Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Yesterday for the first time i used map quest... this site has a feature that i can choose not to use highways in the route to the destination and since 5 north is pathetic in the evenings i gave this a try.

I took me to another street by the same name in the same city... tho' i had given the full address.. lucky me that.. it was within 5 miles of my destination

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Guru Movie

Thats me in the Dona point beach... i dunoo but for some reason i like this foto... i went to see the movie borat... my advice please refrain yourself! My god.. i cant imagine how they can even think of making a movie like that... I was told by my friend and still i went to watch...

another movie about which i dont want to talk about is dharmapuri...

and by the way this post has nothing to do with the movie guru.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Listen to this

I got this song from radio blog. thought you ppl would like..

i have not been regular with posts... i guess i will be back to normal soon

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Prestige - movie review

This is a movie about two magicians played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. A story of friendship turning to rivalry and which turns to vengence! I went to see this movie for the reason that, it was from the director of momento and batman begins. The movie is good and definately worth watching once.

Scarlett Johansson has a worth while role in the movie! The only drawback in the movie is when Tesla box comes into the picture. Other wise, the performance, screenplay and editing is all flawless. So my verdict, go see it!

I saw prestige on friday and another movie called The Departed yesterday. Though the ratings for the movie were good, i din like the movie much. The movie has a similiar story line to that of kuridhi punal by kamal hassan. Undercover cop gets into a mafia gang and the gang is trying all means to find out about the rat! The movie is nothing great considering that it has Matt damon and jack nicolson. My verdict watch it if you have nothing else to see

Yesterday we all had a small get together for diwali, it was fun. It was fun playing with the kids. But poor them, they dont get a chance to fire crackers here! I bet they will be afraid to play with them when they go back to india.

Hope everyone had a safe diwali! subha i owe you the tag, i will write one soon

Watch this and enjoy! these guys rock, its called the Yogi B n Nachathira Feat Lock Up - Madai Thiranthu

Friday, October 06, 2006

weirdo me

I have been tagged by marutham, its been a long time that I wrote a tag. Well the tag game is back and I am back with a tag story. The tag is about few weird things about me. I reckon everyone has their own weird side and here is mine.

CAR SINGER: you would have heard of bathroom singer! Now what is this car singer?? Well perusa onum illa. I like to sing when I am driving alone. one crazy habit! I know if I turn the speakers off, I would myself stop singing as my voice is pathetic but anyways..

COMIC LOVER: There is nothing weird about this, other than the fact that, i still love to read comics and watch cartoon. If anyone out there is like me, then you tube and google videos rock. I saw tintin in tibet in google videos.

POORI HATER: yeah! I hate those pooris! I cant just stand them, I used to like them when I was a kid, but I dunno when I started hating those things. Poori dripping oil, my god! I cant even imagine.

Shoe lace: This might sound totally non sensical, but I cant tie my lace which will hold itself for more than an hour, I dont know what happens to the stupid thing. After a preset time, the stupid thing unties itself. So atleast 5-6 times in a day I tie my lace… thats sad!

Maths : Guys at college know that I was pathetic in maths, what they dont know is at times I can really silly with simple ones. Like 11 in binary is eleven or 70 + 29 is 89, even now I do these mistakes.

Absent minded: I was never like this, but these days I am turning into one big time. The list includes, trying to call my own cell number from cell itself, ends up listening to my unread voice mail. Taking exactly the wrong freeway (North instead of south) and realizing after a while.

I am tagging sp, nawaz

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

limited or no connectivity

Disclaimer : Computer Related

I dont know how many of you have had this problem? Yesterday i had this problem in home laptop. I could'nt connect to my wireless router. It kept giving me this error.At first i thought it could be the problem with the router. What happens at times is, as we dont turn off our router for days together, it would require a simple restart. I tried that but in vein.

Then i saw that, this message (limited or no connectivity) i was recieving when my system was trying populate it ipaddress, i mean thru DHCP. So now i thought DHCP server in the router was not working properly.

So i assigned a static Ip in the subnet as that of my router and DNS as my router and tried again, this time it was wierd, i was able to ping my router but nothing beyond it. So this eliminated the problem with my wireless card.

