Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last week was definitely not my week, the start off was bad. Stomach upset from Sunday afternoon and for that reason had to take off on Monday, I swear I would have only shuttled between mens room and my place had I come to office. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were hectic. My manager called and asked me if I were interested in attending a win 32 API training, basically a windows programming course. I was in a fix coz we need that stuff and I din want to ruin my weekend attending that. I accepted it anyway. Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule was given for training and timing reminded me of my SSN days. Friday night after attending the training while returning home near my grand mum’s place some home my pant got stuck and fell down. I looked at my pant it was in one piece I just dusted it and rode home. I realized reaching home that my right leg had too many scratches but I still was wavery about any airline cracks. Fortunately there was no swelling the next day so I just thanked god. Sunday was even worse, I was coming from Greams road office and was waiting at the saidapet signal. I could here a screeching sound and I looked at my rear mirror, I saw an auto coming and sound made it clear that it was not stopping. On my right was a tempo and on my left was a car, and obviously I couldn’t go ahead coz left to right the vehicles were crossing. I just held both the brakes tight and was waiting for a collision and as expected “bang”. I moved ahead a few inches and then I turned back only to see my new fiero’s tail light and the side plastic part broken. Before I could even speak to that mad screwed up driver… he started sir “ neenga yen sir brake potinga?” I turned and saw for the signal, the signal was still RED. I blasted out “ yo signal le brake podama ennaya pana solurae?”. For that coolly he said “ sir naanum brake potein ana pidikalae vidunga sir” I couldn’t control myself and argued with him and took him to a traffic police who was just standing on the other side. All the while I was thinking I would get some kind of a challan from the police that I could show it to the insurance ppl. The police was the best among the lot, after explaining him though he would have seen the whole stuff he said “vidunga sir unga vandiyum damage,auto vum damage, ippo pesi enna panuradhu?” I tried arguing but in vain. Damn! Every one is linked. The last hope for anyone would be a police personal and you expect him to behave anything but the way he did. ONE BAD DAY!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you fierro's tail is broken. and how are u. and hows life in ambattur3.how is pradeep(A)
?.And how's project going in. we have one similarity. you are born for training. I was born for document (source code) Reading.
If i read any documents i will be changed into other department and read document there it was happening every time...

Tamilselvan R
HCL Technolgies

senthil said...

I am fine Tamil! how is life is Pamona?
as far as the training stuff goes, yes you are right

Anonymous said...

While driving..remember the following
1. That you are driving in India ..not Australia
2. In this country...Darwin's theory prevails..survival of the fi(s)ttest...
3. If you have encountered any damages..get it reimbursed from the person who has caused the damage...spot payment.. Insurance company..eh ..does it exists...
4. Also Red light does not mean STOP...you have an option of crossing the signal..in the following circumstances
a) If mama is not attentive and saajan is not present...
b) If there are no vehicles using the road..even though the signal shows RED..we still believe in "Optimum utilisation of resources"
5. Police man has his own problems...maasa kadasi..maamool..superiors kku salute podanum..and it is a clan that beleives that people should be taking care of their own problems..