Friday, December 30, 2005

developed India

During my couple of years in the AUS, I used to read every 'feel-good' article and magazine about India with great enthusiasm and pride. Read a lot of articles as to how India became world’s back-office destination. How the middle class was enjoying the economy surge et all. Came in 2004 with some moderate expectation… only to find nothing has changed! Of course its too short a time to have expected too much, but the media had hallucinated me! Yes the urban life style has changed but that’s just a part of the population, and I am still wondering if this change is for good… lets forget the westernized influence for time being. Talking of Chennai; it still has electricity problem, leave the rainy season, summers are known for frequent power cuts…. The Krishna or veeranam or whatever water that the govt. promised comes to many houses but is it potable? {should be happy that connection has been laid, though at many places it is hand pumps} Traffic jams and pollution are just the order of the day. Probably all the cities here are facing the same problem but nothing is being done, except Delhi where I believe Govt. is really on the move. What has changed? {not just 2-3 years, lets say what has changed in the past decade) o yes! Somethings have Almost everyone sports a mobile Toyota, Hyundai, skoda are becoming more common Malls and multiplex culture. Divorce on the rise! Yellow journalism on the rise. We need growth at the root level! On the contrary only a section of the mass is progressing (may not be in all aspects but at least in materialistic way). The socio economic pyramid is getting steeper by the day, and which is not a good sign. No wonder the crimes are on the rise. Too much of blaming the Government ( not that they are doing their duty properly), what are we as individuals doing to improve the society apart from following the rules and paying the taxes. I was thinking if I really did anything for the society at least this year? Hmmm the grim answer would be NO! One thing is for sure we should stop blaming the govt, and start looking at ourselves, one area where the westerners have excelled in leaps and bounds. The individual feels more responsible and acts accordingly. and till each and everyone start contributing we will still be in the bottom list of developing nations leave alone developed countries. What should we as individuals be doing to improve the place in our own small way? I am just running out of ideas. Hope all of us has a better 2006 and see a better India. Wishing readers a happy n a prosperous 2006

Friday, December 23, 2005

One puny guy on a cycle with two gas cylinders tied together on the carrier was in the front, ready to cross the road as soon the traffic police showed him green. Else he wouldn’t make it in time. Police had different plans. Actually this cyclists was ahead of all the motorists, he had to be else he would be stuck in green signal race. The cons (traffic constable) walked to him and said Cons: “ cycle a inga orama niruthu va” Cyclist: blinking and without uttering a word, parked his cycle in the side and came back Cons: seri poi andha vandiya thalla help panu po Cyclist: dint say anything and went were cons pointed… I couldn’t see for while and thought he was gone, but as soon as we were given green signal, I saw this poor guy pushing a police jeep. I din wait and watch, but I felt bad for the guy…

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sting operation on MP’s this time christened as “operation chakrvyu”..shows them collecting bribes for favoring contracts… This is second time in a month, in fact when I saw the news in the paper, for a moment I thought it was the previous news. These things come on National news networks and still these people are not worried and go ahead in doing what they are best at. Who is at fault? these people or the ones who give them money? I Guess who give them money .. they are the real criminals… as the hindi saying goes “ na rahega sanp, na rahegi baasuri” That’s too much politics in here… Avasara police ------, ---- Mohamed and now this is my ----- avadhu postu!!! Took a year n a half for this

Saturday, December 17, 2005

chor chor

Yesterday while driving back home, near Guindy industrial estate this happened. Ahead of me one bag from an auto fell down. A guy in a 2 wheeler picked it up, it happened to be a ladies hand bag. The auto driver cornered the auto, meanwhile this guy never stopped and looked as if he was trying to get away with the bag…. The traffic was so much that he was not fast and before that 2-3 cyclists n one motorist caught him. Soon a lot of people gathered and we all had to see the drama as there was no way out. The lady (in her late 20’s) came out of the auto, one of the cyclists snatched the bag from the guy and came running to the lady(feeling proud of himself). He gave her the bag n said “ellam correct a irruka parungo madam, neenga andha alla pathi kavalai padathingo avana pudichitom…nalla matikitaan” couldn’t see what was happening to that guy, with all the people around, but he was being cursed by everyone there. This lady she made her way towards the crowd… something happened and after sometime, the crowd cleared, I saw the lady was sitting on the pillion seat of the bike!!! What heck? ?? They were actually couples n they had some small fight and she was in the auto and this poor devdas was following her in his bike… before he could convince her or anything this happened. People were surprised especially our cycle hero… but anyway, their reunion had to happen this way. I guess they will never forget this incident……

Monday, December 12, 2005

nyabagam varadhae...

Everyone would have gone thru this, yes it has been long time but it still looks and feels like it happened yesterday. Me talking about the examination results n waiting for them. The talk about the results used to start at least 15 days and sometime even before that before we could see the results. Some one would come n say “dei results next week da” how do you know? “My friends uncle’s chithappa’s son blah blah……… is working in madras university and he gets first hand info”. That’s it from the next day, would make sure that I scan all the pages in HINDU before I go to college. Then weird talks in the college from the rumor day like.. “dei you know this paper correction has been very strict because the paper was easy” “dei the pass percentage in that paper is very bad da” all this before we saw the results…n then THE D DAY. The paper would carry the sites URL on which results would be posted. Avoluvdhaan refresh refresh n refresh…till finally one by one we had seen all the subjects. Had someone checked our BP n heart rate then….! Before me, Deepak used to see my results and was lucky for me as well… and nawaz as well hmm… gone are those days. Got reminded of all this stuff today and the reason; we guys had a nice phone conference today… Starting from Aus to US to UK and to India and 5 times zones. Deepak called and this was the first thought when i saw his number flashing... Was like one guy called one and he called another and so on. It was like in our college class room… Guys it was fun.. all said n done college days were like in heaven… Me getting too senti… ha ha

Friday, December 09, 2005


Had small operation last week and now feeling better... here is abstract of Gates and moorthy on NDTV....for those who could not see it.... some one sent me this, it was good, n as good as seeing the interview itself. .......------........ THEY are rich, have a good sense of humour and come across as down to earth. Even after 30 years of making it big in the global IT scene, both Mr Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation, and Mr N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman & Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies, are still chasing a dream — to change the way the world is today. Be it the motivation factor or the defining moment in their lives — be it admitting to having split personality or just the way events have unfolded in their lives, the striking similarities between the two IT honchos were there for all to see and hear on Wednesday at an event organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). "There are days when I attend a meeting in the morning, discussing how to make more money and in the afternoon, I would be sitting in another meeting to give away the money that I made," confessed Mr Gates when asked about his split personality. Last year, Microsoft donated more than $47 million in cash and $363 million in software to non-profit organisations throughout the world. For Mr Murthy, the power of money is to give it away. "Mr Gates is from a highly developed country, while I am from a poor country and therefore, it is easier for me to get a split personality. I don't have to go too far," said Mr Murthy. The Infosys Foundation is carrying out projects in the areas of healthcare, education and rural upliftment. The event anchored by Mr Prannoy Roy, President of NDTV, had plenty of lighter moments with Mr Gates' quick repartees, throwing the audience, mostly comprising entrepreneurs and corporate executives, into peels of laughter. For instance, when Mr Roy asked about the challenge posed by companies like Google, which is promoting free software downloads instead of Microsoft's model of charging a royalty for software usage, Mr Gates took a dig at the company by saying, " Google should start sharing with the users the money it makes from its search engine. We have started paying those who use our search engine. Google's model is not going to hold up for long." Had it not been some defining moments in their lives, both Mr Gates and Mr Murthy probably would have been somewhere else. For Mr Gates, it was the opportunity to use a PC when he was 13 and being asked by the school tutor to take classes that led him to believe that IT was his destiny. "The second defining moment was the decision to drop out of school to undertake a project that was the first of its kind and it worked. I was willing to take risks," said Mr Gates. For the Infosys Mentor, it was his arrest and the subsequent release by Bulgarian authorities for having talked to a girl in French that changed the course of life. "They released me when I told them that I am from India. They said that I could go, since India was a friendly country. My dream from then on has been to set up an organisation that is respected globally and we are miles away from it," said Mr Murthy. Success has also brought worries that keep both of them awake at nights. While for Mr Gates, it's the fear of missing out on a technological change that might be noticed by competitors first, for Mr Murthy, it's the issue relating to scalability. The two, however, do not make rough weather about the worries. Instead, they choose to dream big to keep themselves motivated. "My original goal was not sales, but a dream computer. I am still looking for that dream computer that will change the way we live and put you and me back in control of our lives. Our dream is to see a PC on top of every desk and we are no where near the finish line," said Mr Gates. Probably, by the time the two of them share a platform in India again, we will get to hear more about that dream getting realised.