I tried repairing the network connection, tried restarting the laptop but all measures failed. Was wondering if i had re install my OS, that would be tedious.

So when i googled from my friends system, i found that, the culprit could be some spyware. My firewall program (ZONE ALARM) had run a scheduled check previous night and had found handfull of spywares, and some sites said, while removing the spywares some of them corrupt the TCP/IP stack.

So, that could be a posibility and luckily i found this tool

I must say that this is a must have tool! work fine and if you are worried that, its altering ur registry you can also, take a snap shot of ur registry with this, in case u want to revert back.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Second Life

Has anyone heard of this site before? Its been around for a while... This site is more like a game, its basicaly your virtual life!! Rather than me telling you about it. You check it for yourself!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Going to cinema

For people abroad it is a comman excuse for seeing a movie online is that, the movie has not released in a theater near by. So? you download a movie and watch it?? No thats not the way! i am not being a saint here and not that i have not done that. Yes! i used to do but these days i feel it is not a very good thing to do...

Why do some sites even do it... my point here is atleast dont upload the movie for atleast 30 - 45 days. Recently i noticed that some movies were online almost the very next day... that is not fair at all!

Point number one..this is not fair and point number two... the movie loses its quality and why should we do that? and for people who make it a point to watch movies online it is nothing less to stealing. Try to refrain from doing that!

anyways saw munnabhai in the big screen yesterday and it is a ok kind of movie, yes it has lived upto the expectations to some extent. My verdict is go watch it!
ghandhi-diri ... haan lage raho munnabhai

Saturday, September 16, 2006

on the debris

on the wtc debris these indian building stand! confused what i am talkin about. Read this article. Certainly not a feel good factor for me.

Read this

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

thalavar retires

An emotional Michael Schumacher admitted to being "overwhelmed" when he announced his retirement plans moments after his victory.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Others carried or dragged away the wounded. Many of the wounded were taken away on handcarts. - cnn

Monday, August 28, 2006

vinayagar poojai

all home made! 1.Kolakatai 2.vadai 3.pongal 4.sambhar 5.rasam 6.sundal

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sony psp

My latest gadget - psp

This thing rocks -awesome

2.Movies- The clarity is amazing


5.Wireless browsing


UMD disk..but yes its nice... never was a fan of iPOD and never will be

----- I heard that there was a minor stint with the ISP's blocking blog sites... whats going on guys...its our only source of entertainment these days. trust me i get to know a lot of happenings from blogs than newspaper sites. So please dont deny us our entertainment n news...

The amount of time that i browse at home is getting lesser these days. Its more like work eat sleep...oru vidhathula naladhudhaan...else willl be vetti browsin all the time.

Gopalan i still owe u the tag. Will definately write it soon..

hey guys n girls just out of curiosity ...

how many support love marriage n how many not ?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

arranged love marriage?

Yahoo answers! and what does it answer for the above question? One person has to say this

arranged marriage - murder ||| love marriage - suicide

arranged love marriage - allowing someone kill you... lol!

posts are brief and am not writing that frequently... nothing suspicious, just been too lazy... will start writing soon...

Monday, July 17, 2006


i wanted to write about my UTAH trip a while ago but then was too lazy to write. Moreover my blog for some reasons needs to much of editing with respect to HTML, anyways. . .

We ssn'ites had planned for the july 4 weekend to meet in Salt Lake city in utah. I was looking forward for this trip as i was going to meet bharathi after 4 years. The trip was fun and something to remember and cherish.

We all flew from different parts to SLC on 30 jun. (Deepak, ghuru, sai, bharathi, narendran, pradeep , joshua and myself)

bharathi from seattle,deepak from chicago, sai from chicago, narendran from san antonio, ghuru from sunnyvale, pradeep from cedar rapids , me from la and joshua was in slc.

we were there for four days and for the four days it was like in college again. we did white water rafting, ATV, camping and hiking. It was so refresing, thanks a lot guys for making it happen.

.--..--..--..--. I have been tagged by gopalan, will write the tag soon

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Clothes and shoes were strewn along the tracks. -BBC

may their souls rest in peace

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

get direction - india

I forgot to mention about MSN maps in my last post. It is amazing, guess what? I can search route from guindy to avadi in Chennai.

