dvd player and home theater. My parents will like it for sure. The whole evening we guys spent listening to music, we could not connect it to the TV as we have old tv which doesnt have enough sockets.hmm.... that was a brief note on what i did last three days. Tonight i am having that crazy night shift. what to do? the more i think of it the more i hate it. i guess thats pretty much of what i did.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Melbourne CBD

A pleasant day today unlike yesterday night.It was freezing it might have been less than 5c yesterday i bet. Today morning got up late in the morning and had my breakfast and then went to CBD(Central buisness district) along with Selva,alex and vom shankar. CBD the name looks hifi hee its nothing but city. Not that i live in country side, i live in a suburb. Selva wanted to update his mobile with Blue tooth and infra red and buy USB cable for his another mobile. Man this guy is one mobile maniac! will you believe he is going to buy his 5th mobile within a span of 1 year. Then we all went to Bismi- South Indian restaurant. KFC's Mc.donald's, Subway's dont appease u as much as an Indian rather south indian restaurant. We had one chicken briyani each. Finished that and then myself and vomshankar started first. Got a train in Melbourne central station. The trains inside the main city go underground and it is fascinating to see trains 3 levels below the ground. Amazing technology indeed. Came home and slept for an hour and suddenly got up to check mail. Tonight i have night shift, again one hell of a sick thing to do. If u guys have time then check out

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Me and my phone

Its raining from morning and i havent gone out of the house from morning. Sitting inside and enjoying the rain. Australia is indeed beautiful. so what is my update ? ok after finishing writing the blog i went to make chicken... First time i purchased tandoori type and tried it, well i liked it! hmm.... which cook says that his dish was not palatable? The only thing in chicken is cutting it. Yesterday was a boring day nawaz and my other roommate alexander came back from night shift and were sleeping, so i could not do anything noisy....not even use the toilet. I know that it is difficult to sleep after a night shifht and very difficult when someone is hanging around. Guess what i did? well went to coles and bought brinjal and grapes and went to shams place. Know you must be thinking, this guy is crazy this guys half the time goes there and watches movies, Yesterday was no exception i did the same thing. Saw one hindi movie Hum tum, the comedy in the movie is good but as such it is crap. One boy one girl and all possible situations to fall in love. Hindi movies are day by day getting stupid. Today morning i called bharathi and spoke with him atlast, that fello was on his way home from school(thats what crazy americans call) so i gave him company exactly from school to his house. Techonology ha made common man life easier. Then i called my parents and spoke with them for a long time. Then i called dinesh. my college mate in india, after coming to australia i am calling for the second time and we spoke for sometime. Speaking on phone has never been new to me. I was known for this habbit in the college, what to do? after you get bored when you dont have any one of you age group to talk to! Its 2:30 in the afternoon i had planned to go outside today and have a look at the DVD players and come back but its raining now. Now i have people reading my blogs so i guess i need to do better formatting, i bet even i cant understand what i write:( In between i called my lawyer to check my PR status, he was not there, his assistant was there and he said that he has heard nothing from the immigration so far. I dunno what is taking them so much time? hey if anyone from immigration reading this, then give it to me soon ;-)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Day after tom....

Today is June1, 6th month in this year, time really flies. well writing a blog after 2 days. After finishing the blog on 29 i went for the night shift. As expected that night was busy and had to answer stupid questions by all the drunk ppl. Then came back from shift by 8:45 in the morning and i slept till afternoon. I got up at 1 and saw my mobile for a few missed calls(i keep it in silent mode when i got to sleep in the day time) and thought may be my parents were trying to call me. The i gave a call to them and spoke with them for a long time. had 2 packs of maggi for lunch and again i slept. got up in the evening coz of a call from my 7-11 owner, he called me to remind that i had work the next day. couldnt sleep after that. got up and had a bath and switched on the computer to write something, in between nawaz called me and said that he will come home and help me in cooking. so logged on to yahoo messenger and was chating for a while. nawaz came by 9 and in sometime i got a sms from my parents that my college mates in india had come to my house in india. So we both decided to call them and speak with them. Vetri and gv were there in our house. remember bharathi? these guys are also from the same place pulidhivakkam..... Gv.srikrishnan one hell of a confuser, the way he thinks at times will make you feel proud of him, but most of the times even he doesnt know what is going on in his mind. i always feel that these three(gv,bharathi and vetri were someway related to THREE Stooges. Next is vetri, basically and good boy has less boy friends than girl friends,there is nothing wrong in that but we used to tease him alot. never mind we werent teasing for something he was not responsible. Gv is a pet name and in college everyone knows him by this name, even he wouldnt turn if you called him srikrishnan. Now both these blokes are in TCS in mumbai. now thats about gv and vetri and thats what i did on Sunday. Yesterday was a better day, got up and ran for the job as i was late. workied till 3:30 and from there went to sham's place and from the we went to see Day after Tommorrow. the movie i should say is pretty ok, nothin big happenin in the movie except for the graphics. These americans think too much of themselves. today helped selva with the assignment so far and went to pizz hut (selva's treat) had 2 pizzas and three of us shared(nawaz, selva and myself) nothing more to add will introduce other characters in the next blog...

