Monday, July 26, 2004

sake of writing

I know, i din write for a long time... actually i am becoming really lazy and the laziness is in its peak. Arite let me start with what i did yesterday. Yesterday was a pretty good day to start with. Did a bit of cleaning and then washed my clothes after a long time. Then i had afternoon shift in 7-11 and did my shift till 11 in the night. Came home and German f1 was just starting. Nothing to see in it as schumi was there in the pole position and kimis' bad luck repeated. As usual shumi won the race. Today its afternoon now and i got up only 10 in the morning and a made a few phone calls and now i am browsing, so thats in brief what i did in 2 days i hope that i again start writing something atleast once in a week. lemme see how much my laziness has grown.  

Sunday, July 18, 2004

looooooong time

its been a very long time that i wrote somethig. i was lazy in the beginin and kept postponing. i will try to write regularly from now on.