Friday, July 01, 2005


I guess I am updating blogs only once in 2 weeks, no big excuse for that. I haven’t got net connection at home. I am planning to move alone. Once I do that I will probably get a net connection. Today while driving to office, I was wondering what is happening to Chennai, it is not able to move along with the IT industry. While I was waiting at the vadapalani signal I saw a bullock cart standing next to a Mercedes. I saw two bus breakdowns on the way; I guess it has become a regular feature coz I keep reading about this stuff in the newspaper. Talk of the roads, there is one particular stretch of road from my granny’s place to the GST road. It is in the same condition from when I was in 11’Th;you need an AWD to drive in that road. The more you think about it the more you get frustrated. Satya thanks for adding a link to my page, though I have been thinking of revamping my page, I have done nothing to it. Thiru : yes I am planning to move alone, I have already set the things but dunno as to when I will move. P.S. guys there is a guest map on the right column. Have a look at it.

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Deepak said...

I dont' think its chennai alone, I think all over India, even while the IT sector moves forward, lots of people are getting left behind.
The progress India is making is very unbalanced.