There is a problem when searching routes in India, poor thing doesnt know the names of small roads and hence says take left/right on the "local road", still this thing is coool and not to mention the amazing picture quality of "birds view" of places in US.


Desi version of Amazon? Claims to have a lot of titles! Old and new books for sale online. Check it for yourself

Daily News and Analysis is Mumbai based site and targets youth. Section to voice yourself and the news is exactly what I want, unlike what I wrote in Tsunami post

Want to send family in India photo? This is a nice site, but I was told the courier at times gets delayed, but the prices are catchy

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Now that I have more than a gig space in my mobile, I have started listening to music more than before. The songs that I listen repeatedly are :

1. Fanaa (Mere haath mein, chand sifarish, chanda chamke)

2. Krrish( Main hoon wo aasman, pyar ki ek kahani)

3. Rang de basanti ( loose control, khalbali)

4. Patiyal (kane vittu kan imaigal)

5. Swadesh (yeh jo des hai tera)

6. vetayadu vilayadu ( karka karka, partha mudhal naale)

7. Parijatham (onai kandanae)

8. Bluffmaster (bure bure boro, say na say na)

9. Gajini (sutrum vizhi sudarae, ranghola)

10. kaka kaka( uyirin uyirae )

11. Indian ( pachai kiligal, telephone manipol)

12. Johny (aasaiyai katrula thoodu)

13. Mila thirandhadhu kadhuvu (ora sanam )

14. Nizhalgal (poo kadhavae )

15. Boys – all the songs

16. Ayudha eluthu ( yakai thiri, oru unmai sonal )

17. Alaipayudhey (pachai nirame)

Almost all of the above mp3 can be downloaded from here

Saturday, June 17, 2006

when tsunami strikes

I guess I already wrote something similar to this before, but time and again I get frustrated by the media and n number of news channels show casing biased news. Yes! Today the media in India has grown into a power which is capable of challenging people whom it was not able to a few years back, but on the flip side, coverage is becoming more and more biased, either political affiliation or geographical boundaries.

Remember tsunami, when a calamity of that scale occurs, what people expect is medias’ unbiased coverage. Two leading private channels in Tamilnadu were more focused on the political affiliation than the issue at hand.

Political parties however diverse their ideas be, should have come together to bring immediate relief to the victims. Political parties and media are just capitalizing the needs of day worker, the proof being, a govt. being elected just because it promised color tv. I am not against any party here, but just imagine how the party catapulted itself.

Man there are other basic needs, leave uninterrupted power supply, I dont know how many villages even have electricity, and metro city like Chennai doesnt have enough water!

Now coming back, what has happened to the people once the cameras were packed? What happened to the relocation and promised relief measures? May be its the hyenas time to cash in the situation!

Time for contractors to take control of the situation, tenders being given to the favored ones and no one knows about it! Now all this happens in Tamilnadu and just three days after tsunami struck, I read times of India and the main headlines was about a issue in Pakistan. Headlines is fine, I was not able to read news about tsunami in its entire first page! I had to select "states" page and in that "chennai" and there I found a news about this. Why this discrimination? Are they running short of reporters? Was this news not important for the people there?

I open Hindustan times, just to see a UK model posing for a photograph in the first page. Hmm thousands of lives have been lost and this paper is celebrating with model fotos.

All these things just increase my hatred towards media and other ignorant Indians.

Monday, June 12, 2006

audio blog

this is an audio post - click to play
this thing is awesome! u dont have to sit n type... just call the number, record and refresh ur blog!

but the only drawback is, the number that they have given is a US number, so guys in india i guess will have to wait some more time before this happends there too! thnx to sp

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fanaa Review

Fanaa! First half of the movie is nice! though u would feel that you have seen a similar scene before. I liked the movie for its shaayari n modest emotions. There is one particular shaayar in which amir goes ' kahin kudh ki nazar na lag jaye, allah ne appko nazar hi nahi di'

kajol is blind in the movie n amir soluraaru 'un kanne un melai patudunu kaduvul unuku kanu paarvai tharala'

[+] kajols’ acting (good to see in her true form)

[+] Amir, he has performed with ease

[+] Subhaan allah song

[-] Second half has a bit of unwanted masala

[-] Second half looked a bit senseless

If u like n understand the shaayars' then probably this is a must watch!


