Friday, June 04, 2004

Melbourne CBD

A pleasant day today unlike yesterday night.It was freezing it might have been less than 5c yesterday i bet. Today morning got up late in the morning and had my breakfast and then went to CBD(Central buisness district) along with Selva,alex and vom shankar. CBD the name looks hifi hee its nothing but city. Not that i live in country side, i live in a suburb. Selva wanted to update his mobile with Blue tooth and infra red and buy USB cable for his another mobile. Man this guy is one mobile maniac! will you believe he is going to buy his 5th mobile within a span of 1 year. Then we all went to Bismi- South Indian restaurant. KFC's Mc.donald's, Subway's dont appease u as much as an Indian rather south indian restaurant. We had one chicken briyani each. Finished that and then myself and vomshankar started first. Got a train in Melbourne central station. The trains inside the main city go underground and it is fascinating to see trains 3 levels below the ground. Amazing technology indeed. Came home and slept for an hour and suddenly got up to check mail. Tonight i have night shift, again one hell of a sick thing to do. If u guys have time then check out

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