Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Already got the first parking fine…actually I never knew about this great (spell it absurd) system. We were given a parking a sticker, which we always placed on top of the dash board. We had hired a Chrysler convertible, and one day tried driving without the top… I very diligently placed the parking (tag or sticker or whatever it is) inside the dash and forgot to place it back on the top. Next day the car was missing…the car was inside the parking area meant for the apartment and the only way, one can go inside is with a remote!!! The car was towed from the parking lot of the apartment and the reason the sticker was not on the dash… I never in my dreams thought that, the sticker was needed inside the lot also… hmm… I would understand if this thing had happened in public parking place or we had parked the car outside the premises…. Doesn’t make sense to me at all coz 1. You can get into the place only if you have a remote to open!!! (No key lock at all) and for the remote also you pay! 2. The possibility of tailgating is minimal and even if it happens then, I don’t see the need for it to be towed away!!! Hmm… you park in your place and still pay a hefty amount. ------------------ ------ -------- ----------- ---------- ------------ ------------- -------------- ----------- ------------ ---------- i wanted to introduce this cutie next door...

he is choooo chweeet!!! and a real entertainer

he cant say 'l' so he says.... " i am no szeepy" or "i am szeepy! i go papa home"... he took nano pod to a mobile fone and started to talking holding it like a mobile... "hi... wazzup". I will keep talking about this guy the whole day... thats how much i am impressed.


loads to write n post will do it soon


NaiKutti said...

unlucky u senthil :-)... the remote AND the ticket are two precauitionary measures for the same thing!... anyways... and the kid was chooooooo chweeettt... am sure u r having a good time pass with him as the neighbour..

Anonymous said...

tis but natural that parents take pride in their kids. so my question is "is this ur 1st born???"
Pls. i wudnt be asking y hez staying nxt door. thatz ur family premise. c'mon ya.

Anonymous said...

hey! the kid is awesome...feel like hugging the lil fella-sri

senthil natarajan said...

@karthick: yes unlucky me! but no excuses at all!!!learnt it the expensive way... hee hee
@anon: i can guess as to who has this immense clean mind...
@sri: he is like a hero for everyone here... everyone wants to hug him...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

He is damn cute. But cant get a clear picture.. He is american or Indian???
How wil that kids mom look? :P
Just out of curiousity :D

Have a nice day,

Ghost Particle said...

man, pity you on the tickets, but they should not have towed the car! cute little boy though...

senthil natarajan said...

@ponna-he is indian..his name is tanu!! ada pavii oru apaavi payyan kita kekura kelvi a idhu?? ;)question oda aalum purialia enakku!

@gp-thats how it is here!! even if u park in your alloted place.. the sticker shoud be there...!!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Dhoda! Aazham puriyalaya...? Ipadillam sonna naanga nambiduvoma???

BTW, You are tagged Check out my blog for more info pls. ;)

SamY said...

ha ha oru ticket'ukke ticket'aaa =))

impressed by the kids huh? well well ... idhu enna da 'aasai' padam maadhiri route vidareeya :p

paravaaillai da, u seem to be getting in terms with kids well, better get hooked soon ;)

senthil natarajan said...

@ponna:hee hee!!
hey i will post soon for ur tag
@samy:anything nice in the nature should be appreciated! asai padam enakku nyabagam illa

Marutham said...

Hi Senthil,
Adorable kutty payyan. He remind me 2 other sweet kids
1) Sachin AKA Rocky
2) Anbu
I miss'EM!! You must be having a real fun time with him!! I envy you... :)
And yes, it is sad you have to pay for parking in your place.Adhan ANNIYA NAADU :P Namma oorla enga vena Park panlaam...Samayathla TOW paniduvaanga..but maams kaila chinna AMOUNT amikita it's all yours!! :P

PS: Err....Where is your list??? YOu din't leave it in t comment

Anonymous said...

hey boss,
When u left???
hope u are fine


senthil natarajan said...

@maruthan:rocky, anbu yaaru?? yeah! anniya naadu is rite!!
check ur comments for the list...n hey did u get my mail???
@vijayan: sorry da.. din inform u! have u shifted to mahindra though?

Vidya said...

The baby is so cweet (sweet + cute ) !

Anyway, you have parking problems in India ?? Man, I have been away from my land for so long ! When did parking tickets start getting issued ?


Marutham said...

1. They are the sweetest kids i have spent a lot of my time with.Anbu is my MAAP'S meaning my BRO's SON
2.I have replied too!
3. And ur list is awesome.Check my comment!!

Anonymous said...

not yet this monday i would be

vapis aayega?


senthil natarajan said...

@vidya: me in cali now!!! in india, this doesnt happen...
@marutham: wowie! being with kids is fun n relaxing
@vijayan: good on u da! have fun... i dunno da.

sathyus said...

hey you forgot the accident..where you totalled the car?