Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A long gap(GOR)

Hmmm.... a very long gap indeed. what was i doing all these days? Last i wrote was last Monday, I will start from last thursday and try to recollect as what i did. Thursday we ssn guys finalised that we will make it to Great ocean Road. I have actually been there once and i decided to go there again. 8 of of the ssn gang went there. Thursday we guys rented a tarago(8 seater) and we took the vehicle to jk's house. From there i came to my house again and along with nawaz went back to jk's house. By the time that myself and nawaz reached jk's house it was already half past 12. We met susi on the way. After reaching there i made some chicken gravy to take and jk kept rice. we slept around 2 in the night and got up at 7. Got ready and we were waiting for rolands to come. rolands came and now we were 8 of us(Myself,jk,susi,nawaz,prasana,arulmurugan,rolands and ranjith) we took the melway and learnt our way out of melbourne. Rolands was the first to drive, myself and jk telling him the route we were took the Geelong road and were on our way to great ocean. Soon we hit the Princess Freeway which will take us to Geelong. we started from Jk's house at 9:45 and we were in geelong by 10:40(Geelong is 60km from melbourne) We din stop at geelong and no snaps till then. 5 km from Geelond we saw the sign to go to great ocean road. hmmm.... we were very near to great ocean road. Our next stop Torquay. There was the first info center about GOR. This time i din want to miss the things that i missed the first time. So halted there and took our time knowing the attractions in that place and in the nearby places. Arul murugan was all the time hurrying as he din want to halt( myself and nawaz were prepared to halt for a night) From Torquay it was GOR. First beach was bells beach it was beautiful but we did not spend much time there coz of arul. Next we were heading to anglesea! we were told about a golf course were kangaroos were abundant. i wanted to kangaroos as only once before i had seen them in full two years(thats a shame :-( ). As we were a bit fast we missed the sign and arul was the first to say that we will see that in the next trip. Anglesea gone and now we were heading Lorne, a beautiful town. Lorne had a information center were we asked what to see there. They told to take a left next to the info center to go to Erskine Falls. So we deviated from GOR and went there. 10 km off GOR. By the time we reached that place it was heavily raining and we were inside the car for sometime. Then we started climbing down the stairs(abour100-150) and reached the foot of the falls( man believe me it was awesome) and then it was the usual foto sessiion for about 30 mins. After exhausting all the beautiful places we returned. It was already 2:45 by then. We had to come back to Lorne and then go to Apollo bay. Between Lorne and Apollo bay i found a sopt to eat( that was the exact place were we ate the last time 16 -17 months before), open place off the road with a water creek near by and sorrounded by hills on both the sides. Last time i missed my ring and got it after a long time( it was found by the great Alex). This time it was problem with car. All this time arul was in the car( he finished first) and was playing music with the head lights on..... hmmmmm....... car din start and as the car was automatic no use pushing it the indian style. Our Luck just after 5 mins of realising that the car was not starting an old couple passing by stopped and offered lift for 2 back to Lorne to get a mechanic. Prasana and rolands went and they came back with RACV mechanic in his car in 40 mins. It was a minor problem and as the car was a member of RACV we din have to pay anything. We all thanked the old couple in our heart and started again. We reached apollo bay by 6 and it dark and by that time arul also decided to halt and see the rest of the place the next day. mmmm....... i will continue the rest tomm. as i am late for the day. catch you tom.

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