Monday, June 14, 2004

Time pass...

i din write for last 2 days, mainly coz i couldnt find a computer to write. Selva is in front of the computer as if it is his wife. He has 3 more exams and till he finishes them he is not going to allow anyone use the computer;-) Today i came to browse in uni. Saturday was not very intresting day. i went with anand to holmesglen. Sunday was the same nothing eventful except for the night shift. As usual the night shift had all the troubles. Well that was two days in brief. Hey i picked up a fight with my roomie(alex), atleast this time i din start it;-) Time to introduce the next character. G____ k___________, my class mate in engineering. Fun loving guy at times very dificult to understand. He is in university of buffalo. I guess he is doing thesis at the moment. i spoke with him more in phone than in person. i dunno about his school life, but in college he had a crush on a girl and i think even now he has the same feeling for her. we guys now a days are in touch thru mails and sporadic phone calls. Time just flies, god bless messeneger and cheap phone calls, that we are still in touch. i dont have many characters in my life... just a few more and then in free time i think i will recall some cool moments that we guys had. thats it for today

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