Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amazing pics from boston.com

Some amazing pics from boston.com go through them all
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This day that age!

Sept. 16: It's an auspicious day in the history of Steve Jobs. It's the day he quit Apple and the day he returned. Jobs resigned as chairman of Apple Computer on Sept. 16, 1985, after losing a boardroom battle for control of the company with then-CEO John Sculley. Jobs had co-founded Apple seven years earlier with his hacker friend Steve Wozniak. A pair of teenagers, the two Steves had little idea how to grow the hot company at the dawn of the soon-to-be-giant PC industry. Jobs helped recruit Sculley from Pepsi-Cola, where Sculley had shown a genius for lifestyle advertising. The pair ran Apple as co-CEOs but fell out and took their differences to the board. Though a visionary, the board decided Jobs was too volatile for the lead role. So he quit. On the same day he resigned, Jobs submitted incorporation papers to the California secretary of state for the name of his new company, NeXT Computer. NeXT was Jobs' revenge. Jobs founded NeXT with the express purpose of running Apple into the ground. NeXT would develop computers that were far better than anything Apple could offer, and Apple would soon be out of business. NeXT never did put Apple out of business, and for the next 10 years just barely survived itself. It did, however, produce a fantastic operating system, NeXTStep, which many praised as ahead of its time. In December 1996, Apple bought NeXT for $400 million. It wanted NeXTStep to form the basis of a new, modern operating system, one that didn’t crash every time Netscape Navigator was launched. Jobs came on board as an informal adviser to then-CEO Gil Amelio. But within months, the board fired Amelio after Apple suffered one of the biggest quarterly losses in Silicon Valley history. Jobs was initially reluctant to take a role at Apple. His other company, Pixar, had just released its first movie, Toy Story, to great acclaim. But he soon found himself putting in more time at Apple, working hard to whip it into shape. On Sept. 16, 1997, Apple announced that Jobs had officially been named interim CEO, or -- as the company cleverly put it -- iCEO. Source

Sunday, September 07, 2008

There are good and honest men!

Wednesday i had been to the pertol bunk to fill in petrol, after doing that i was waiting to fill air! Just then a guy came to me and said -" sir your car scratches i remove, please try", i was a bit skeptical i said no. Then while waiting i saw him go and ask all the people; i said to myself let me give it a try

I went and parked in one spot and called that guy, he happily came and i showed him one scratch in driver door.... he took out some liquid and sponge, applied the liquid and started rubbing! Doing so he showed me the sponge and said " sir see you car color no only scratch go", he was not from TN i figured he was from north and so asked him he said he was from bihar. A few rubs and the scratch was gone! I was happy coz the hyundai people said that they had to match the color all that and gave me big number to remove that scratch.

The guy din stop there he said he will remove any stains inside as well, i thought let me try that as well, so i showed him inside of the left door and opened it for him. He saw the seat cover also had little stains without asking he applied the liquid, mine being a beige semi leather seat cover, that area became dark and i was furious coz i never asked him to fix the seat, he apologized and said once it dries the seat cover will become normal again

I said enough of his work, and had to buy something in the store in the bunk itself, i grabbed whatever i wanted and while coming back to car i thought, i should pay that guy for what he did, and either way i was greedy to show him the inside and clean. I took out 20 and went to him, he said with praying hands " sirji meri galthi aapki seat cover kharab ho gayee, mere paas paisa hota tho apko seat cover dhetha, please mereko paisa math do" [My fault sir i ruined your seat cover, if i had the money i would have got you another cover], i said thats ok you atleast take this for the work you did and showed him 10.

The guy was adamant and he din take the money, by the time i reached home that stain started drying by itself and today i cant even see it.

There are good hearted people still in this world!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chennai rain

It doesnt rain much in chennai, atleast not as much mumbai. Yesterday it rained heavily, actually for 15 mins i guess, i was driving to work. The biggest problem is the traffic slows down and eventually becomes bumper to bumper!

1. Two wheelers in chennai are innovative in this situation, they some how get onto to the curb / side walk. The first pic to your left is one such biker. He is taking the short vehicle free path, he is one the curb. Pedestrians have no place whatsoever.

2. This three wheelers brakes failed and bangs on the tempo behind it, this looks like a normal scene as the tempo driver just honked few times.

Monday, September 01, 2008

operating system - market share

Just 8% ... thats interesting, i am sure that apple is planning to improve its strategies, lets see if snow leopard does the trick, but if rumors are to be believed then, SL will run only on intel dumping its beloved PPC. Source - http://marketshare.hitslink.com/
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