Friday, November 25, 2005

news or nuisance ?

This has become a regular feature in two channels off late. But yesterdays news was awesome! Channel ‘A’ claims that a lake in the outskirts of Chennai is overflowing and posing a hazard to the people in the vicinity. To show the gravity of the situation it kept the camera almost at the water level and showed the water gushing like that in a flood. It obviously had an interview in which a guy is scowling at the camera saying, “ life is pathetic and govt. is not doing much about this”. Channel ‘A’ conveniently forgets and hides the stories some years back. Channel ‘B’ had its own version. It showed the same lake and says that, this lake is full after almost 9 years and people around are flocking to get a glimpse of it. It also claims that this place over the days is turning out to be a tourist spot, and no wonder it also had interview (some crap). Now what are these two channels up to? One country where Media is politicized…excellent work guys! K guys will be off from blogging for a while…

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gimme morE

first it was 2MB of MSN and 6MB of yahoo....and then Gmail came up with 2GB.... at first i thought there must be some catch in it. so far so good. Then i saw this which gave me 3GB though the features were not as good as gmail! Few days back i came across this one , and it gives 1000 GB..... 1TB of email space.... now thats huge.... i think a lot of you would have come across this. For those who havent go grab your place there. Though i have never filled my yahoo account so far..i keep creating account in these sites. Heard that Microsoft has already come up with a online OS!!! good work you were a bit slow in this.

Friday, November 11, 2005

machar the great

One of the most annoying noise….uinnnnnnnnnnnnnn by mosquito into your ears when you are trying to sleep. This happened 2-3 days back when our flats had to shut down the main power coz the meter room was flooded and had no power for one whole night. My maid promptly left the fans ‘on’ to dry the clothes in the afternoon and end result the inverter also discharged. I came from office to find it was totally dark and I din even have a candle…. Luckily my neighbor gave me one. For once I realized how boring it can be alone with absolutely no entertainment. The toughest part being these tiny bull dozers….. the moment I close my eyes uiinnnnnnnnn ….and I had to punish myself, unsuccessfully slapping myself. The methods I tried that day…. Two rounds of 2 mangaldeep agarbathi’s, no use or perhaps these things liked that smell. Tried to cover myself completely though there was no power. Still these things found a gap and again uinnnn…… pulled my bed all the way to another room intelligently thinking that, they cant sniff me out in that room. These things were better than the aliens in the movie war of the worlds. In few seconds I was found and attacked. It was like hiding myself from a great predator. At last I gave up and dunno when I slept….. 2 sounds that I hate : 1. mosquito 2. Alarm

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Roaming free...well not exactly

Well it’s been a week today that I came to Trivandrum to celebrate the festive season with my parents here. I took two days off and got the whole week, I reckon holiday like this is hard to get. This is the second time I am coming to Trivandrum my first visit was very short -2 days. This time around I din plan much just wanted to relax. Trivandrum is a nice place, but the place comes to a grinding halt after 8 in the evening (reminds me of Melbourne days), you can’t expect much after that time. Possible shops open after that- Pharmacy and Restaurants. Went to Kanyakumari and on the way went to a temple in susindhram (I think the spelling is correct) the place doesn’t have anything other than the temple itself. Though I have been to old temples before but this one I think is one of my favs (guys if you have not visited this place before then trust me you should visit). There are a lot of unusual things here. 1.There is tree which every one claims is 2400 years old (that’s a bit hard to believe but then..) 2.There is vigneshwari (yes female Ganesh …have you heard of that) 3.The temple itself is 2300 years old ( again hard to believe …) 4.The saptha swara pillars – these things are marvelous and if they were built at that time, man those people were genius. You hit one pillar and stick your ears to others (actually one person should hit the pillars and others should listen to it) it is amazing!!! ..the people there say that all these saptha swara pillars are carved out of one single stone…(6-7 thin pillars close to each other) it has to be, otherwise it is not possible at all 5.The navagraha ….this unlike the other places is not on platform, but are carved in the ceiling. Hey guys, I was just wondering that if the temple was built 2300 years before and they have this navagraha (which denotes seven planets, sun and moon) did the guys then, knew about those planets? Its quite mind boggling. Next stop was Kanyakumari … it has a bhagavathi Amman temple. The main attraction is the nose ring of the goddess, the original one was stolen by the British (that’s what the priest there claims) the nose ring made of diamond once served as a light house to the ships sailing by (so bright! hard to believe….but).Now you don’t see the diamond ring but something else which is bright (I don’t know what it is) Vivekananda rock is a nice place and the jetty ride is good as well (the govt can improve the place a lot though). There was no ride to the thiruvaluvar rock, they don’t allow after the tsunami, that’s what the locals say. It was heavily raining and sea had swollen a bit. Also went to a place called Neyyar dam (one a separate day this is not on the route to cape comrin). It has a large lake (27sq km). We took a boat ride, it normally takes 20-30 mins, we arranged for a 1 hour ride. The waters are croc infested. You can spot them near the shores of small hills. These small hills actually boost the scenic beauty of the place. There is also a lion safari….it was fun, it is a mini van and you think will this thing make it.The driver opened the door when we spotted two lioness very close (his explanation that we get is that we will get a clear view for snaps and the both the lionesses were pregnant and wouldn’t harm us…still…you know) Overall… susindhram is a must a visit and neyyar dam a nice place to relax. croc in the neyyar dam Agasthiyar mountain at the backdrop!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

late entry

This is the "lake like 100 feet road" that i mentioned in the previous post. Happy diwali to you all....and id mubarak ho

Friday, October 28, 2005

puyale puyale...

Have I ever seen raining like this in Chennai…? Probably no! Atleast I do not remember. It has been raining for almost 3-4 days but the rains were sporadic and not very heavy. It all started on Wednesday evening when the temperature dropped to 22, by night it was pouring and I wake up Thursday morning only to hear the rains pouring. They say it rained 19cms in just 5 hours. Now that is too much of rain for Chennai to withstand.

Though I knew many wouldn't come to office I took an auto to reach there( din want to waste a leave). Gosh the moment auto took left at kathipara junction and hit 100 feet road, it was like a lake. I was wondering will the auto ever make it. Just as I thought the auto stopped and you know what, even my legs were on the seat as water was inside the auto almost 3-4 cms from the floor.

The driver was desperate, each time he tried starting the auto I could only hear blup blup blup…. The water had entered the silencer as it was well below the water level. The guy said he will catch me another auto, I was in now way prepared to step into knee-deep water. Luckily his last try and auto started… god knows how?

