Tuesday, June 27, 2006

get direction - india

I forgot to mention about MSN maps in my last post. It is amazing, guess what? I can search route from guindy to avadi in Chennai.

There is a problem when searching routes in India, poor thing doesnt know the names of small roads and hence says take left/right on the "local road", still this thing is coool and not to mention the amazing picture quality of "birds view" of places in US.


Desi version of Amazon? Claims to have a lot of titles! Old and new books for sale online. Check it for yourself

Daily News and Analysis is Mumbai based site and targets youth. Section to voice yourself and the news is exactly what I want, unlike what I wrote in Tsunami post

Want to send family in India photo? This is a nice site, but I was told the courier at times gets delayed, but the prices are catchy


unknown said...

good sites....
but expecting some more stuffs.
everyone knew very well abt amazon

Shuba said...

hey cool site ..thats a good work done ....im sitting and tracking routes!

Anonymous said...

hey dude.. wont believe. It would have hardly been 3 days since I told my pa (when he was reading the daily newspaper. It would be around 8.30 am when I woke up;)) that I had a weird dream... looking for route maps in Chennai using google...he didnt even listen to what I said.. perhaps he was busy going thru the newspaper.
Then I told myself that surely within another 3 months that it would be possible since google didn't release any new (gr8) tool (that I knew of) in the past months...Within a day I heard from one of my relatives that in fact online maps is already in place for B'lore city..
I checked Goooooogle if they ha \d done the trick.. but not to be..
today I was amazed to see this article from u... though msn maps is not accurate its a nice way to start online maps in Chennai..
am really amused with this...still a real looong way to go for it to match with the ones in U.S.. nevertheless a gr8 way to start the proceedings.. kudos to msn..

Anonymous said...

is this site linked to amazon???

senthil natarajan said...

@ammu - more stuff?? and hey that link is not amazon, it is a desi version of it
@shuba - happy tracking
@muthu - thats cool man! online maps for blore ?? really? enna site?

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...
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Usha said...

epolerndhu indha thozhil arambicheenga? ;) Pesama web advertising arambichudunga ;)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Konja naala yenna pothu sevai athigama pochu :> Hm.. Etho vishayam irukku :P

Amimu said...

did u use local.live.com or maps.msn.com; i seem to have hard time getting directions for eg, adyar to guindy ? Can you say more details ..

senthil natarajan said...

@gopalan - whats that comment
@usha - hmm.... nala idea dhaan
@pk - idhula enna thupriyum velai... hmm..??

senthil natarajan said...

@ammimu - local.live n maps.msn are same i reckon

Usha said...

enungo, adhu ennanga site-ku oru visit adichiteenga-nradha register panradhuku oru comment, appuram padicheenga-nradhuku oru comment...appuram comment ezhuditeenga-nradhuku oru comment-a?? Enna workflow-nga idhu? ;)