For the long weekend had been to Yosemite! it’s a nice place, giant trees, fresh air , fresh water… the trip was refreshing and gave us a much needed break.


Was wondering if it is good to be selfish ??? I have not been able to be like that!!! But some people survive being one! it is all the more disturbing when you get affected Probably I should learn how to say a 'NO' or show my disgust right in front of the person, Whenever I wanted to do this, always I would wonder what if the other person gets hurted! hmm anyways

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006


1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4. Ans. ATLAS SHRUGGED -ayn rand "can we have any security or plan everything"

2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.& catch air? Ans. Grabbed some junk papers

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Ans. Don't remember..(have no tv)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is? Ans. 330

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? Ans. 328

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? Ans. Panic alarm of a car

7.When did you last step outside? What were you doing? Ans. Morning... was tlking on the fone..

8.Before you started this survey, what did you look at? Ans. SP..

9.What are you wearing? Ans. tshirt n shots..

10.When did you last laugh? Ans. After while talking to sai n joshua..

11.What is on the walls of the room you are in? Ans. Poster of 'POLAR EXPRESS' n 'The Prefect Man'..

12.Seen anything weird lately? Ans. hmm...i dunno..

13.What do you think of this quiz? Ans. fun..

14.What is the last film you saw? Ans. M1-3..

15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy? Ans. i need some time to think on this..

16.Tell me something about you that I dunno Ans. q pls..

17.If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? Ans. I would change where India i will ship it to europe..

18.Do u like to Dance Ans. Yeah but...i dunno to ..

19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? Ans. arpita..

20 Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call her? Ans. sonu..

21.Would you ever consider living abroad? Ans. yeah!..

22.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates? Ans. missed u!..

n i am tagging..

pk, gopalan, bharathi, deepak, marutham n badri..

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

gabdain in hollywood

Watched United-93 and MI-3…. No comments about the first one…it’s a one time watch and was pretty heavy for me….Lets talk about MI-3, I never knew there was Gabdain (Mr.VijayKanth) in Hollywood.

The movie has everything that a typical tamil movie has emotion, romance and comedy…but wait a minute! MI’s are supposed to be action movies , yeah! Just that action is similar to our gabdains actions…and hence comedy.

The movie has everything but story!!! Things I learnt from this movie

1. Any thing that can be inserted into key hole of a lock can open the lock (wire, pen refill …)

2. You can take your computer and laptop to any place and do weird things (roof top, bus, van and control machine guns and guns firing tennis balls…)

3. To blow the fuse of a high tech device that is implanted into your brain, you should electrocute yourself( namma gabdain rumba naal moonadi transformer vedika vechaaru theriuma..andha madhiri)

4. Gabdain is everywhere…!!!

In short this movie is hug hug hug bang bang bang….


Its been 2 years into blogging…!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Unai Kandanae Mudhal murai… Song from ‘Parijatham’…plays in my mind---as the horizon gives way to my first glimpse of Grand Canyon… wow! It is one of those places which are really worth the fame. Grand Canyon holds its place in the list of natural wonders and a special place in my heart. I had been to GC and Las Vegas over the long weekend (I know it is too late…was just lazy to write) GC is 460 miles from here and las vegas 290 miles from there and whole trip was around 1300 miles, and best part was we started only Friday evening, coz we wanted 2 of our other friends to join us and they were working that Friday. The trip was tedious especially driving all that distance, but I reckon it was worth it. Coming back to GC.. despite its dryness, it tugs at my heartstrings like little else can… it is one place where you have to be, to feel it…no pictures or motion pictures can actually capture the true essence of the place. So if you are in south west US…try to make it to GC. Right: Thats Sunset at Grand Canyon. About Las Vegas---nothing to say, as I slept the moment I entered the room and woke up only at the check out time.. we reached vegas 2 in the night n I was dead tired. Friends went around vegas n I guess other than clubs n casino’s there is nothing much there.

are these people running out of names??? thats a road on the way back to LA from Los Angeles. All the fotos are from my mobile and i guess they wont be all that clear.