Though I have been against auto drivers in Chennai, yesterday these people were in demand and were very special. They were charging at least 1.5 times the normal outrageous charge but still they were driving. This guy was a peculiar guy who was not at all worried about the rains. He was worried of two things:

  1. Some one had started the rumor that there was a crocodile in T.Nagar doraisamy subway ( adapaaavingala unga naala summa iruku mudiyadha?)
  2. Sivakasi (vijay's new movie is scheduled to release today and he had 75 tickets to distribute - he says thalai padam puyalae vandhaalum parkanum (rumba mukiyum ippo natuku)

When I got off in front of the office, one that he told me that touched my heart was… veetiku seekirom po sar… velai nalliki kuda parthukalam odumbu dhaan mukiyam. Hmm… would this happen in US or AUS… I don't even consider US after the Katrina riots… time when people should be helping each other they were looting…!!!

Having seen the rain… I would definitely say that, many things could not be avoided. I understand that the roads were bad, but then with such a down pour the water logging will be there at least for a day.

SUN TV was ready with the camera blaming the govt. Yes! A lot of improvement is needed, but for gods sake don't give us mock interviews. I am just fed up with the high drama interviews that it shows… for me most of the them look pre planned. Like the one yesterday one guy in the railway station is blaming that the electric train is not in time… and literally shouting on the camera that he was late to office. The tracks were submerged and anywhere in the world, trains don't run when the tracks are submerged and on top of that it is electric train, which needs electricity. The council had promptly shut down the power supply, just in case if some short circuit happens. SUN TV, you are always the first to blame people you get real thumbs down. (me not supporting jaya tv in any case)

Today morning it was totally different, the water is not even 5% of what it was yesterday… it is simply amazing. Life back to normal and what else do you need.

Chennai : lesson learnt – There are some wonderful people out there.

The storm drainage system that was built indeed works.

The life gets back to normal in matter of hours.

As the saying goes "vazha vandha vargalai vazha veikum Chennai ku jai"

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sattai payyil ....

Yesterday while driving to office, I could faintly hear sutum vizhi chudarae song being played from gajini; I turned around there was an auto and a car, I thought someone playing the song inside the car. Then again when I reached ashok nagar signal I heard the same thing, I thought that this song has become very popular and is being played everywhere. Actually some 2-3 years back the song ‘o podu’ from Gemini was so popular that you could hear it at least once a day somewhere. Thinking in similar terms I was driving and once again I heard the same thing… oh man! Is this coincidence or something? Then I came to my place and once again heard…. What is this??? I looked around and finally figured out that; it was actually my mobile that was ringing all the while, and a day before Mr. Naresh was playing with it and promptly changed the ring tone. End result 3 missed calls.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

rain rain come again

It’s raining again after a break of 2-3 days. It’s good that it is raining in Chennai but the roads... Some cloud reader has predicted earth quake by reading clouds; now that’s interesting. Hey! You scientists out there, you still have not found an earth quake warning system; come here and get some tips from this guy. He says that for the last 20 odd years he has predicted earth quakes by just seeing the clouds. {Why the hell he din warn people? May be it took all that time to convince himself} what does he do keep staring at the sky??? That reminds me of the new coke ad which says “ sar ut tha hai coke pinae ke liya!” it shows a lot of situations where you raise your head like – to pray, to express to joy and some crap and in the end it says…. In a similar way you raise your head to drink coke…. (do I drink pepsi standing up side down?) whatever… There is one astrologer who claims that Chennai will witness floods, but when he can’t say, but he is sure that Chennai will witness { naan kuda dhaan soluvein that some day there will be flood in Chennai} Is this year having too many natural disasters or it’s just that we are hearing more of them? Whatever may be the case, one thing is for sure…. Mother nature is showing its fury and we are just helpless… it’s a warning sign and there is some major change happening to the tectonic plates. One good thing about this is the true nature of globalization is visible… remember tsunami, when so many countries came forward to help. Maybe nature wants to tell us “hey idiots stop fighting each other, you will be able to fight only if you have a place to fight”

Friday, October 14, 2005

this is how chennai looks after 2 days of rain... it was like crossing some ditch.

Friday, October 07, 2005

i am a doctor akela hoon bimaar hoon

Today I started to office pretty late. Actually I had told that I will be coming late, now don't ask me why.. as usual was not feeling well.

As I crossed vadapalani signal, the road was unusually empty. The very next signal was the one near the TCS office, even it had a green signal. I throttled a bit and as I crossed the signal I saw mama ( police) waving at someone. I don't bother to look at him again as I was sure that he was not waving at me.

I throttled a bit more and was kind of enjoying the ride. After some time I realized that I was driving a bit fast and to my amaze the speedometer was showing the arrow ahead of 85 and almost 90 (Gosh! What has got into me, immediately I started slowing). I took my off the speedometer to look at the road, but was too late.

A mama was standing almost at the middle of the road and asking me to stop, he was just ahead of me some how I managed to stop.

Mama : Enna speed limit laam theriyadha?

Me : {usual excuse } sir naan indha ooru ku pudhusu, enaku therilae. Naan rumba fast a laam otaliyae?

Mama: fast a otalia??? Adhu seri…. Seri urru ku dhaan pudhusu nalla sokka pant laam poturukae, unuku English kuda va padi ka theriyadhu…yethini yedathula speed limit poturukku ( by this time I knew I was loosing the argument, but had last excuse)

Me: (held my ID CARD half covered by my hand itself and wanted to tell him that, sir I am coming from vadapalni office and urgently going to ambattur office –actually was coming from home only, anyway wanted to try it) Sir enakku kunjom urgent a….

Mama: sir idha modhaliye solla kudadha ( naan onummae sollalae…. And I wanted to look at my ID CARD, do I resemble any big shot…or does my ID CARD have something else that I haven't seen yet…what does this guy think of me)

Mama: case attend pora…konjum medhuva po sar, illa neeye case aiyuduvae…!( what the heck….what case, what is he thinking, but I kept silent, simply blinking)

Mama: ini "+ "sticker otiko sir, police will not stop you. ( god! He thinks I am doctor)

Mama: seri seri poituva….


Came to office and looked at my ID CARD again, what made him think that I am doctor and even so do doctors wear ID CARD outside, whatever…. One ID CARD saved me atleast 100.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


If you want to speak English fluently Read the following message 5 times Quickly “I am a Can I “ “I am a When I” ----------------- God made daylight and called SUN God made entertainment and called FUN God made nightlight and called it MOON God made you called Tube light. --------------------------- IQ Question A rich man needs----------- A poor has------------------- If you eat------------ you will die Only word fits in all the blanks…. What is it? ------------------------------ read this rediff article and read this where is chennai heading?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

You have been secretly admiring a girl; whenever she along with her friends crosses you, you look at her thinking that she is not noticing you. One fine day you do the same and she turns and smiles at you, again priceless. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slept yesterday expecting a call from my friend, kept mobile next to me. 1:30 early in the morning I get call. A familiar voice: “HAPPY BITHDAY”. ( too many priceless things le…;-)) Ok… it’s my birthday! Something very peculiar…. all those who wished me are not in India, but hey guys a treat is awaiting you all when you return back to India.

Monday, September 26, 2005

half asleep on a sunday morning you wake thinking it is monday; and suddenly you realize it is only sunday....and you go under the bed cover again.... that instant of sensation and feeling is priceless.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

been suffering from Infectious Sinusitis and Tonsillitis.... on top of that dust allergy; guess chennai has all the ingrdients to make things worse.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

chennai traffic

Everyone would have experienced the Chennai traffic; at times it is so bad that you feel like jumping off your vehicle and run somewhere.

I grew up in Delhi; I strongly feel that the traffic sense there is far better than here in Chennai, though I dint drive there.

Yesterday was completely organized chaos… signals from ashok pillar to Mugappair junction were not working… and no traffic police…

Vadapalani signal to radha park inn( probably 2 kms) took me 40 mins and on top of that the heat. I can't actually completely blame the Govt…Chennai drivers are probably the worst in the World.

