Friday, November 25, 2005

news or nuisance ?

This has become a regular feature in two channels off late. But yesterdays news was awesome! Channel ‘A’ claims that a lake in the outskirts of Chennai is overflowing and posing a hazard to the people in the vicinity. To show the gravity of the situation it kept the camera almost at the water level and showed the water gushing like that in a flood. It obviously had an interview in which a guy is scowling at the camera saying, “ life is pathetic and govt. is not doing much about this”. Channel ‘A’ conveniently forgets and hides the stories some years back. Channel ‘B’ had its own version. It showed the same lake and says that, this lake is full after almost 9 years and people around are flocking to get a glimpse of it. It also claims that this place over the days is turning out to be a tourist spot, and no wonder it also had interview (some crap). Now what are these two channels up to? One country where Media is politicized…excellent work guys! K guys will be off from blogging for a while…

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gimme morE

first it was 2MB of MSN and 6MB of yahoo....and then Gmail came up with 2GB.... at first i thought there must be some catch in it. so far so good. Then i saw this which gave me 3GB though the features were not as good as gmail! Few days back i came across this one , and it gives 1000 GB..... 1TB of email space.... now thats huge.... i think a lot of you would have come across this. For those who havent go grab your place there. Though i have never filled my yahoo account so far..i keep creating account in these sites. Heard that Microsoft has already come up with a online OS!!! good work you were a bit slow in this.

Friday, November 11, 2005

machar the great

One of the most annoying noise….uinnnnnnnnnnnnnn by mosquito into your ears when you are trying to sleep. This happened 2-3 days back when our flats had to shut down the main power coz the meter room was flooded and had no power for one whole night. My maid promptly left the fans ‘on’ to dry the clothes in the afternoon and end result the inverter also discharged. I came from office to find it was totally dark and I din even have a candle…. Luckily my neighbor gave me one. For once I realized how boring it can be alone with absolutely no entertainment. The toughest part being these tiny bull dozers….. the moment I close my eyes uiinnnnnnnnn ….and I had to punish myself, unsuccessfully slapping myself. The methods I tried that day…. Two rounds of 2 mangaldeep agarbathi’s, no use or perhaps these things liked that smell. Tried to cover myself completely though there was no power. Still these things found a gap and again uinnnn…… pulled my bed all the way to another room intelligently thinking that, they cant sniff me out in that room. These things were better than the aliens in the movie war of the worlds. In few seconds I was found and attacked. It was like hiding myself from a great predator. At last I gave up and dunno when I slept….. 2 sounds that I hate : 1. mosquito 2. Alarm

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Roaming free...well not exactly

Well it’s been a week today that I came to Trivandrum to celebrate the festive season with my parents here. I took two days off and got the whole week, I reckon holiday like this is hard to get. This is the second time I am coming to Trivandrum my first visit was very short -2 days. This time around I din plan much just wanted to relax. Trivandrum is a nice place, but the place comes to a grinding halt after 8 in the evening (reminds me of Melbourne days), you can’t expect much after that time. Possible shops open after that- Pharmacy and Restaurants. Went to Kanyakumari and on the way went to a temple in susindhram (I think the spelling is correct) the place doesn’t have anything other than the temple itself. Though I have been to old temples before but this one I think is one of my favs (guys if you have not visited this place before then trust me you should visit). There are a lot of unusual things here. 1.There is tree which every one claims is 2400 years old (that’s a bit hard to believe but then..) 2.There is vigneshwari (yes female Ganesh …have you heard of that) 3.The temple itself is 2300 years old ( again hard to believe …) 4.The saptha swara pillars – these things are marvelous and if they were built at that time, man those people were genius. You hit one pillar and stick your ears to others (actually one person should hit the pillars and others should listen to it) it is amazing!!! ..the people there say that all these saptha swara pillars are carved out of one single stone…(6-7 thin pillars close to each other) it has to be, otherwise it is not possible at all 5.The navagraha ….this unlike the other places is not on platform, but are carved in the ceiling. Hey guys, I was just wondering that if the temple was built 2300 years before and they have this navagraha (which denotes seven planets, sun and moon) did the guys then, knew about those planets? Its quite mind boggling. Next stop was Kanyakumari … it has a bhagavathi Amman temple. The main attraction is the nose ring of the goddess, the original one was stolen by the British (that’s what the priest there claims) the nose ring made of diamond once served as a light house to the ships sailing by (so bright! hard to believe….but).Now you don’t see the diamond ring but something else which is bright (I don’t know what it is) Vivekananda rock is a nice place and the jetty ride is good as well (the govt can improve the place a lot though). There was no ride to the thiruvaluvar rock, they don’t allow after the tsunami, that’s what the locals say. It was heavily raining and sea had swollen a bit. Also went to a place called Neyyar dam (one a separate day this is not on the route to cape comrin). It has a large lake (27sq km). We took a boat ride, it normally takes 20-30 mins, we arranged for a 1 hour ride. The waters are croc infested. You can spot them near the shores of small hills. These small hills actually boost the scenic beauty of the place. There is also a lion safari….it was fun, it is a mini van and you think will this thing make it.The driver opened the door when we spotted two lioness very close (his explanation that we get is that we will get a clear view for snaps and the both the lionesses were pregnant and wouldn’t harm us…still…you know) Overall… susindhram is a must a visit and neyyar dam a nice place to relax. croc in the neyyar dam Agasthiyar mountain at the backdrop!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

late entry

This is the "lake like 100 feet road" that i mentioned in the previous post. Happy diwali to you all....and id mubarak ho