Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Last 3 days

I din write anything for the last three days. Saturday the whole day i spent sleeping, i had finished night shift. I had planned to go to my uncle's house by saturday evening, that was the reason that i worked friday night instead of saturday. I called my uncle's house to find out if they wanted me to help them(They were having a small get to gether as his sister and bil had come from india), but patti said almost everything was done and so i could come the next morning. Sudarshan came from clayton. Susi(pet name) studied with me in india in the same college and he did Ece. A nice bloke who is leavin australia 21 this month. Next morning got up at 8:30 and went to my uncles house, i was the first to go there. helped them little bit and ate good indian food after a long time. Got to meet a lot of doctors there(My uncle is a doctor). I Started from their house late evening and reached house by 8. I brought with me parcel of all the foods.So i din have to cook for the night. After having my dinner, something went wrong with the stomach and it was irritating the whole night. Got up late and imm hurried to 7-11. My dear sham was waiting for me. He had finished night shift, i had to releive him. Worked there till 3 in the evening and then i thought i should check out dvd home theater deal that was going on in dicksmith. My bad luck the last piece had sold out and they said that i could check out the other branch just next street. I went there and my bad luck again. Then i saw another piece and it was good. Thought for sometime, called selva and asked him whether to go for it? then after cautious indian calculation purchased a dvd player and home theater. My parents will like it for sure. The whole evening we guys spent listening to music, we could not connect it to the TV as we have old tv which doesnt have enough sockets.hmm.... that was a brief note on what i did last three days. Tonight i am having that crazy night shift. what to do? the more i think of it the more i hate it. i guess thats pretty much of what i did.

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