A typical scenario in a civilized world and in Chennai (Chennai is civilized at all when it comes to traffic sense):


1. Person sees a yellow signal

Civilized place: hmm… I need to slow down

Chennai: go fast…. yes I made it.

2. Red signal

Civilized place: stop until green

Chennai: people are intelligent here…. Before green itself they start

3. Stop Line:

Civilized place: I should stop before the stop line

Chennai: ohh.. this is some line drawn as they had extra paint

4. Zebra crossing

Civilized place: look for any pedestrians and if they are crossing fuckin stop

Chennai: what is that…?

5. Right Lane

Civilized place: use the right lane to overtake

Chennai: first of all… what is a lane? And if the left lane is empty I will overtake on that

6. Highway and Freeway

Civilized world: The rules are different and mostly pedestrians are not allowed.

Chennai: (no freeways) Highway is just another road

7. When you hit a main road from arterial road

Civilized world: Stop look to your right and carefully turn

Chennai: Horn twice and turn

8. Horn

Civilized world:  To show your disregard

Chennai: Horn is there and I will press it … no reason

At times you get irritated at the signal…. It would be a red and the person behind you will be honking….what the heck… am I supposed to fly…? How do these people get a license?

9. Rountana (This is a special English letter word in Chennai which is nothing but a round about)

Civilized place: to go to right you have go about the circle and then turn right

Chennai: rountana has nothing to do with traffic it is part of city beatification

10. Suddenly a pedestrian crossed the road

Civilized place: stop and acknowledge him

Chennai: bemaani solitu vandhutiya?

And then there are these Auto drivers…. You will never what is their next move… from the very left of the road to right they will go almost cutting the road at almost 90 degrees.


Bus drivers, they should be more responsible, but these people are worse than lorry drivers. Talking of these guys, it reminds me of a incident that happened when I traveled from Chennai to Trichy on a KPN bus. The passenger seated next to me was a old person. Some Rajini movie was on. This old man wanted to pee and asked me if I could go and ask the driver if he could stop at any petrol bunk with a loo. I went to ask the same…. there was another guy with the driver and the driver is saying:

Thalivar ennama kalakuraar parru ( the scene was rajini throws a bottle on a rowdy and he falls down), though the TV set is behind the driver, he is able to visualize the scene.

With such a driver, god only saved us.


Coming to government… they have flyovers and subways…kudos guys… but some of them are unnecessary like the one in front of Anna university and a subway between Mt station and meenambakkam.

Nandanam signal and vadapalani badly need one.
will continue

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Got tagged

HW tagged me and here it goes...( second post of the day) Seven things I plan to do before I die 1. Visit and walk on Great wall of china. 2. Hot air balloon ride. 3. Drive HAYABUSA . 4. Bungee jump. 5. Try scuba diving 6. Become a CEO. 7. Of course Earn money Seven things I can do. 1. Never lie for a whole week ( That's long but i can try) 2. Get a girl friend ( militry and HW good luck...) 3. Stop eating NV. 4. Learn more. 5. Keep accounts. 6. Stop being Lazy. 7. Stop watching cartoons. Seven things that I CANNOT do 1. Smoke and drink ( never tried..) 2. Eating NV. 3. Get a girl friend ( have to to try hard...) 4. Clean my room ( though i try hard...) 5. Respect politicians. 6. Watch cricket ( somehow i hate that game...) 7. Stop dreaming Seven Things that attracts me in opposite sex: 1. Eyes. 2. Lips. 3. Hair. 4. Casual attitude. 5. caring in nature 6. soft spoken 7. Intelligence Seven things i SAY most 1. Loose 2. venna vetti 3. podanga 4. freeya veedu 5. karumo 6. F*** 7. nayea Seven celebrity crushes 1. Madhu bala ( 1940-50's hindi actress...) 2. Salma hayek 3. Catherine Zeta jones 4. Maria carey 5. Shreya 6. Asin 7. Angelina Jolie Seven people i would like to TAG 1.Deepak 2.Nawaz 3.Bharathi 4.PK 5.Gautham 6. Badri ( think he has not written anything yet) 7. Ghuru

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why ARE Men Happier?

Why ARE Men Happier ? ( Frm the point of view of a lady)
Men Are Just Happier People! Your last name stays put. Your garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress--Rs.15000. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend. Your underwear is just Rs.38.99 . Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. You almost never have strap problems in public. You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on your face stays its original color. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades. You only have to shave your face and neck.
You can play with toys all your life. Your belly usually hides your big hips.
One wallet and one pair of shoes--one color for all seasons.
You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.
You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife.
You have the freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.
You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.
No wonder men are happier...!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

East vs WEST

The balance of power will shift to the East as India and China continue to grow over the next decades, a leading American business magazine says.

While the alarm triggered in the West by the trend is understandable, it emphasises that the US and other powers will have to learn to make room for China and India.

Cisco's scheinman is quoted as saying "We came to India for the costs, we stayed for the quality, and we're now investing for the innovation."

"Barring cataclysm, within three decades India should have vaulted over Germany as the world's third-biggest economy," says the weekly.

Managers in the vanguard of globalization's new wave were say the impact will be nothing less than explosive. "In a few years you'll see most companies unleashing this massive productivity surge," predicts Infosys Technologies (INFY ) CEO Nandan M. Nilekani. -ECONOMIC TIMES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So buisness in India is not only coz of MONEY, it is also for the quality.... now that's intresting.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

noting to write

At last updated my page..... Pk i have added a link to Behind woods da. Happy friendship day to all. Yesterday was a boring day; me and sudarshan had planned to meet somewhere, but both lazy bones actually only planned but never met. There was no power the whole day 9-6.... my god first time i felt that i should have gone to office instead. Deepak,pk why no updates for a long time? Militry what is MASAT btw.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Militry thanks for letting me know about flickr.... deepak the upload image button works the same way as picasa da. Satya you should see naresh; he looks like a mini anniyan... Google has come with one more new site Some sardar jokes..... A Teacher lecturing on population - In India after Every 10 sec a woman gives birth to a kid. A Sardar stands up- we must find & stop her!. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sardar had twins; he named them Tin Martin. Again had twins & named Peter & Repeater. again twins & named Max & Climax. Again d same. disgusted Sardar named them TIRED&RETIRED! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sardar told his servant: Go and water the plants. Servant: It"s already raining. Sardar: So what take an umbrella and go. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Flash news: A 2 seater plane crashed in a graveyard in punjab. Local sardars have so far found 500 bodies and are still digging for more.. ------------------------------------------------ Santa Singh at an interview: Question: What is Ford? Santa: Gaddi!!!(vandi) question:what is Oxford? Santa: Bailgaddi!(mattuvandi) ----------------------------------------- A sardar on a cycle had hits a lady accidently. Lady says:Break nahi maar sakta kya? Sardar: Break ka kya hai, poori cycle hi maar di!!! ----------------------- A Sardar had called an Englishman for lunch. There was curd on the table. The guest asked what is this? The Sardar didn't know English, he said "Milk sleeping in night, morning becomes tight" -------------------------------- Once Santa Singh was riding a cycle and he suddenly hit a girl! So girl shouted, 'Sala ghanti nahi maar sakta tha!!!' And sardarji replied, 'Poori cycle to maar di ab ghanti alag se maroon??!!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday, July 29, 2005

cse98 meet

yes! all that greenery is real.... once inside the campus it is hard to believe that it near chennai... considering chennai is brown all round the year. deepak i dont think picasa is needed anymore da,coz you can directly upload photos. militry what are you suggesting me da... i want these photos in a seperate place anyway. I have uploaded a few more snaps that cse guys took when many of us met 2-3 weeks back. did bowling then had dinner together...

