Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Night shift

Yesterday night shift started with a lot of problems. We guys have to two registers in the counter, the purpose of the second one is mainly to run parallel shifts if two ppl are working and when shift change over takes place. What we guys do is the person who is starting the shift will sign on and 2nd register and then the person who is going to finsh will sign off in the first reg. Yesterday my luck the secong register was not working. So the person who was to finish could not finish his shift....i thought of continuing his shift. Then i called my owner and said the problem, he said he was unaware of the solution. I called the customer service and they gave me some instructions which i followed, but in vain. Yesterday being tuesday all the night clubs were open, so there was pretty much crowd. When i could do nothing, i thought i will continue previuos persons shift anyway and lets see to it in the morning. In between the sandwich delivery came and that person was in no good mood. he was upset with the owner. Our owner always rearanges the whole cabinet set up by the delivery person. He argued about the owner and left the shop. God damn, this was happening with 7-8 ppl inside the shop. Next thing was the coffee machine was not working and ppl started complaining about it. i went and rectified it. It was only 45 mins that i started the shift. Next thing.... owner came and that fello was totally off his senses. i got so frustrated that i thought of walking out of the shop then and there. then he could not do anything with the register and he also left. My problems werent over, then came the great drunkers(night club open) some irritating and some doing funny things. like one dumbo kept and curd inside and microwave and left. After a while i could hear bursting sound, had to clean the microwave for 15 mins. one person fell into the garbage bin outside, and from that found a wrapper which had free chocolate, he came and gave it to me and got a chocolate free. crazy ppl.... hey guys my friends have put up a site check it out

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