Friday, February 17, 2006


Now that vidya tempted me by reminding vaseegara from minnale, i thought of collecting some all list goes like this 1. Nee partha parvai - hey ram 2. Vassegara - Minnale 3. Iruvu kavidhai - sullan or something (heard this in TV) 4. Thenpaandi seemailae - nayagan 5. poo puthadhu - Mumbai Express 6. Raasathi una - 7. Piryae pirayae - Pithamagan 8. i forgot that songs name from moonram pirai any other song i am missing.. please lemme know..(i know i have listed only a fraction of good ones)


Shan said...


Raasathi unna from vaithegi kathirundhal

Moonram pirai - kanne kalaimaane?

how about?

Sakalakala Vallavan: Ilamai itho itho
Payanangal Mudivathillai: Ilaya nila
Nizhalgal: Any song, Ithu oru pon malai pozhudu, poongathave thazhidava
Jhony: en vaanile ore vennila
Mudhal mariyadhai: what do u choose?
Mella thirandhadhu Kadavu: Kuzhaloodhum kannanuku
Mouna raagam
Agni Natchatiram
Varumaiyin niram sigappu: sipi irukku

80's was THE time for melodies

well.. looks like I wont stop..
Send me anachi's number

Anonymous said...

kane kalaimaane, i think that is the song from moonraam pirai

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

I guess 'unna saran adainthen' Frm Thavamai thavamirunthu is worth mentioning.
Ur listed songs were good too.

Have a nice day,

NaiKutti said...

too many to name i guess :-)... i won't even attempt to name the big list i have...

Beautiful Mind said...

Poongatrilinale..from Uyire

Many More list..

senthil natarajan said...

@ponna - added that to the list, thanks for that
@karthick - fair enough!
@naren - dude! reached a? lemme know ur number...

senthil natarajan said...

@shan - that was a long list dude, sorry da, i dun have his number
@sri - oh yes! thanks!

shan said...

gimme ur contact no if u hav 1

Ghost Particle said...

cool absolute favourites are from IR of course.

senthil natarajan said...

@shan - at the moment i am at my collegues place... will give u a call sometime da.
@gp - no second thought to it!