Monday, July 18, 2005


Hey guys thanks for all the captions.... we guys took loads of pics when we went to college. Will upload a few of them soon. This sms that i got today was irrestible Q:Why is Dushyashana the biggest Idiot? A:He kept pulling, pulling & pulling Draupadi's saree, he could have simple lifted it!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

yeh hai mumbai meri jaan!

most of you might be knowing about the mumbai trains... stand 5-6 feet from the train and the crowd will see to that u board you into the train. this article about the mumbai log was awesome! dedicated to all mumbai lovers.... The megapolis of Mumbai holds many a challenge for the 'rookie' who lands here unaware of the hurdles and challenges that he or she might have to face. A recent incident saw one such hapless victim falling prey to the overenthusiastic nature of Bombay's local train commuters. Our hero, a man from Pune, wanted to go to Matunga, but as luck and trains would have it,boarded a fast train not halting at his destination. He panicked on realising his mistake but by then the local had started moving. On seeing his plight, a sympathetic co-passenger decided to come to his rescue. It seemed that he had been commuting by that particular train(6:03 pm Kasara Fast) for the past 6 years and had noticed that the train always slowed down just before Matunga station and crawled at a snail's pace while passing through it. He told the man to jump out of the running train as it slowed down and that with a little bit of fleet-footedness, he would make it safely on terra firma. However,knowing the man's inexperience, he added some words of caution: "Keep running the moment you jump or you'll fall. Just keep running." He stressed the word "running" lest the man not know the laws of motion. The train did slow down just before Matunga station and at the prompting of his mentor, our hero jumped out of the train and started running as if all hell had broken loose. What he didn't realise, of course, was that he was running parallel to the train instead of running away from it. Meanwhile, the train slowed down further, so that the man was running faster than the train. In the process, he reached the door of the next compartment and the footboard commuters there pulled him in thinking he was trying to board the train! To ! his agony, the train picked up speed and sped past Matunga and his new co-passengers started to congratulate him on how lucky he had been, until he told them that they had actually undone what he had done with great difficulty. Those standing at the door of his "ex-compartment" had witnessed the whole drama and just couldn't stop laughing at the poor man's situation, while he grinned sheepishly. Yeh hai mumbai meri jaan.... ............................................................. :) satya: sanniyan review was awesome..... Mr.Anonymous... who are you...? Militry: innaba imma kalaikirae....

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Though dint like the movie much, but this version of anniyan's dialogue was nice... Anniyan : 5 email forward pannina thappa? IT guy : Onnum thappy illenga Anniyan : 5 latcham peru 5 email forward pannina thappa? IT guy : Thappu maathiri thaanga therriyuthu Anniyan : 5 latcham peru 5 latcham thadava 5 email forward pannina thappa IT guy : Periya thappu thaanga? Anniyan : Atha thaanda neenga ellam pannikitu irukkenga?vetti pasangala?poi velaya parunga da? KUMBAMKABEEM

Friday, July 01, 2005

tamil le pist a nee?

Questions: 1) What do you do with a Gujili? a) Gujaals b) Gilma c) Gilpans d) Galij 2) What is a Jujubi ? a) Something sweet b) An easy one c) A tough one d) An Alwaa 3) What is Alwaa? a) Something you find in Tirunelveli b) What a girlfriend gives when she marries someone else c) A laddu d) Jujubi 4) What is the respectful way to address a friend? a) Machi b) Sir c) By name d) Aiya 5) Who is a 'Frooti' ? a) A studious person b) A sportsman c) The professor d) A soft drink 6) When someone says 'nambitten', what do they mean? a) I don't believe you! b) Sure, I believe you c) Are you nuts?? d) I have to catch a bus 7) Who or what is Peter? a) A tourist b) Someone who talks only in English c) Peter Jones d) Your teacher 8) For which of the following ! events will you say 'Gumbaloda Govinda'? a) When you go to Tirupati as a group b) When the entire gang has been caught watching 'matter'-padam c) When you do group studies d) Meeting a Hindi actor 9) What is a 'rupture'? a) Kadi b) Draabai c) Trouble d) Danger 10) When Someone refering to a woman as 'Seriyana Kattai' ? a) she is genius b) she is lean c) she had looted all guys eyes... d) she wears wooden chappals Check out the answers ... Correct Answers:1 - a, 2 - b, 3 - b, 4 - a, 5 - a, 6 - a, 7 - b, 8 - b, 9 - c, 10 - c


I guess I am updating blogs only once in 2 weeks, no big excuse for that. I haven’t got net connection at home. I am planning to move alone. Once I do that I will probably get a net connection. Today while driving to office, I was wondering what is happening to Chennai, it is not able to move along with the IT industry. While I was waiting at the vadapalani signal I saw a bullock cart standing next to a Mercedes. I saw two bus breakdowns on the way; I guess it has become a regular feature coz I keep reading about this stuff in the newspaper. Talk of the roads, there is one particular stretch of road from my granny’s place to the GST road. It is in the same condition from when I was in 11’Th;you need an AWD to drive in that road. The more you think about it the more you get frustrated. Satya thanks for adding a link to my page, though I have been thinking of revamping my page, I have done nothing to it. Thiru : yes I am planning to move alone, I have already set the things but dunno as to when I will move. P.S. guys there is a guest map on the right column. Have a look at it.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


How come a person like Shankar could come with a movie like anniyan...? Again, it depends on person to person, for me the movie was a crap...! Tell Me your dreams-Sidney Sheldon == Anniyan. Though i dint get a chance to read the book, i read the back cover and reviews here and there, seems that the movie is a xerox copy. Tamil movies will never improve, guys we dont want too much of graphics and stunts... please give us good stories.


before i start polambifying ..... here is a forward that i got it Horror gripped the heart of a World War-I soldier, as he saw his lifelong friend fall in battle. The soldier asked his Lieutenant if he could go out to bring his fallen comrade back."You can go," said the Lieutenant," but don't think it will be worth it.Your friend is probably dead and you may throw your life away."The Lieutenant's words didn't matter, and the soldier went anyway.Miraculously, he managed to reach his friend, hoisted him onto hisshoulder and brought him back to their company's trench. The officerchecked the wounded soldier, then looked kindly at his friend."I told you it wouldn't be worth it," he said. "Your friend is deadand you are mortally wounded.""It was worth it, Sir," said the soldier."What do you mean by worth it?" responded the Lieutenant."Your friend is dead.""Yes Sir," the soldier answered,"but it was worth it because when I got to him, he was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing him say...."Jim...I knew you'd come." the blog previous to this "crush" ofcourse is not my story that was also a forward that i got, i just forgot to add that. Gosh nawaz,deepak, thirumathi how can you people think that it was my story....grrr......? Gautham thanks for your comments, it itself was like a blog.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Everyone in their lives would have had crushes, and me too had my share of crushes. But, it didn't take much time for each of them to turn to crashes. None of my crushes took off, or probably they crashed even before they took off !! Today, when I look back, I cant manage but to have a laugh. My first crush was on Miss R. I was in my tenth then. We happened to speak only once. It was when I had offered her a coke. She refused to have it and the very next moment I gulped it down. I still cant forget the dumbstruck look on her face. A few days later, she started going around with one of my classmates. They used to go for wonderful evening walks, Miss R, my classmate and her doggy. Unfortunately(fortunately for me), the affair didn't last too long. On one such romantic walk of theirs, my classmate was bitten by the doggy. He brought up the question : Its me or the dog......she chose the dog !!! The news gave me sadistic pleasure. The next crush didn\'t take much time to happen. It was Miss S who walked in to class. I literally had my jaws hanging seeing her. We became good friends...but I never fancied my chances...given the Miss N experience. She was my Biology project partner....while she did the project...I concentrated on her biology ! Just as the boards got over, and as I was mustering enough courage to tell her, her dad got transferred. She changed the city. Next in engineering college, there was this hottie in my class. Boy....she was a babe...Miss G. She used to stand opposite to me in the EEE lab. I prayed for some EEE to happen between us. But I guess, she was much smarter than I was. Miss G realised that I used to mess up all my experiments coz I used to be looking at her and not the apparatus. I called her out ALONE on my b\'day. She turned up with her whole bunch of friends. The girls kept giggling and I looked for a place where I could go and bang my head.I steered clear of her for the rest of my engineering days. Moving on from here, it was a major success story. This time round, it took some time for things to crash....just a little longer..a bit more than five years. Everything seemed like a fairy tale when the crash factor took the better of me. By this time, I was in my job and I decided to use the term "interest" instead of crush. So , my interest grew in Miss L in office. I thought she was a very pretty lady. Thankfully, the growth of my interest stopped very soon, the moment I learnt that she was supposed to go on leave the next week for her marriage. She was to marry her long time boyfriend. Only one thought came to my mind....The good ones are always taken !!! Ha ha ha.....thankfully.....I have grown out of all more no chances of CRASHES......I live this way now.....hey...wait.....who is this girl ???? ;-)

