Thursday, March 30, 2006

foto recognition

Pkarthick has mentioned in his blog about foto recognition software... i thought it was not a easy job, this software does a decent job. You first need to upload your foto, it automatically detects the faces present in it; and the free version actually gets a closest match of a celebrity from its database...

This is wat i got ... aprom enna inga naan orae scene dhaan!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Of late as my friend rightly pointed out, I am also getting into the habit of writing too few a mails and with too little content. I wouldn’t blame my work schedule (yes! the amount of time spent at office is more than at home)…I am just lazy to type a mail…I realized that I don’t even chat much!!! I log in only once or twice into the messenger…

I presume a lot of people are doing the same! Do we think that everyone is email-able ??? and we need to mail them only when it is needed??? The fact that I have been proactive in my groups, and there are people who are worse than me makes me feel even worse… College days now looks like a distant past, I don’t even have a clue about the whereabouts of few people in my class… was this bound to happen??

I know everyone has had a special feeling for college friends, and when we separated we always thought that the chain will remain intact no matter what, hardly four years and I already see it breaking up… but at least I am happy that I am still in touch with a lot of people…I wish that we are email-able, callable and chatable …. Here is a list of my college friends, who have shared my ups n down and still in touch Nawaz, bharathi, ghuru, deepak, gv, thirumathi, suresh, vetri, selva and susi….this a list of those people, whom probably I will never forget! You wake me up at midnight and say ‘nawaz’; even if I knew 100’s by the same name… the first person to ring the bell would be this guy…
others who have been close to me or rather I have been close to:
Sai, narendran, jk, gopalan, ilango, arun(aluku), alex, gautham, ramya, barthi, kavitha, naveen, thiaga, pradeep, shyam(bulb) and sham….i hope I haven’t missed anyone…. I guess that’s too much of senti….
here is foto i took at a temple near by...n i guess thats the max i have smiled for a foto!!hmmm...!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

tagged again

Tagged by pk
So here is my version

Movies I would like to watch over n over
1.dil chatha hai 2.nayagan 3.Terminator –II 4.Matrix –I
5.Mauna Ragam

TV Shows
Shows on Nat geo and Discovery

Favorite food
1.chapathi (only when mom makes)
2.Fried chicken noodles ( wangs kitchen)
3.chicken teriyaki (Subs) 4.puliyodharai and chips
5.thalicha curd rice

My Greatest Victories
Never thought on those lines till date…

I hate
Ego clash (This is really bad…)
people who put up different faces….

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
1.captain (want to see what he eats…hee hee)
2.of course with my long list of fans (Jlo, Angelina jolie, asin, amrita arora…) they have been waiting for long time now… so you know
3.definitely a romantic candle light dinner with that ‘someone special’
I would like to tag none…

Thursday, March 16, 2006

banking system

Washington Mutual, that’s my bank! Almost all the desi’s around have an account in it and y not? It has a scheme for desi’s 1.No minimum balance 2.No monthly fees And I bet these two things are enough for a desi to open an account, but hey it has catch, is doesn’t have a concept of net transfer!!!! (So basically you use the netbank to see the statement) At first I thought this feature was missing only in this scheme, later found out the bank itself doesn’t have this facility! So even if you are a premium customer of WAMU, your netbanking will not have this feature…. So how do I transfer money to someone here??? Use cheques!!!! and you pay for the damn cheques!!! (how developed…) When asked the banker about this problem she says there are two ways to transfer money 1.Pay the person a cheque (really innovative guys… I never knew about this system huh! ) 2.Your name should be added to the account to which you are trying to transfer money (wowie- so I add my name to all the accounts to whom I think in near future I will transfer money!!!) Bharathi says Bank of America has net transfers but then, it is only between accounts of bank of America!!! (That’s better but still…) hmm... banking.................india is better mobile...................india is better publictransport...india is better(getting into one is a different question... atleast the damn thing exists)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

just another post

was tagged by ponna long back... finally am writing... am gonna write about mom ofcourse! what i like about her... very understanding, caring and know what i need every time. i like anything she prepares (to be specific i like her chappathi n porotta) happy belated womans' day .. i know it is too late! -- --- --- --- ---- --- ---- --- -- last week had been to universal studios... its quite close to where i live... the place was good, but i guess kids would enjoy more... one ride that was good there was something called jurassic ride or dinosaur ride... and a 4-D show of shrek was good too! It is worth a one time. Saw 16 block last week, a ok ok movie...

thats one the way back home from tustin! the only place where i found some green stuff!! hee hee

some more foto to upload soon

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Already got the first parking fine…actually I never knew about this great (spell it absurd) system. We were given a parking a sticker, which we always placed on top of the dash board. We had hired a Chrysler convertible, and one day tried driving without the top… I very diligently placed the parking (tag or sticker or whatever it is) inside the dash and forgot to place it back on the top. Next day the car was missing…the car was inside the parking area meant for the apartment and the only way, one can go inside is with a remote!!! The car was towed from the parking lot of the apartment and the reason the sticker was not on the dash… I never in my dreams thought that, the sticker was needed inside the lot also… hmm… I would understand if this thing had happened in public parking place or we had parked the car outside the premises…. Doesn’t make sense to me at all coz 1. You can get into the place only if you have a remote to open!!! (No key lock at all) and for the remote also you pay! 2. The possibility of tailgating is minimal and even if it happens then, I don’t see the need for it to be towed away!!! Hmm… you park in your place and still pay a hefty amount. ------------------ ------ -------- ----------- ---------- ------------ ------------- -------------- ----------- ------------ ---------- i wanted to introduce this cutie next door...

he is choooo chweeet!!! and a real entertainer

he cant say 'l' so he says.... " i am no szeepy" or "i am szeepy! i go papa home"... he took nano pod to a mobile fone and started to talking holding it like a mobile... "hi... wazzup". I will keep talking about this guy the whole day... thats how much i am impressed.


loads to write n post will do it soon

Sunday, March 05, 2006

nothing to write

that was last year in trivandrum