Friday, April 29, 2005

Loading XPE

I was told that Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 1 resolves glitches discovered since Microsoft released the operating system last year and also adds new features to the product. XP embedded is a componentized version of windows XP wherein you can choose to add the necessary components for your image. The requirements for creating an image can be obtained from many web sites about this OS. The simplest way that I found for creating an image is as follows: 1.Load the following application from CD-1 and CD-2 (sp1) {you can also download the same from website, but you will need to register the application anyway} TOOLS and DATABASE. This in turn will create a will give applications like: 1. Target Designer 2. Component designer. 3. SDI Loader. 4. Component Database Manager. 5. Target Analyzer.(TAP.exe) 6. Target analyzer (TA.exe) Apart from the Target Analyzer the other things will only work if the database is already loaded and is running. 2.Next step is to create an image of the operating system, for any operating system to run at least the essential components and the dll’s need to be loaded. Instead we breaking our head and trying to load all the components, we can either use TA.exe or TAP.exe. 3.TAP or TA must be installed and run on the machine on which the IMAGE needs to be loaded. 4.Target analyzer Probe (TAP) will be in the following folder structure c:\ProgramFiles\WindowsEmbedded\Utilities5.It is always better to use TAP rather than TA, TAP finds a detailed lit of the drivers that are installed in the target machine. We can say that TA is a subset of TAP. 6.Once you click on the TAP.exe a console window opens up and it runs for a few seconds, and after that in the same directory you will see a file called devices.pmq 7.Rename the file to a more meaningful name {This is just optional but will be useful} 8.Open the component designer and import the .pmq file. 9.Once that is done it will give you one component that comprises of all the drivers that the TAP found. 10.Save this file. 11.Open the component database manager and import your own component into the database. The name of the component will be same as the name of the .pmq file. If you did not rename before. You might see a lot of components named “DEVICES” in the database over a period of time. 12.Now that your component is in the database you can now use it for future purposes. 13.Open the Target Designer and say NEW. 14.It will ask for a name for the configuration file , give a meaningful name. 15.There will be three panels in the Target Designer. 15.1 In the center panel click on settings 15.2 On the right most panel a list of settings will be displayed 15.3 Click on Target image settings and do this: 15.3 If you are planning for a DUAL boot, which is always advisable, change, the drive letter to the drive in which you have planned to load the image. For the boot.ini setting in that itself mention the partition number. Say you are going to load it in D:\ which is a primary partition then say in the partition(2) instead of (1) which means that it will look for the ntldr in second partition. 15.4 Leave it as it is if you are planning to load in the c:Note: BOOT file doesn’t recognize the CD partition, if your second primary partition is E: and your CD drive is D: then in the settings you will have to give the image partition as D: and not as E: 16.Now that the target designer is open you will be able to see your own component in the list. 17.Add that component and the components. 18.After you are finished with adding the components do a dependency check, this will give you a list of all the components that are needed for the components that you have added. 19.Once you resolve all the dependencies you can build the image. 20.The image will give you a folder structure consisting of. Documents and settings, program files, windows, boot.ini, ntldr. Ntloader and weruntime. copy all of these to another drive if you need to perform dual boot or copy to the target device and make the necessary changes in the c:\ boot.ini file in case of a dual boot. 21.Restart the system and it should work well. Note that first time FBA.exe will run and take a while. In the next blog I will talk about the problems that I faced with XPE and how to resolve them. Then also working with .net framework 1.1 applications on XPE.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last week was definitely not my week, the start off was bad. Stomach upset from Sunday afternoon and for that reason had to take off on Monday, I swear I would have only shuttled between mens room and my place had I come to office. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were hectic. My manager called and asked me if I were interested in attending a win 32 API training, basically a windows programming course. I was in a fix coz we need that stuff and I din want to ruin my weekend attending that. I accepted it anyway. Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule was given for training and timing reminded me of my SSN days. Friday night after attending the training while returning home near my grand mum’s place some home my pant got stuck and fell down. I looked at my pant it was in one piece I just dusted it and rode home. I realized reaching home that my right leg had too many scratches but I still was wavery about any airline cracks. Fortunately there was no swelling the next day so I just thanked god. Sunday was even worse, I was coming from Greams road office and was waiting at the saidapet signal. I could here a screeching sound and I looked at my rear mirror, I saw an auto coming and sound made it clear that it was not stopping. On my right was a tempo and on my left was a car, and obviously I couldn’t go ahead coz left to right the vehicles were crossing. I just held both the brakes tight and was waiting for a collision and as expected “bang”. I moved ahead a few inches and then I turned back only to see my new fiero’s tail light and the side plastic part broken. Before I could even speak to that mad screwed up driver… he started sir “ neenga yen sir brake potinga?” I turned and saw for the signal, the signal was still RED. I blasted out “ yo signal le brake podama ennaya pana solurae?”. For that coolly he said “ sir naanum brake potein ana pidikalae vidunga sir” I couldn’t control myself and argued with him and took him to a traffic police who was just standing on the other side. All the while I was thinking I would get some kind of a challan from the police that I could show it to the insurance ppl. The police was the best among the lot, after explaining him though he would have seen the whole stuff he said “vidunga sir unga vandiyum damage,auto vum damage, ippo pesi enna panuradhu?” I tried arguing but in vain. Damn! Every one is linked. The last hope for anyone would be a police personal and you expect him to behave anything but the way he did. ONE BAD DAY!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I am no big or rather no fan of cricket. I thought this information might cool downa few souls, Of late we all have been hearing stories about ganguly.... here is what my friend Shyam prasad has to say about Ganguly.... the statistics speak for themselves. I would like to share some of his Records now,Just to tell you how good he is.Total Test MatchesIndiaPlayed 385 (from 1932 - Till Date) Won 82 Lost 127 Drawn 175 Tie 1 Win % 39.04% Matches won under Ganguly 18 Total Test Matches IndiaPlayedOutside India(Away) 184 won 23 Lost 81 Win % 22.11% matches won Under Ganguly's captaincy(outside India) 9
So all other 27 captains (!!!!!!!!!!) managed only 14 wins outside Indiain 72 Years, surprisingly. Herez India's captains & results & their records:(complete up to and including 2nd Test v Bangladesh, Dec 2004) Tenure Tests Won Lost Dra
C.K. Nayudu 1932-34 4 0 3 1
*Dr Vijay Anand 1936 3 0 2 1
I.A.K. Pataudi 1946 3 0 1 2
L. Amarnath 1947-53 15 2 6 7
V.S. Hazare 1951-53 14 1 5 8
M.H. Mankad 1953-59 6 0 1 5
Ghulam Ahmad 1955-59 3 0 2 1
P.R. Umrigar 1955-59 8 2 2 4
H.R. Adhikari 1958-59 1 0 0 1
D.K. Gaekwad 1959 4 0 4 0
Pankaj Roy 1959 1 0 1 0
G.S. Ramchand 1959-60 5 1 2 2
N.J. Contractor 1960-62 12 2 2 8
M.A.K. Pataudi 1961-75 40 9 19 12
C.G. Borde 1967-68 1 0 1 0
A.L. Wadekar 1970-74 16 4 4 8
S. Venkataraghavan 1975-79 5 0 2 3
S.M. Gavaskar 1975-85 47 9 8 30
B.S. Bedi 1975-78 22 6 11 5
G.R. Viswanath 1979-80 2 0 1 1
KapilDev 1982-87 34 4 7 22
D.B. Vengsarkar 1987-89 10 2 5 3
R.J. Shastri 1987-88 1 1 0 0
K. Srikkanth 1989-90 4 0 0 4
M. Azharuddin 1989-99 47 14 14 19
S.R. Tendulkar 1996-2000 25 4 9 12
S.C. Ganguly 2000-date 44 18 12 14
R. Dravid 2003-04 5 2 2 1
Despite his current poor bating performance, He just need 55 runs to reach 10000 runs milestone.Only two other batsmen's in the world managed to cross this milestone, Little Master Sachin and Inzi. Sachin took 15 years to reach this landmark(10000 runs), but ganguly just in 9 years is on the edge of crossing this landmark.(just 55 to go)He's the best captain India Ever had. He changed the Way we use to play cricket. Tried many youngsters like Shewag, yuvaraj, Bhaji kaif and succeeded with them. Anger, Aggressiveness, Combativeness, Guts to try new things... its all ganguly's chic. So guyz and girls please know the fact b4 criticizing some one. It's easy to forget things but hard to remember the past. Stop criticizing some one when they're in Bad times. Instead try encouraging them. After all National team is not just a FUN. It's our pride. And Ganguly is leading our pride. He's is our Only hope left. And captaincy is a lot more than about getting batting orders, field placings and bowling changes right......... and scoring. "There's a battle he must win, and it's in his mind and HE WILL WIN " Sorry for the crapy alignment! hey guys i am once again giving you the link to the guest map just follow it up.... thanks

Friday, April 08, 2005

Guest map

I was looking at a blog and i found this guest map, it looks preety cute. So how does it work and where is it? it is on this page and on the right SIDE BAR. Just below 'i power blogger button'. There are two buttons, click on the left oneI know there are'nt many visitors to my site, but all those who happen to visit please oblige me with your posting in there.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

links again

Mainly contain Papers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mathematical Puzzles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Interview questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. interviewQuestions.html 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. webtech/012700-1.shtml 14. =question.htm 15 16 17 C/c++ Tutes and notes 1. 2. Puzzles: 1. 2. 3. 4. Operating Systems Notes: 1. 2. 3. 4. Win32 Tutorials: 1. 2. Data Structure Notes: 1. 2. Software Testing Notes: 1. 2. 3 4. Some of the links may not work.... these guys keep changing the URL every now and then, so it is a good idea to download the stuff you need, if the link is alive.