Friday, June 11, 2004

Pleasant day

It was dull but very fresh today morning, well i got up only at 11.... courtesy alex(my roomie. I slept late and he got up early and woke me up with his kitchen skills. To be frank i just enjoyed the day, but again mood spoiled coz of another dumbo. The more an more you do... the more and more people take things for granted. Anyway i am not worried and may be ppl should realise. hmm...... so what did i do yesterday?, i went holmesglen a place in glenwaverly line to help a friend with web site. I guess only when u work with some 2-3 ppl you will find how weak or strong you are in a particular area. I hope i will get to learn a lot of things from them. My parents called me today, well one thing i know for sure is that they want to hear the good news very soon(pr) hee hee.... i have made up my mind that i am not going to be bothered at all, let that come whenever it is destined to. Went to Pizza hut today with selva and had a good lunch today. I got a call from Sinett corp(Sydney), the person spoke to me for about 30 mins and said that the main drawback in my resume was i din have any MCP or MCSA(Microsoft certs) and he said that if i did that(course and cert) which actually costs heaps, will almost guarantee and job. I am at the moment thinking of it and i dunno if it worth that money. I need to put in some hard work to clear the papers. Lemme think... any suggestions? i was thinking that its been a while that i introduced characters in my life. well after nawaz,bharathi,gv, vetri and dinesh. Time for the next person. Deepak trehan. Damn cool bloke, he was my schoolie in delhi. I still dunno how we guys become friends, but at the end we were almost in separable. He is in IIT assam. A brilliant boy with specs. he could understand you by just looking at you, this ability he had when he was in school. It been 6-7 years that we guys met each other, but we are in touch even now. I dunno where will we meet each other again. May be in a subway in Japan ;-) check this for melbourne transport

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