Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fanaa Review

Fanaa! First half of the movie is nice! though u would feel that you have seen a similar scene before. I liked the movie for its shaayari n modest emotions. There is one particular shaayar in which amir goes ' kahin kudh ki nazar na lag jaye, allah ne appko nazar hi nahi di'

kajol is blind in the movie n amir soluraaru 'un kanne un melai patudunu kaduvul unuku kanu paarvai tharala'

[+] kajols’ acting (good to see in her true form)

[+] Amir, he has performed with ease

[+] Subhaan allah song

[-] Second half has a bit of unwanted masala

[-] Second half looked a bit senseless

If u like n understand the shaayars' then probably this is a must watch!


For the long weekend had been to Yosemite! it’s a nice place, giant trees, fresh air , fresh water… the trip was refreshing and gave us a much needed break.


Was wondering if it is good to be selfish ??? I have not been able to be like that!!! But some people survive being one! it is all the more disturbing when you get affected Probably I should learn how to say a 'NO' or show my disgust right in front of the person, Whenever I wanted to do this, always I would wonder what if the other person gets hurted! hmm anyways


Shuba said...

My frd was calling....iwas hesitant now ill watch!

Kumudam review maadiri irukku!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Senthil,
Kajol in true form'na yenna artham???? Appo matha movie ellam fake form'a???? hehehe kidding.

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

//I should learn how to say a 'NO' or show my disgust right in front of the person//

ithaiye thaan Melb irukum pothu sonna,ipadiye ethavathu polambite iru.

Rambler registries said...

glad u liked fanaa. and am glad i made u watch it. i liked the movie overall.

KarthiK said...

nee ghuruva thana thittina :-)

Usha said...

Libra-la, ippadidhan hurt panradhai pathi yosipeenga ;) Learn to say No when you dont want to say Yes :)

senthil natarajan said...

@shuba - kandippa go n see the movie!
@pk - bayangaramana allaaa irupingalo? hee hee
@anachi - neengalaam oru friend

senthil natarajan said...

@sp - i owe u one sp...and thanks for the thiruttu payalae as well
@pkarthik - no da... when i wrote i was thinking of u ...idhu yeppidi iruku
@usha - hmm... may be true

kandykane said...

thanks.. i no longer wish to see the movie ;-)