Thursday, June 03, 2004

Me and my phone

Its raining from morning and i havent gone out of the house from morning. Sitting inside and enjoying the rain. Australia is indeed beautiful. so what is my update ? ok after finishing writing the blog i went to make chicken... First time i purchased tandoori type and tried it, well i liked it! hmm.... which cook says that his dish was not palatable? The only thing in chicken is cutting it. Yesterday was a boring day nawaz and my other roommate alexander came back from night shift and were sleeping, so i could not do anything noisy....not even use the toilet. I know that it is difficult to sleep after a night shifht and very difficult when someone is hanging around. Guess what i did? well went to coles and bought brinjal and grapes and went to shams place. Know you must be thinking, this guy is crazy this guys half the time goes there and watches movies, Yesterday was no exception i did the same thing. Saw one hindi movie Hum tum, the comedy in the movie is good but as such it is crap. One boy one girl and all possible situations to fall in love. Hindi movies are day by day getting stupid. Today morning i called bharathi and spoke with him atlast, that fello was on his way home from school(thats what crazy americans call) so i gave him company exactly from school to his house. Techonology ha made common man life easier. Then i called my parents and spoke with them for a long time. Then i called dinesh. my college mate in india, after coming to australia i am calling for the second time and we spoke for sometime. Speaking on phone has never been new to me. I was known for this habbit in the college, what to do? after you get bored when you dont have any one of you age group to talk to! Its 2:30 in the afternoon i had planned to go outside today and have a look at the DVD players and come back but its raining now. Now i have people reading my blogs so i guess i need to do better formatting, i bet even i cant understand what i write:( In between i called my lawyer to check my PR status, he was not there, his assistant was there and he said that he has heard nothing from the immigration so far. I dunno what is taking them so much time? hey if anyone from immigration reading this, then give it to me soon ;-)


Anonymous said...

From australia?

Anonymous said...

Who is this?-senthil