I am planning to move my blog to wordpress soon...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

inbha thunbham

thnks to marutham The topic ‘inbha thunbham’ hmm… just wondering where to start…?

Ok will start with one of the part time job I did while doing my masters… used to get up at 4 in the morning and cycle 3-4 kms and do a cleaning job… yes! a cleaning job… man it used to be painful… I guess nawaz will be able to relate to…coz we both used to go together…

The schedule was something like this… wake up at 4 - 4:30, put on our gears (oldest possible dress and a helmet) and cycle to the work place (building meant for refugees)…used to sign in and start work at 6 in the morning. Trust me it was not easy, being tall has its own disadvantages, I had to clean the ceiling… ok anyways… we used to do this till 3 in the afternoon (of course with a lunch break in between). Then cycle back home have a nice shower and go to university at 17:30 … university used to be till 21:30, come home , cook something, eat, sleep and wake up at 4 again… wat is ‘inbham’ in this??? Money getting credited every week…

The next would be working night shift in 7-11… though it was not as tiring as the cleaning job, but it was boring and you were not supposed to sit down whole through the night… you can find my 7-11 experience here… actually was wondering what n all part time I have done while at aus Dish washing Cleaning Distributing junk mail Worked in 7 – 11 Worked in a sri lankan shop Worked in Australian post In a way, I feel that these things actually make you both physically n mentally strong..

Of course my list will always have the lovely ssn days… man those were the days of my life… those were the days of ssn…sigh! ---

n i would like to tag nawaz sudharshan bharathi sathyus sathyapriya bharathi barti

Friday, April 07, 2006

There is some problem with the blogger these days, the alignment is not proper and I am adding the line breaks et all myself n hence the crapy appearance so please bear with me. I don’t know if that’s blogger issue or template problem.

Was feeling bored and decided to watch some Tamil movie…was browsing through the net and came across this site. The deal is pretty ok, they charge $10 for a month for SUN TV. No! I am not a fan of sun TV, the money is worth for the news and the clarity is pretty good too… the timing is US central time… and guess what?? In the week days I get to see all the tele-serials when I reach home…grrr…

Half heard news…Mr.k has announced ‘vana tholaikatchi peti’ for everyone!!! Err.. whaat ???Man where are we heading? I seriously don’t understand the election gimmicks.

Watched patiyal few days back and my verdict, it’s an ok movie… same old masala movie with a different director and actor… Btw any good movie released???

Thursday, March 30, 2006

foto recognition

Pkarthick has mentioned in his blog about foto recognition software... i thought it was not a easy job, this software does a decent job. You first need to upload your foto, it automatically detects the faces present in it; and the free version actually gets a closest match of a celebrity from its database...

This is wat i got ... aprom enna inga naan orae scene dhaan!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Of late as my friend rightly pointed out, I am also getting into the habit of writing too few a mails and with too little content. I wouldn’t blame my work schedule (yes! the amount of time spent at office is more than at home)…I am just lazy to type a mail…I realized that I don’t even chat much!!! I log in only once or twice into the messenger…

I presume a lot of people are doing the same! Do we think that everyone is email-able ??? and we need to mail them only when it is needed??? The fact that I have been proactive in my groups, and there are people who are worse than me makes me feel even worse… College days now looks like a distant past, I don’t even have a clue about the whereabouts of few people in my class… was this bound to happen??

