Monday, October 23, 2006

The Prestige - movie review

This is a movie about two magicians played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. A story of friendship turning to rivalry and which turns to vengence! I went to see this movie for the reason that, it was from the director of momento and batman begins. The movie is good and definately worth watching once.

Scarlett Johansson has a worth while role in the movie! The only drawback in the movie is when Tesla box comes into the picture. Other wise, the performance, screenplay and editing is all flawless. So my verdict, go see it!

I saw prestige on friday and another movie called The Departed yesterday. Though the ratings for the movie were good, i din like the movie much. The movie has a similiar story line to that of kuridhi punal by kamal hassan. Undercover cop gets into a mafia gang and the gang is trying all means to find out about the rat! The movie is nothing great considering that it has Matt damon and jack nicolson. My verdict watch it if you have nothing else to see

Yesterday we all had a small get together for diwali, it was fun. It was fun playing with the kids. But poor them, they dont get a chance to fire crackers here! I bet they will be afraid to play with them when they go back to india.

Hope everyone had a safe diwali! subha i owe you the tag, i will write one soon

Watch this and enjoy! these guys rock, its called the Yogi B n Nachathira Feat Lock Up - Madai Thiranthu


Deepak said...

I saw Departed last week.. I liked the movie though, well directed and full of twists and turns!

Ghost Particle said...

both are great movies. Departed is a remake of a chinese movie and Prestige,,,with Bale against Wolverine.,..thats a great achivment.

I see you found this vd frm Yogi-*. Well there is much more than the eyes can see bout this group and album.

Ghost Particle said...

well...he was a good musician last time when he was doing the english albums. Then he had a misunderstanding with another group of musicians who incidently are from my hometown. And if you listen to the full album, you could hear how they trashed my hometown and all. Im pissed...we all are.

And yogi-fark is trying to start a Tamil underground scene in malaysia with the west side east side rivalary. Which is no good!

Sandai-Kozhi said...

For a change this music sounds good.the lyrics are better than latest kolliwood songs.I watched this video in another blog too.

Iam glad that you have had a fun on Deepawali.--SKM