Monday, January 01, 2007


You realise that you dont write to me? Emailed my cousin, and what he meant was i never take the initiative to write mails. I was more happy to press that 'reply' button than the 'compose' button.

May be 10 to 15 years back i remember my mom asking me to add 3-4 lines in her letter to my granparents...she would say ' you should make it a habbit of writing letters' they will be happy to see your message. Same was the case when we recieved letter from them, my grandad made sure he wrote a paragraph just for me. The problem was reading it... his writing was a perfect example of a doctors prescription. He was a doctor! It used to take me a while before i could decrypt the message and read. Now that i am proficient enough to read his letters he is no more. Anyways that is not the issue and i dont want get too emotional on that.

I felt that, this year i was too lazy when it came to writing mails. No more leaking pens, no more stamps, no more rainy day... no more...err almost nothing... all it takes is 'write n send'... rest assured that it has reached the intended person.. unless mr.daemon decides to reply you back. A small simple mail personally addressed makes me feel happy... and i bet everyone agrees with me. So i would try my level best to write mail, i mean initiate of my own.

Year 2006 has been a nice year... few ups and downs and looking forward for 2007.

wishing all my blog friends a happy n prosperous 2007.