I know everyone has had a special feeling for college friends, and when we separated we always thought that the chain will remain intact no matter what, hardly four years and I already see it breaking up… but at least I am happy that I am still in touch with a lot of people…I wish that we are email-able, callable and chatable …. Here is a list of my college friends, who have shared my ups n down and still in touch Nawaz, bharathi, ghuru, deepak, gv, thirumathi, suresh, vetri, selva and susi….this a list of those people, whom probably I will never forget! You wake me up at midnight and say ‘nawaz’; even if I knew 100’s by the same name… the first person to ring the bell would be this guy…
others who have been close to me or rather I have been close to:
Sai, narendran, jk, gopalan, ilango, arun(aluku), alex, gautham, ramya, barthi, kavitha, naveen, thiaga, pradeep, shyam(bulb) and sham….i hope I haven’t missed anyone…. I guess that’s too much of senti….
here is foto i took at a temple near by...n i guess thats the max i have smiled for a foto!!hmmm...!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

tagged again

Tagged by pk
So here is my version

Movies I would like to watch over n over
1.dil chatha hai 2.nayagan 3.Terminator –II 4.Matrix –I
5.Mauna Ragam

TV Shows
Shows on Nat geo and Discovery

Favorite food
1.chapathi (only when mom makes)
2.Fried chicken noodles ( wangs kitchen)
3.chicken teriyaki (Subs) 4.puliyodharai and chips
5.thalicha curd rice

My Greatest Victories
Never thought on those lines till date…

I hate
Ego clash (This is really bad…)
people who put up different faces….

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
1.captain (want to see what he eats…hee hee)
2.of course with my long list of fans (Jlo, Angelina jolie, asin, amrita arora…) they have been waiting for long time now… so you know
3.definitely a romantic candle light dinner with that ‘someone special’
I would like to tag none…

Thursday, March 16, 2006

banking system

Washington Mutual, that’s my bank! Almost all the desi’s around have an account in it and y not? It has a scheme for desi’s 1.No minimum balance 2.No monthly fees And I bet these two things are enough for a desi to open an account, but hey it has catch, is doesn’t have a concept of net transfer!!!! (So basically you use the netbank to see the statement) At first I thought this feature was missing only in this scheme, later found out the bank itself doesn’t have this facility! So even if you are a premium customer of WAMU, your netbanking will not have this feature…. So how do I transfer money to someone here??? Use cheques!!!! and you pay for the damn cheques!!! (how developed…) When asked the banker about this problem she says there are two ways to transfer money 1.Pay the person a cheque (really innovative guys… I never knew about this system huh! ) 2.Your name should be added to the account to which you are trying to transfer money (wowie- so I add my name to all the accounts to whom I think in near future I will transfer money!!!) Bharathi says Bank of America has net transfers but then, it is only between accounts of bank of America!!! (That’s better but still…) hmm... banking.................india is better mobile...................india is better publictransport...india is better(getting into one is a different question... atleast the damn thing exists)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

just another post

was tagged by ponna long back... finally am writing... am gonna write about mom ofcourse! what i like about her... very understanding, caring and know what i need every time. i like anything she prepares (to be specific i like her chappathi n porotta) happy belated womans' day .. i know it is too late! -- --- --- --- ---- --- ---- --- -- last week had been to universal studios... its quite close to where i live... the place was good, but i guess kids would enjoy more... one ride that was good there was something called jurassic ride or dinosaur ride... and a 4-D show of shrek was good too! It is worth a one time. Saw 16 block last week, a ok ok movie...

thats one the way back home from tustin! the only place where i found some green stuff!! hee hee

some more foto to upload soon

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Already got the first parking fine…actually I never knew about this great (spell it absurd) system. We were given a parking a sticker, which we always placed on top of the dash board. We had hired a Chrysler convertible, and one day tried driving without the top… I very diligently placed the parking (tag or sticker or whatever it is) inside the dash and forgot to place it back on the top. Next day the car was missing…the car was inside the parking area meant for the apartment and the only way, one can go inside is with a remote!!! The car was towed from the parking lot of the apartment and the reason the sticker was not on the dash… I never in my dreams thought that, the sticker was needed inside the lot also… hmm… I would understand if this thing had happened in public parking place or we had parked the car outside the premises…. Doesn’t make sense to me at all coz 1. You can get into the place only if you have a remote to open!!! (No key lock at all) and for the remote also you pay! 2. The possibility of tailgating is minimal and even if it happens then, I don’t see the need for it to be towed away!!! Hmm… you park in your place and still pay a hefty amount. ------------------ ------ -------- ----------- ---------- ------------ ------------- -------------- ----------- ------------ ---------- i wanted to introduce this cutie next door...