Monday, May 30, 2005

one application

one application that does the following 1.acts as server(tcp) 2.acts as client(tcp) 3.acts as a tcp server and client (udp) 4.does muliticasting (udp) 5.does braodcasting (udp) all without user's interference, just by looking at the message format. looking at networks from this side (coding) is certainly making me go nuking futs!

Monday, May 23, 2005


Gosh XPE is a nightmare.... Steps that are involved to get a driver loaded along with the imgae. I had the need to load unibrain driver and this is the way i found best: Update about the Windows Embedded. The driver for the unibrain can be loaded in the following way. INF files that are need to be componentized: 1.ub1394.inf 2.ubfwnet.inf 3.ubsbp2.inf The above files can be found in the program file folder of the system in which it has already been installed. Lets take an example: ubsbp2.inf Once you build a .sld image in the component designer itself on the left pane click on .sld file windows xp embedded client on components on the driver file on resources On the right tab right click and say “add” 1.Add FBA Generic Command 2.Add FBA DLL\COM Register 3.Add FBA OC mgr request Import the component into the Database, using component database manager Do the above steps for all the files. Then in the target designer add all the components, there will more than 10 components, and build an image. This is just a trial and error method and it worked fine here. The catch is unibrain driver gets loaded but it will not get displayed in the Network connection. Though the driver does not show up in the network connection, it works. For that we need to do the old trick of adding hardware, this we are doing in windows xp pro as well, so this is a problem with Unibrain windows driver glitch. The above procedure doesnot require us to install unibrain driver for the card separately, it gets burned along with the Image. There is a glitch when the unbrain driver is installed, windows does not recognize and we have to do the “add hardware” to get it listed in the Network connection, but again without doing this also the 1394 card will be functioning. To see that type netsh Netsh>interface Netsh interface>show interface This will list the 1394 connection. I am planning to move all the tech stuff to a different blog... Latest update about my adventures.... got myself hurt once again.

Monday, May 09, 2005

1 year old

started blogging a year ago.... now that was quick

Friday, April 29, 2005

Loading XPE

I was told that Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 1 resolves glitches discovered since Microsoft released the operating system last year and also adds new features to the product. XP embedded is a componentized version of windows XP wherein you can choose to add the necessary components for your image. The requirements for creating an image can be obtained from many web sites about this OS. The simplest way that I found for creating an image is as follows: 1.Load the following application from CD-1 and CD-2 (sp1) {you can also download the same from website, but you will need to register the application anyway} TOOLS and DATABASE. This in turn will create a will give applications like: 1. Target Designer 2. Component designer. 3. SDI Loader. 4. Component Database Manager. 5. Target Analyzer.(TAP.exe) 6. Target analyzer (TA.exe) Apart from the Target Analyzer the other things will only work if the database is already loaded and is running. 2.Next step is to create an image of the operating system, for any operating system to run at least the essential components and the dll’s need to be loaded. Instead we breaking our head and trying to load all the components, we can either use TA.exe or TAP.exe. 3.TAP or TA must be installed and run on the machine on which the IMAGE needs to be loaded. 4.Target analyzer Probe (TAP) will be in the following folder structure c:\ProgramFiles\WindowsEmbedded\Utilities5.It is always better to use TAP rather than TA, TAP finds a detailed lit of the drivers that are installed in the target machine. We can say that TA is a subset of TAP. 6.Once you click on the TAP.exe a console window opens up and it runs for a few seconds, and after that in the same directory you will see a file called devices.pmq 7.Rename the file to a more meaningful name {This is just optional but will be useful} 8.Open the component designer and import the .pmq file. 9.Once that is done it will give you one component that comprises of all the drivers that the TAP found. 10.Save this file. 11.Open the component database manager and import your own component into the database. The name of the component will be same as the name of the .pmq file. If you did not rename before. You might see a lot of components named “DEVICES” in the database over a period of time. 12.Now that your component is in the database you can now use it for future purposes. 13.Open the Target Designer and say NEW. 14.It will ask for a name for the configuration file , give a meaningful name. 15.There will be three panels in the Target Designer. 15.1 In the center panel click on settings 15.2 On the right most panel a list of settings will be displayed 15.3 Click on Target image settings and do this: 15.3 If you are planning for a DUAL boot, which is always advisable, change, the drive letter to the drive in which you have planned to load the image. For the boot.ini setting in that itself mention the partition number. Say you are going to load it in D:\ which is a primary partition then say in the partition(2) instead of (1) which means that it will look for the ntldr in second partition. 15.4 Leave it as it is if you are planning to load in the c:Note: BOOT file doesn’t recognize the CD partition, if your second primary partition is E: and your CD drive is D: then in the settings you will have to give the image partition as D: and not as E: 16.Now that the target designer is open you will be able to see your own component in the list. 17.Add that component and the components. 18.After you are finished with adding the components do a dependency check, this will give you a list of all the components that are needed for the components that you have added. 19.Once you resolve all the dependencies you can build the image. 20.The image will give you a folder structure consisting of. Documents and settings, program files, windows, boot.ini, ntldr. Ntloader and weruntime. copy all of these to another drive if you need to perform dual boot or copy to the target device and make the necessary changes in the c:\ boot.ini file in case of a dual boot. 21.Restart the system and it should work well. Note that first time FBA.exe will run and take a while. In the next blog I will talk about the problems that I faced with XPE and how to resolve them. Then also working with .net framework 1.1 applications on XPE.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last week was definitely not my week, the start off was bad. Stomach upset from Sunday afternoon and for that reason had to take off on Monday, I swear I would have only shuttled between mens room and my place had I come to office. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were hectic. My manager called and asked me if I were interested in attending a win 32 API training, basically a windows programming course. I was in a fix coz we need that stuff and I din want to ruin my weekend attending that. I accepted it anyway. Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule was given for training and timing reminded me of my SSN days. Friday night after attending the training while returning home near my grand mum’s place some home my pant got stuck and fell down. I looked at my pant it was in one piece I just dusted it and rode home. I realized reaching home that my right leg had too many scratches but I still was wavery about any airline cracks. Fortunately there was no swelling the next day so I just thanked god. Sunday was even worse, I was coming from Greams road office and was waiting at the saidapet signal. I could here a screeching sound and I looked at my rear mirror, I saw an auto coming and sound made it clear that it was not stopping. On my right was a tempo and on my left was a car, and obviously I couldn’t go ahead coz left to right the vehicles were crossing. I just held both the brakes tight and was waiting for a collision and as expected “bang”. I moved ahead a few inches and then I turned back only to see my new fiero’s tail light and the side plastic part broken. Before I could even speak to that mad screwed up driver… he started sir “ neenga yen sir brake potinga?” I turned and saw for the signal, the signal was still RED. I blasted out “ yo signal le brake podama ennaya pana solurae?”. For that coolly he said “ sir naanum brake potein ana pidikalae vidunga sir” I couldn’t control myself and argued with him and took him to a traffic police who was just standing on the other side. All the while I was thinking I would get some kind of a challan from the police that I could show it to the insurance ppl. The police was the best among the lot, after explaining him though he would have seen the whole stuff he said “vidunga sir unga vandiyum damage,auto vum damage, ippo pesi enna panuradhu?” I tried arguing but in vain. Damn! Every one is linked. The last hope for anyone would be a police personal and you expect him to behave anything but the way he did. ONE BAD DAY!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I am no big or rather no fan of cricket. I thought this information might cool downa few souls, Of late we all have been hearing stories about ganguly.... here is what my friend Shyam prasad has to say about Ganguly.... the statistics speak for themselves. I would like to share some of his Records now,Just to tell you how good he is.Total Test MatchesIndiaPlayed 385 (from 1932 - Till Date) Won 82 Lost 127 Drawn 175 Tie 1 Win % 39.04% Matches won under Ganguly 18 Total Test Matches IndiaPlayedOutside India(Away) 184 won 23 Lost 81 Win % 22.11% matches won Under Ganguly's captaincy(outside India) 9
So all other 27 captains (!!!!!!!!!!) managed only 14 wins outside Indiain 72 Years, surprisingly. Herez India's captains & results & their records:(complete up to and including 2nd Test v Bangladesh, Dec 2004) Tenure Tests Won Lost Dra
C.K. Nayudu 1932-34 4 0 3 1
*Dr Vijay Anand 1936 3 0 2 1
I.A.K. Pataudi 1946 3 0 1 2
L. Amarnath 1947-53 15 2 6 7
V.S. Hazare 1951-53 14 1 5 8
M.H. Mankad 1953-59 6 0 1 5
Ghulam Ahmad 1955-59 3 0 2 1
P.R. Umrigar 1955-59 8 2 2 4
H.R. Adhikari 1958-59 1 0 0 1
D.K. Gaekwad 1959 4 0 4 0
Pankaj Roy 1959 1 0 1 0
G.S. Ramchand 1959-60 5 1 2 2
N.J. Contractor 1960-62 12 2 2 8
M.A.K. Pataudi 1961-75 40 9 19 12
C.G. Borde 1967-68 1 0 1 0
A.L. Wadekar 1970-74 16 4 4 8
S. Venkataraghavan 1975-79 5 0 2 3
S.M. Gavaskar 1975-85 47 9 8 30
B.S. Bedi 1975-78 22 6 11 5
G.R. Viswanath 1979-80 2 0 1 1
KapilDev 1982-87 34 4 7 22
D.B. Vengsarkar 1987-89 10 2 5 3
R.J. Shastri 1987-88 1 1 0 0
K. Srikkanth 1989-90 4 0 0 4
M. Azharuddin 1989-99 47 14 14 19
S.R. Tendulkar 1996-2000 25 4 9 12
S.C. Ganguly 2000-date 44 18 12 14
R. Dravid 2003-04 5 2 2 1
Despite his current poor bating performance, He just need 55 runs to reach 10000 runs milestone.Only two other batsmen's in the world managed to cross this milestone, Little Master Sachin and Inzi. Sachin took 15 years to reach this landmark(10000 runs), but ganguly just in 9 years is on the edge of crossing this landmark.(just 55 to go)He's the best captain India Ever had. He changed the Way we use to play cricket. Tried many youngsters like Shewag, yuvaraj, Bhaji kaif and succeeded with them. Anger, Aggressiveness, Combativeness, Guts to try new things... its all ganguly's chic. So guyz and girls please know the fact b4 criticizing some one. It's easy to forget things but hard to remember the past. Stop criticizing some one when they're in Bad times. Instead try encouraging them. After all National team is not just a FUN. It's our pride. And Ganguly is leading our pride. He's is our Only hope left. And captaincy is a lot more than about getting batting orders, field placings and bowling changes right......... and scoring. "There's a battle he must win, and it's in his mind and HE WILL WIN " Sorry for the crapy alignment! hey guys i am once again giving you the link to the guest map just follow it up.... thanks

