Tuesday, June 27, 2006

get direction - india

I forgot to mention about MSN maps in my last post. It is amazing, guess what? I can search route from guindy to avadi in Chennai.

There is a problem when searching routes in India, poor thing doesnt know the names of small roads and hence says take left/right on the "local road", still this thing is coool and not to mention the amazing picture quality of "birds view" of places in US.


Desi version of Amazon? Claims to have a lot of titles! Old and new books for sale online. Check it for yourself

Daily News and Analysis is Mumbai based site and targets youth. Section to voice yourself and the news is exactly what I want, unlike what I wrote in Tsunami post

Want to send family in India photo? This is a nice site, but I was told the courier at times gets delayed, but the prices are catchy

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Now that I have more than a gig space in my mobile, I have started listening to music more than before. The songs that I listen repeatedly are :

1. Fanaa (Mere haath mein, chand sifarish, chanda chamke)

2. Krrish( Main hoon wo aasman, pyar ki ek kahani)

3. Rang de basanti ( loose control, khalbali)

4. Patiyal (kane vittu kan imaigal)

5. Swadesh (yeh jo des hai tera)

6. vetayadu vilayadu ( karka karka, partha mudhal naale)

7. Parijatham (onai kandanae)

8. Bluffmaster (bure bure boro, say na say na)

9. Gajini (sutrum vizhi sudarae, ranghola)

10. kaka kaka( uyirin uyirae )

11. Indian ( pachai kiligal, telephone manipol)

12. Johny (aasaiyai katrula thoodu)

13. Mila thirandhadhu kadhuvu (ora sanam )

14. Nizhalgal (poo kadhavae )

15. Boys – all the songs

16. Ayudha eluthu ( yakai thiri, oru unmai sonal )

17. Alaipayudhey (pachai nirame)

Almost all of the above mp3 can be downloaded from here

Saturday, June 17, 2006

when tsunami strikes

I guess I already wrote something similar to this before, but time and again I get frustrated by the media and n number of news channels show casing biased news. Yes! Today the media in India has grown into a power which is capable of challenging people whom it was not able to a few years back, but on the flip side, coverage is becoming more and more biased, either political affiliation or geographical boundaries.

Remember tsunami, when a calamity of that scale occurs, what people expect is medias’ unbiased coverage. Two leading private channels in Tamilnadu were more focused on the political affiliation than the issue at hand.

Political parties however diverse their ideas be, should have come together to bring immediate relief to the victims. Political parties and media are just capitalizing the needs of day worker, the proof being, a govt. being elected just because it promised color tv. I am not against any party here, but just imagine how the party catapulted itself.

Man there are other basic needs, leave uninterrupted power supply, I dont know how many villages even have electricity, and metro city like Chennai doesnt have enough water!

Now coming back, what has happened to the people once the cameras were packed? What happened to the relocation and promised relief measures? May be its the hyenas time to cash in the situation!

Time for contractors to take control of the situation, tenders being given to the favored ones and no one knows about it! Now all this happens in Tamilnadu and just three days after tsunami struck, I read times of India and the main headlines was about a issue in Pakistan. Headlines is fine, I was not able to read news about tsunami in its entire first page! I had to select "states" page and in that "chennai" and there I found a news about this. Why this discrimination? Are they running short of reporters? Was this news not important for the people there?

I open Hindustan times, just to see a UK model posing for a photograph in the first page. Hmm thousands of lives have been lost and this paper is celebrating with model fotos.

All these things just increase my hatred towards media and other ignorant Indians.

Monday, June 12, 2006

audio blog

this is an audio post - click to play
this thing is awesome! u dont have to sit n type... just call the number, record and refresh ur blog!

but the only drawback is, the number that they have given is a US number, so guys in india i guess will have to wait some more time before this happends there too! thnx to sp

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fanaa Review

Fanaa! First half of the movie is nice! though u would feel that you have seen a similar scene before. I liked the movie for its shaayari n modest emotions. There is one particular shaayar in which amir goes ' kahin kudh ki nazar na lag jaye, allah ne appko nazar hi nahi di'

kajol is blind in the movie n amir soluraaru 'un kanne un melai patudunu kaduvul unuku kanu paarvai tharala'

[+] kajols’ acting (good to see in her true form)

[+] Amir, he has performed with ease

[+] Subhaan allah song

[-] Second half has a bit of unwanted masala

[-] Second half looked a bit senseless

If u like n understand the shaayars' then probably this is a must watch!


For the long weekend had been to Yosemite! it’s a nice place, giant trees, fresh air , fresh water… the trip was refreshing and gave us a much needed break.


Was wondering if it is good to be selfish ??? I have not been able to be like that!!! But some people survive being one! it is all the more disturbing when you get affected Probably I should learn how to say a 'NO' or show my disgust right in front of the person, Whenever I wanted to do this, always I would wonder what if the other person gets hurted! hmm anyways