Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Unai Kandanae Mudhal murai… Song from ‘Parijatham’…plays in my mind---as the horizon gives way to my first glimpse of Grand Canyon… wow! It is one of those places which are really worth the fame. Grand Canyon holds its place in the list of natural wonders and a special place in my heart. I had been to GC and Las Vegas over the long weekend (I know it is too late…was just lazy to write) GC is 460 miles from here and las vegas 290 miles from there and whole trip was around 1300 miles, and best part was we started only Friday evening, coz we wanted 2 of our other friends to join us and they were working that Friday. The trip was tedious especially driving all that distance, but I reckon it was worth it. Coming back to GC.. despite its dryness, it tugs at my heartstrings like little else can… it is one place where you have to be, to feel it…no pictures or motion pictures can actually capture the true essence of the place. So if you are in south west US…try to make it to GC. Right: Thats Sunset at Grand Canyon. About Las Vegas---nothing to say, as I slept the moment I entered the room and woke up only at the check out time.. we reached vegas 2 in the night n I was dead tired. Friends went around vegas n I guess other than clubs n casino’s there is nothing much there.

are these people running out of names??? thats a road on the way back to LA from Los Angeles. All the fotos are from my mobile and i guess they wont be all that clear.

I am planning to move my blog to wordpress soon...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

inbha thunbham

thnks to marutham The topic ‘inbha thunbham’ hmm… just wondering where to start…?

Ok will start with one of the part time job I did while doing my masters… used to get up at 4 in the morning and cycle 3-4 kms and do a cleaning job… yes! a cleaning job… man it used to be painful… I guess nawaz will be able to relate to…coz we both used to go together…

The schedule was something like this… wake up at 4 - 4:30, put on our gears (oldest possible dress and a helmet) and cycle to the work place (building meant for refugees)…used to sign in and start work at 6 in the morning. Trust me it was not easy, being tall has its own disadvantages, I had to clean the ceiling… ok anyways… we used to do this till 3 in the afternoon (of course with a lunch break in between). Then cycle back home have a nice shower and go to university at 17:30 … university used to be till 21:30, come home , cook something, eat, sleep and wake up at 4 again… wat is ‘inbham’ in this??? Money getting credited every week…

The next would be working night shift in 7-11… though it was not as tiring as the cleaning job, but it was boring and you were not supposed to sit down whole through the night… you can find my 7-11 experience here… actually was wondering what n all part time I have done while at aus Dish washing Cleaning Distributing junk mail Worked in 7 – 11 Worked in a sri lankan shop Worked in Australian post In a way, I feel that these things actually make you both physically n mentally strong..

Of course my list will always have the lovely ssn days… man those were the days of my life… those were the days of ssn…sigh! ---

n i would like to tag nawaz sudharshan bharathi sathyus sathyapriya bharathi barti

Friday, April 07, 2006

There is some problem with the blogger these days, the alignment is not proper and I am adding the line breaks et all myself n hence the crapy appearance so please bear with me. I don’t know if that’s blogger issue or template problem.

Was feeling bored and decided to watch some Tamil movie…was browsing through the net and came across this site. The deal is pretty ok, they charge $10 for a month for SUN TV. No! I am not a fan of sun TV, the money is worth for the news and the clarity is pretty good too… the timing is US central time… and guess what?? In the week days I get to see all the tele-serials when I reach home…grrr…

Half heard news…Mr.k has announced ‘vana tholaikatchi peti’ for everyone!!! Err.. whaat ???Man where are we heading? I seriously don’t understand the election gimmicks.

Watched patiyal few days back and my verdict, it’s an ok movie… same old masala movie with a different director and actor… Btw any good movie released???