Friday, April 08, 2005

Guest map

I was looking at a blog and i found this guest map, it looks preety cute. So how does it work and where is it? it is on this page and on the right SIDE BAR. Just below 'i power blogger button'. There are two buttons, click on the left oneI know there are'nt many visitors to my site, but all those who happen to visit please oblige me with your posting in there.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

links again

Mainly contain Papers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mathematical Puzzles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Interview questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. interviewQuestions.html 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. webtech/012700-1.shtml 14. =question.htm 15 16 17 C/c++ Tutes and notes 1. 2. Puzzles: 1. 2. 3. 4. Operating Systems Notes: 1. 2. 3. 4. Win32 Tutorials: 1. 2. Data Structure Notes: 1. 2. Software Testing Notes: 1. 2. 3 4. Some of the links may not work.... these guys keep changing the URL every now and then, so it is a good idea to download the stuff you need, if the link is alive.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Bharathi sent this mail ... Telugu Guy: "Hello, May I know your name please?" James Bond: "My name is Bond" Continuing in hisinimitable style,"......James Bond." Then Bond asks: " And you?" Telugu Guy: "My name is Rao... Siva Rao... Samba Siva Rao... Venkata Samba Siva Rao.. .Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao... Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao.. .Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda VenkataSamba Siva Rao... Vijayawada Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara YarlagaddaVenkata Samba Siva Rao..." Since then when anyone asks Bond his name he simplysays "James Bond" I was imme. reminded of my friend SHAHUL HAMEED SHANAWAZ ISMATH BATCHA.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Good links

There is one site that gives a list of newspapers country wise - afganistan to zimbabawe and there is this site which tell about ailments and much more

Rest or Respect

I am no big fan of cricket or any cricketer. I was in trichy last weekend and went to a saloon to have a haircut. It was sunday the 4th day of the test, the barber was watching the TV and doing my hair and he asked me some questions like... 'will India win?' i had no idea as i dint even know it was the 4th day and i dint know what target we were chasing. I asked him what was the target? the guy stopped for a while and stared at me, i knew what he was thinking. I know hailing from a place where cricket is a religion it is hard to find people like me, somehow the game does'nt intrest me,instead i might watch F1 or tennis. anyway this what my friend had to say about Ganguly: Ganguly or respect ? OOPS !!! What a disastrous effect the loss by India is gonna have on Ganguly.. Itz true that DADA has to be punished for his not being in the so called FORM.. But is it at the cost of Captaincy....No No No way shud Dada be removed from the Position.. I am not a hard core fan of Dada, but I respect him as a Captain... The Most succesful Indian Captain on the soil so far.. No Indian Captain has the charm and flamboyance as He has.. Hez ' The One '..We all see his batting skills getting sore, his bowling naive.. Think of such a person who is not in form on Field, but is Captain handling all the so called Pressures.. Buddy, Itz Ind Vs pak Match...Things have happened like this...And will happen.. Didn't we route Pak 4-1 in the Sahara ODI Canadian Series ..And when he Earned 'Man with the Golden Arm'.. (Though Dada was not the captained at that time ) We must remember how Sachin crumbled under pressure of Captining !!! Didn't we route Pak in the Test on their Soil.. All through the Ind vs Pak matches so far, Dada's period as Captain in both froms of Cricket has Saved the face of India in the head to head records.... The Post Dada period has more intrinsic victroies in the Head to Head record againt most Nations, than the ..Pre Dada period...I feel thatz Heart Warming.. U must remember that more Pak Players, who have not performed anywhere have tonned against India.. This was bf4 Dada arrived.. He united the players and built team Strength, and India learnt and started to play as a Team, whereby he has lost his place as an Individual Performer.. Thatz the only thing he has to get back..And he WILL.... As far my earlier statement of Dada being punished, he must be awarded the position of Non Playing Captain, from the Playing Captain.. This may, no will prove hilarious and ridiculous..This is not against the rules of Cricket.. England had done that earlier in the more famous Ashes Series... Thou shall lead the team and tatz DADA... and shall be awarded both Rest and Respect.. -courtesy shyam prasad

Saturday, March 26, 2005

tring tring...

