Saturday, May 29, 2004

today is may 29 and the day so far has been kind and good. It is a bit cold outside. I got up quite late today, and the first thing to occur in my mind was man i need to do night shift today. well cant help it just 2-3 weeks then back to normal schedule. lemme help nawaz(short form of that big name) and other's working there as they have their exams in the coming weeks. Today is Saturday and working Saturday nights u can see a lot of drunk ppl all over the night coming and buying something or the other. we have 7 nights clubs in the vicinity guess my plight today. well leave it off. time to introduce character no.2 that's Mr.Bharathi..... given the fact that i already mentioned about him i need to talk more about hm this dude is in Binghamton and is doing his Masters. To be frank its been 2 years that i saw him in person but we guys speak quite often and i have never felt that its been that long. He no doubt is a cool person but man he messes up things like anything. i am confident he is still the same. may 27 was his bday and i havent still called him. sorry dear will call you soon. the last 2 years in the college he was totally confused about a relationship and then i thought he was going steady but i heard that he has some confusion again. Onething i am happy is as long as this fello is in confusion, means that he is the same old person not changed even a bit ;-) thats about the intro for bharathi. well what did i do today, went to uni to help selva with his assigment. who is this selva? he ismy roomie here, class mate in BE and my project mate in india known him for more than 5 years now.i will talk about him later. helped him as much as i could and then went with him and vom shankar to subway and ate a little. i came home and then thought of sleeping, but could not so i am typing this. i have to get ready and go to work now. ok bye till next time.chk this

Friday, May 28, 2004

well it was just another day and nothing more. Yesterday was the same so i thought no point in writing anything. applied for a few jobs online and saw a telugu movie yesterday. well i dunno but i have started liking chiranjeevi. That guy is a dynamite. well first character to introduce Mr.Shahul Hameed shanawaz ismath batcha phew.... man thats his name. This name is associated with me now for more than 6 yrs, which started as a hi and bye in the early engg. days is now with me in melbourne. Mr.Nice guy who at times tries to use his brain too much. hee hee.... He is one the verge of finishing MS in a month i guess. He is one of room mates and dunno what he does all the time in front of computer. Half the time he checks mails and rest of the time sees simran(south indian actress) and chats with old friends. i am sitting in uni lab, which actually i shouldnt coz i am no more a student. anyway as there is nothing to mention for the day i am finishing with this. i have night shift tom. something that i hate.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

nothing big

well i dunno if anyone has come across my space, if yes hi to them. i wrote last time when i was not at all feeling good and was upset a bit. today i am feeling better, went to my friends house and then with him i went to city to do some window shoppin. i thought of buying a dvd player and was seeing all the prices and mean whil my friend(sham) was all intrested in buying a digi cam. they are all too attractive oooo.... spoke with barathi today.... its his bday tomm.. so will call him. hmm.... who is this barathi?, one legend shld say a gem may be i can call him with all soughts stone names thats what he is. i will call him tomm. bloke wanted to speak to me and its been a long time that we guys spoke. meanwhile there are a lot of intrsting characters that i need to inroduce but not today, need to cook dinner.

Monday, May 24, 2004

tears wont come out

i am not a regular blogger or a person who encouraged blogs, i always read blogs and thought that people write em just because someone doesn’t listen to him or her or just the person likes solitude. Today its just one of the above two reasons thats making me scribble something. I am a boy from India in Australia came here to persue higher education. yes my dreams came true and i flew to this wonderland 2 years back and 6 months has passed now that i completed my goals with so called flying colors. I am not a person who is sentimental or emotional but i have a feeling that this year things are not going my way. May be i am seeing a lot of lucky people around to think that i am not that lucky. it all started dec last year things were going fine i had finished last sem of my masters and the results were out and of course i din have any problem clearing the exams. The same day that i got my exam results i also got a shocking news that i had some stupid disease and that i had to undergo another checkup, all this i had to do to get a residency in Australia. well i waited for two months patiently for an appointment and i knew that there was nothing wrong in my body but had to undergo another test. may be already my bad days had started. I work in a seven eleven as a part time staff, i was working night shifts that time. i had already spent a fortune for my residency application and lawyer fees and other fees etc, so i was making all the money that i spent. in fact i am still.... when i had enf money for i thought of taking up ccna exam and as m luck would favor i got the date on the same day as my re-medical check up, i prayed to god that feburay 9th should be my luck day, things should cleared. i did my part in reading for the exam but i had a feeling that i was not up to the mark but then i was clearing the sample exams and thought lets do it. Morning was the exam, I went to the exam and saw the screen when I said grade exam… I had to get 849/1000 to clear the exam I got 847/1000 and the merciless Machine said sorry better luck next time. Yes I was sad and din want to undergo medical test in another 1 hour. But I got this date after 2 months of waiting and I could not afford to let it down. I did the medicals and doc asked me to come back in 3 days, I was afraid that the fateful day might engulf me. But god was with me, when I went next to the doc he said the reports were clear and I din have any problem. Well a big sigh of relief at least the residency process will continue which had stopped for over two months for this report. Came home and thought may be my preparation for the exam was not up to the mark And I should not be blaming the day and other things. In between this entire affair we roomies decided to change the room and that was another burden. Just when I was thinking that all that happens is for good grandpa fell ill( he is w ell now) and I Desperately wanted to see him, having applied for residency I had a very feeble chance to go to my dear country. Many things happened since then and every time I am missing small opportunities Which other are getting? May be this is life and this is what it gives you when you want more from it I calculated today and its been more than 650 days that I came to this country and My parents want to see me and I want to see them, I know that its just a matter of time But still in some corner of my heart I want to see them. Whatever tears wont just come out I am man. May be weak at heart but I am a man.

Monday, May 10, 2004


If God takes something away from your grasp he is not punishing you, but nearly emptying your hand for you to recieve something better.--- an advice by a good friend of mine