he is choooo chweeet!!! and a real entertainer

he cant say 'l' so he says.... " i am no szeepy" or "i am szeepy! i go papa home"... he took nano pod to a mobile fone and started to talking holding it like a mobile... "hi... wazzup". I will keep talking about this guy the whole day... thats how much i am impressed.


loads to write n post will do it soon

Sunday, March 05, 2006

nothing to write

that was last year in trivandrum

Monday, February 27, 2006

kitne door ...kitne paas

ok! a week over and what did i do? last week end was whn i landed here.... din have much of Jetlag! din go out apart from travellin from home to office! wierd things here 1. These ppl have a weird way of doing everything the other way 2. Mobile has incoming charges (pathetic.....hmmm) 3. No public transport, again sucks but i am not sure if it is like this all over US. yesterday we wnt all the way to a place called anaheim to have indian food.... to find tat place was already booked.. so came back n ate near our place....hmmmm....! thas all for now folks... the chef in me is callin me .. hee hee

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

US of A

Wanted to post 3-4 days back, but seriously had no time to do… I am now in a place called Chino near Los Angeles. The journey was fine… I hated the s’pore – Hong Kong leg…. Man the flight was stinking inside (Cathay Pacific)… It’s been only 2 days now… my first impression about this place… it is dry, very less greenery (compared to good old Melbourne) Public transport is pathetic…again a big disadvantage… Will post lot more soon…

Friday, February 17, 2006


Now that vidya tempted me by reminding vaseegara from minnale, i thought of collecting some all list goes like this 1. Nee partha parvai - hey ram 2. Vassegara - Minnale 3. Iruvu kavidhai - sullan or something (heard this in TV) 4. Thenpaandi seemailae - nayagan 5. poo puthadhu - Mumbai Express 6. Raasathi una - 7. Piryae pirayae - Pithamagan 8. i forgot that songs name from moonram pirai any other song i am missing.. please lemme know..(i know i have listed only a fraction of good ones)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

0 1

Google reinvents itself very often and the latest buzz is google chat... this thing is integrated with your gmail account... you dont need to download google talk to chat with your friends anymore, atleast for the text based chat.. they have integrated the smtp based mail with chat...isn that intresting check this out bloggers check out google's analytics it is another awesome free service. Yahoo! i reckon is the leader in messenger service... its just awesome... let it be the photo sharing or the stealth settings... yahoo rocks! i guess google will catch up very soon. Then there is this VOIP software called voipStunt this thing claims that you can make free calls to a lot of places (the list is in the home page), i actually tried calling UK, US and Aus... it did work but after some 5-6 calls it is asking me to buy some credits to make free calls... i dont understand the logic, but yes it definately allowed me to make free calls to home phones. Intrested in remote desktop? then there is this (logmein), i dunno if it would beat RealVNC or TightVNC, logmein doesnt ask for the IPaddress to log in to your PC, the client once installed in your desktop takes care of that work. All you have to do is log into the site with your details and your desktop is all yours.... isn it simple.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


been mugged by ponna so here is my mug !!! my friend had presented this few years back

Friday, January 27, 2006

beat this

Ever felt: 1.Irritated to the core? 2.Tied to your seat? 3.Like hitting the person who did this to you? 4.Like coming out of the place before it was over? I felt all of this last week while watching parama sivan @ satyam… I actually came out of the theater for a break before the interval I even dozed for a while inside the theater… No more comments about the movie…!!! Lesson learnt : Never trust bulb

