Wednesday, September 27, 2006

limited or no connectivity

Disclaimer : Computer Related

I dont know how many of you have had this problem? Yesterday i had this problem in home laptop. I could'nt connect to my wireless router. It kept giving me this error.At first i thought it could be the problem with the router. What happens at times is, as we dont turn off our router for days together, it would require a simple restart. I tried that but in vein.

Then i saw that, this message (limited or no connectivity) i was recieving when my system was trying populate it ipaddress, i mean thru DHCP. So now i thought DHCP server in the router was not working properly.

So i assigned a static Ip in the subnet as that of my router and DNS as my router and tried again, this time it was wierd, i was able to ping my router but nothing beyond it. So this eliminated the problem with my wireless card.

I tried repairing the network connection, tried restarting the laptop but all measures failed. Was wondering if i had re install my OS, that would be tedious.

So when i googled from my friends system, i found that, the culprit could be some spyware. My firewall program (ZONE ALARM) had run a scheduled check previous night and had found handfull of spywares, and some sites said, while removing the spywares some of them corrupt the TCP/IP stack.

So, that could be a posibility and luckily i found this tool

I must say that this is a must have tool! work fine and if you are worried that, its altering ur registry you can also, take a snap shot of ur registry with this, in case u want to revert back.


Sandai-Kozhi said...

First time here from Shuba's blog.
Happy Birthday wishes for you.

me(also in CA) too got this problem,couldn't connect my laptop to the router yesterday,but my MR fixed it some how,don't know how.

Bala.G said...

Me too....we also faced this problem...but all of our systems (desktop and laptops) faced the same issue...we powered off both the cable modem and the worked after an hour :)

senthil natarajan said...

@sandai-kozhi - thanks for the wishes! MR??
@bala - oh! good for u

Shuba said...

deivame ippdilaam techy stuff eluthina...approm nee yaarunnu keppen aamaa

Badri said...

I have come across this, whenever my system fails to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. There is an option to disable this notification. So I normally solve this by assigning a static IP to my system!

senthil natarajan said...

i tried static ip as well da... but as i said, i was able to ping the router but nothing beyond that