Saturday, May 29, 2004

today is may 29 and the day so far has been kind and good. It is a bit cold outside. I got up quite late today, and the first thing to occur in my mind was man i need to do night shift today. well cant help it just 2-3 weeks then back to normal schedule. lemme help nawaz(short form of that big name) and other's working there as they have their exams in the coming weeks. Today is Saturday and working Saturday nights u can see a lot of drunk ppl all over the night coming and buying something or the other. we have 7 nights clubs in the vicinity guess my plight today. well leave it off. time to introduce character no.2 that's Mr.Bharathi..... given the fact that i already mentioned about him i need to talk more about hm this dude is in Binghamton and is doing his Masters. To be frank its been 2 years that i saw him in person but we guys speak quite often and i have never felt that its been that long. He no doubt is a cool person but man he messes up things like anything. i am confident he is still the same. may 27 was his bday and i havent still called him. sorry dear will call you soon. the last 2 years in the college he was totally confused about a relationship and then i thought he was going steady but i heard that he has some confusion again. Onething i am happy is as long as this fello is in confusion, means that he is the same old person not changed even a bit ;-) thats about the intro for bharathi. well what did i do today, went to uni to help selva with his assigment. who is this selva? he ismy roomie here, class mate in BE and my project mate in india known him for more than 5 years now.i will talk about him later. helped him as much as i could and then went with him and vom shankar to subway and ate a little. i came home and then thought of sleeping, but could not so i am typing this. i have to get ready and go to work now. ok bye till next time.chk this

Friday, May 28, 2004

well it was just another day and nothing more. Yesterday was the same so i thought no point in writing anything. applied for a few jobs online and saw a telugu movie yesterday. well i dunno but i have started liking chiranjeevi. That guy is a dynamite. well first character to introduce Mr.Shahul Hameed shanawaz ismath batcha phew.... man thats his name. This name is associated with me now for more than 6 yrs, which started as a hi and bye in the early engg. days is now with me in melbourne. Mr.Nice guy who at times tries to use his brain too much. hee hee.... He is one the verge of finishing MS in a month i guess. He is one of room mates and dunno what he does all the time in front of computer. Half the time he checks mails and rest of the time sees simran(south indian actress) and chats with old friends. i am sitting in uni lab, which actually i shouldnt coz i am no more a student. anyway as there is nothing to mention for the day i am finishing with this. i have night shift tom. something that i hate.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

nothing big

well i dunno if anyone has come across my space, if yes hi to them. i wrote last time when i was not at all feeling good and was upset a bit. today i am feeling better, went to my friends house and then with him i went to city to do some window shoppin. i thought of buying a dvd player and was seeing all the prices and mean whil my friend(sham) was all intrested in buying a digi cam. they are all too attractive oooo.... spoke with barathi today.... its his bday tomm.. so will call him. hmm.... who is this barathi?, one legend shld say a gem may be i can call him with all soughts stone names thats what he is. i will call him tomm. bloke wanted to speak to me and its been a long time that we guys spoke. meanwhile there are a lot of intrsting characters that i need to inroduce but not today, need to cook dinner.

Monday, May 24, 2004

tears wont come out

i am not a regular blogger or a person who encouraged blogs, i always read blogs and thought that people write em just because someone doesn’t listen to him or her or just the person likes solitude. Today its just one of the above two reasons thats making me scribble something. I am a boy from India in Australia came here to persue higher education. yes my dreams came true and i flew to this wonderland 2 years back and 6 months has passed now that i completed my goals with so called flying colors. I am not a person who is sentimental or emotional but i have a feeling that this year things are not going my way. May be i am seeing a lot of lucky people around to think that i am not that lucky. it all started dec last year things were going fine i had finished last sem of my masters and the results were out and of course i din have any problem clearing the exams. The same day that i got my exam results i also got a shocking news that i had some stupid disease and that i had to undergo another checkup, all this i had to do to get a residency in Australia. well i waited for two months patiently for an appointment and i knew that there was nothing wrong in my body but had to undergo another test. may be already my bad days had started. I work in a seven eleven as a part time staff, i was working night shifts that time. i had already spent a fortune for my residency application and lawyer fees and other fees etc, so i was making all the money that i spent. in fact i am still.... when i had enf money for i thought of taking up ccna exam and as m luck would favor i got the date on the same day as my re-medical check up, i prayed to god that feburay 9th should be my luck day, things should cleared. i did my part in reading for the exam but i had a feeling that i was not up to the mark but then i was clearing the sample exams and thought lets do it. Morning was the exam, I went to the exam and saw the screen when I said grade exam… I had to get 849/1000 to clear the exam I got 847/1000 and the merciless Machine said sorry better luck next time. Yes I was sad and din want to undergo medical test in another 1 hour. But I got this date after 2 months of waiting and I could not afford to let it down. I did the medicals and doc asked me to come back in 3 days, I was afraid that the fateful day might engulf me. But god was with me, when I went next to the doc he said the reports were clear and I din have any problem. Well a big sigh of relief at least the residency process will continue which had stopped for over two months for this report. Came home and thought may be my preparation for the exam was not up to the mark And I should not be blaming the day and other things. In between this entire affair we roomies decided to change the room and that was another burden. Just when I was thinking that all that happens is for good grandpa fell ill( he is w ell now) and I Desperately wanted to see him, having applied for residency I had a very feeble chance to go to my dear country. Many things happened since then and every time I am missing small opportunities Which other are getting? May be this is life and this is what it gives you when you want more from it I calculated today and its been more than 650 days that I came to this country and My parents want to see me and I want to see them, I know that its just a matter of time But still in some corner of my heart I want to see them. Whatever tears wont just come out I am man. May be weak at heart but I am a man.

Monday, May 10, 2004


If God takes something away from your grasp he is not punishing you, but nearly emptying your hand for you to recieve something better.--- an advice by a good friend of mine