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What is racism and is it prevalent in India? We can say racism is a system that discriminates people based on their so called ‘race’. Some say that dominant groups in the society are racist, coz it is that group which has the influence and means to oppress others. Racism is a plague in today’s world, a lot of nations which were racist have reformed themselves, and leading example would be Australia with ‘all whites policy’ till 1972, today it is multi cultural and multi ethnic. These developed nations were and some are still racist but at least they have not discriminated their own people. In India we would not hear this term explicitly, but its definition is very well practiced all al over. In India racism is spelt casteism. I will come back to this shortly. Other than that there has always been ethnic tension between the Tamil people and Hindi majority. I grew up in Delhi and till my 10 I was there. Though I have been there for so long and I have been one amongst them, I have never been able to appreciate their thoughts for south Indians. Note: Not everyone is like that. Still some north Indians think that below madya Pradesh everything is called madras and they call everyone ‘madrasi’. Hey guys you cant be so ignorant. I remember when I came to Chennai from Delhi for good after my 10th; my chemistry staff asked me “do you people in madras have worthy colleges?” now that’s ridiculous and not expected from a educated person like her. I never bore the brunt of my co –students coz no one could differentiate me from others by my Hindi accent as it was as good as a delhite, but some new comers from south were always made fun of. Which means that even students had a bad conception of people from south? What is the reason behind this? Is it the complexion that gives them that superiority complex?? You guys would have noticed that in many Hindi movies and in many Hindi serials, an actor portraying south Indian role would speak worst possible English. You can’t mock all the while. Even the auto drivers here speak good English. Wake up guys I think we guys are not that bad and may be we are better than you. It’s high time you realize that. For some reason I have had a strong feeling that even the central govt. has not been fair to these four states, the best example would be the kaveri issue. Why no stern action has been taken? On the other hand the international river treaty between India and Pakistan was enforced immediately. Indian tourism is on the ‘athithi devo bhava’ drive and Chennai is not included in the list of heritage cities! That’s not fair. This kind of pervasive attitude has a decisive hold on individual’s behavior and relationships. This is changing and will take long to completely change. People are realizing now that these four states can’t be taken for granted. The silver lining is that we stood united for good on a 15th august. The feeling of being one should be there for everyone. Its high time south is taken seriously. The next evil is casteism, a theory that some are born superior and some are born inferior. This theory ensures power to the dominant group through oppression of the inferior, this is prevalent throughout India. Untouchability is still prevalent in some villages in India, and these things make casteism even more dehumanising than racism. Would people believe that these sects have separate burial grounds??? Indian government swears by an egalitarian constitution that prohibits any form of discrimination, the fact remains that it is prevalent everywhere. This is deep rooted and will take a long to get out of the society. This is a poison that we have lived with for more than 1000 years. We have just started to uproot it. P.S. Not all the people are like the way I mentioned.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

western influence

I had purposely left this topic in my last blog. I am talking about westernized culture and its effect on us. I feel we are imitating the western life too much; not that western culture is all that bad, just that we are chasing our tradition away. We are instilling social and political ideas that are not indigenous to India. Those days whatever we borrowed from British were good; we realized that Government is an acceptable institution. Britishers also made us realize that Government would give us freedom of opinion, expression and the right to drive public demands in a peaceful manner. Yes! What we have borrowed so far has benefited India a lot, but now with growing IT companies and media the unwanted culture is penetrating deep into our society. We are as such sunk in ignorance and with this happening now, I feel we ourselves are eroding our own ‘self’. Yet you ask anyone about this topic they will have a ready answer “I don’t think western culture has done any harm to us, our culture is very strong and every Indian is held very tight to his/her root” but the stark reality is we are on the way loosing ourselves. The worrying aspect is some people are doing just for the heck of it. Already people are comparing Bangalore as another Bangkok! (I don’t want to dwell into this) Senior people are left on their own by the uncaring wealthy youth, and we would soon see another class poor old people and rich youth, and with this class on the rise we will see a lot of old age homes springing up. The emotional bond that we are proud of will soon die. The diversity that we are proud of will also soon die if not checked. A survey says that Indians are the most patriotic people, and with the current influence even that will change. Why is this happening? One reason is the IT industry and another is media. You see any bollywood movie made these days, but for the name of the movie and actors, it completely resembles Hollywood though in a smaller scale. Movies like murder which din have single page story line ran houseful and the reason is well known. Youth are like clay models who can be molded in whichever way wanted. Hey guys this is not the way to box office, please give us better and sensible movies. The challenge for India is to prepare itself to sit along with any other world class nation in a competitive world market. At the same time, it needs to avoid a problematic juxtaposition between cultural indifferences. Every culture has its depravations, every culture has had saints and great man today as it had earlier. Trying to imitate others will result in only one thing; we will have traditional values and cultures only in history books for our children. Lets hope we are not the cause for it.