Monday, August 28, 2006

vinayagar poojai

all home made! 1.Kolakatai 2.vadai 3.pongal 4.sambhar 5.rasam 6.sundal

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sony psp

My latest gadget - psp

This thing rocks -awesome

2.Movies- The clarity is amazing


5.Wireless browsing


UMD disk..but yes its nice... never was a fan of iPOD and never will be

----- I heard that there was a minor stint with the ISP's blocking blog sites... whats going on guys...its our only source of entertainment these days. trust me i get to know a lot of happenings from blogs than newspaper sites. So please dont deny us our entertainment n news...

The amount of time that i browse at home is getting lesser these days. Its more like work eat sleep...oru vidhathula naladhudhaan...else willl be vetti browsin all the time.

Gopalan i still owe u the tag. Will definately write it soon..

hey guys n girls just out of curiosity ...

how many support love marriage n how many not ?