The calls that a person gets in India at times irritates and at times amuses. I got these 2 calls.One was from the ICICI bank and another was from HUTCH. ...... A guy calls me from ICICI bank and says that he wants to talk about the credit limit of the ICICI credit card. Having refused a lot of similiar calls, i thought i will talk to this guy and find out what he had to offer. he:Sir, i need to talk about the credit limit of ICICI credit card. Me: fine, go ahead he:Sir you have exceeded your credit limit and payment is due now. Me: what? i dont own a ICICI credit card...! and i am senthil natarajan, just in case if you got the wrong person. he: but sir you have exceeded the allowed limit of your card. Me: I told you i dont own a ICICI credit card, and for your info i dont even have ICICI debit card....!( actually i have a ICICI debit card) he: but i am pretty sure that you have crossed the credit limit( now this guy was adamant) Me: hey, when i dont have a credit card then how will I excced its limit? can you give me the card number that you are talking about? he: Sir, as part of our privace policy we donot disclose the card numbers over the phone. Me: Now we need to put an end to this discussion, just prove me that i own a card. he: Sir can you please tell me the last two transactions that you did with your credit card??? Me: Transactions thru' credit card........! damn! i hung up . Just to make sure that i indeed got a call from ICICI i returned the call to the same number after 15 mins. It was ICICI .....! god save ICICI bank from these guys. .... and this call i got last month from HUTCH. I used to get calls from BPL mobile while i was using it, and they usually called to ask if i was intrested to change to Post-paid connection. I was attending a training session when i got this call. lady: sir we are calling from Hutch.... me: i am sorry can you call me after sometime i am busy at the moment and i hung up after say 20-30 secs i got a call again but with a different number lady: sir i am calling from HUTCH..... me:sorry i said i am busy now ....and i abruptly hung up irritated now then there was no call for 2-3 mins and again a number flashed, i was pissed off but din want to hang up, as i din know the number and moreover i was waiting a call from my trainee incharge in HCL.So i answered the phone lady: sir sir sir your due date to pay your bill is over and tomm. we will disconnect your line. me:oops!and hung up gosh! all the while she was trying to tell me that....and i was thinking she was trying to promote some crapy new scheme.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Network Magazine

i was reading a magazine in our office library and it was quite good, guys in US can get it free

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I found this site while browsing through The age

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A guy (lets call him A) was waiting for a girl (lets call her B) whom he had never seen but knew her heart. She would be wearing a rose today at a crowded station. Almost a year ago A was in a public library browsing for a book. He found it and removed it from the shelf and started reading it. Along the margins he found that someone scribbled something in pencil. He read those lines and was immediately impressed. On the last page he found that only one person had borrowed the book, it was B. Somehow he managed to find out the address of B from the librarian. He wrote a letter to B admiring and appreciating her feelings from what he read. B replied and both of them were corresponding through letters for almost a year. In between A asked for B’s photo to which B always denied saying true love should never be based on how a person looks. They both agreed on a date and time and decided to meet at a station, and B said that she would wear a rose on her. A was eagerly waiting to see her; just then a beautiful girl wearing a green saree strode towards him. A smiled at her and she reciprocated and walked quickly. Just as she walked quickly across him, he noticed a woman well in her 40’s with a rose on her standing just opposite to him. A wanted to follow B and speak to her and at the same there was this wonderful woman to whom he corresponded for almost a year. He made his mind and turned towards B and said “ are you B?” “yes” “Shall we go to a restaurant and talk” the women said “what is with you son?, a girl in a green saree came to me and handed over this rose and said if a person comes asking for you then till him that I am waiting in the restaurant on the other side of the road” A giggled and made his way towards the restaurant. If you love a person for what he looks is LUST If you love a person for what he is –is LOVE

Sunday, March 06, 2005


I am in trichy... came here today morning by Rockfort Express. Hey! i donated blood today... grandmom here is not doing well and as her and my blood group are the same. It feels good when you do something like this. I was told it is actually good for health if you donate once in a while!. I always thought that www was US's invention until i read this article Achievements/Achievements-en.html Achievements/WorldWideWeb/WWW-en.html and this is one hell of a site! i can't belive there is a site like this ... at first i thought it is crap.. but this site is genuine.

Friday, March 04, 2005

all in a days work

My office is at vadapalani and commuting is a pain in the a** , the buses are just horrible... i dont even feel like getting into one in the morning peak hours. So this is what i do, i live at adambakkam which is near to St.Thomas Mount Station. 1.I take a share Auto from Adambakkam to Guindy, mind you this is not the big share auto it is a normal auto where at times i even sit along with the driver. This wonderful ride usually costs me Rs.5 2. Then i cross the Guindy railway track[overbridge] and cross the MountRoad [subway] and go into the Guindy Industrail Estate and take another Share auto(these autos are big ones) to Udayam and this cramped ride cost me Rs. 3 ( missing connex trains and yarra trams) 3. From udayam i take another share auto to Vadapalani which cost Rs.5 today was in a way a nice day to say, so this is what happened : Step 1. As usual i took a share auto from adambakkam and i was the first one to hop into the auto so i made it a point to ask the driver whether it was on a sharing basis to which he said 'yes'.A little ahead i saw a girl standing ( beautiful) i was just wondering if she was looking for a share auto, just then she waved her hand and said that she wanted to go to DMS. To my surprise the driver accepted.She sat next to me.... o gosh! i wanted to look at her but then i couldnt turn my face 90 degrees to left and blush. With all the hard earned intelligence i looked thru the mirror, just then she also looked at it... so even that idea went into the drain. A little ahead someone else also hopped in so she came even closer. Damn me! i felt like talking but ........ Then came the climax of step one, she took out her nokia and started talking in English" Hey da wazzup and where are you? have you done the job that you were supposed to do...." she was talking something and all and then suddenly in tamil she said "payyan a marakama kulipatidungo...!" was she married ? god no I got down at Guindy and went inside the industrial estate...Today there was no share auto there... i found out that those guys were on a strike.. i was wondering what to do... going by bus was just out of question, too crowded. I saw a good looking girl standing next to me. I presumed that she was also waiting for a share auto, i thought i will ask her and if she agrees we might take an ordinary auto and share. Me: Are you waiting for share auto? She: Yes! Me:I guess these guys are on a strike...! She: oh! btw where are you going? Me:Vadapalani and where are you going? She: I am going till ekatuthangal... if you don't mind we will take an auto and share! Me: You are just going half the way i don't that will work out (scenu actually i was willing to!)She: Oh thats not a problem! i will give my share you can give it to him when u get down! Me: Hmm... ok! We took an auto and the driver asked Rs.40 till vadapalani and we agreed on that. ( I was under the impression that we would share equally although she never mentioned that and not fair either)On the way not wasting any time i just asked one thing " are you working?" for which in a rather abrupt way she replied "yes"I din talk much as ekatuthangal is not very far from guindy. As she was about to get down she gave me Rs.10 and asked the driver to stop, and told him "avaru kita vaangikongo"O shit! she dint even bother to ask me as to how much she would share.... my fate the journey which normally would have costed just 8 costed my 30 and all that coz of a girl..... I am not worried about the money.... but all this coz of a girl .... hee hee feel like laughing at myself. i guess a long post after a long time thats it for .... going to tricy tomm. eve