Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rest or Respect

I am no big fan of cricket or any cricketer. I was in trichy last weekend and went to a saloon to have a haircut. It was sunday the 4th day of the test, the barber was watching the TV and doing my hair and he asked me some questions like... 'will India win?' i had no idea as i dint even know it was the 4th day and i dint know what target we were chasing. I asked him what was the target? the guy stopped for a while and stared at me, i knew what he was thinking. I know hailing from a place where cricket is a religion it is hard to find people like me, somehow the game does'nt intrest me,instead i might watch F1 or tennis. anyway this what my friend had to say about Ganguly: Ganguly needs...rest or respect ? OOPS !!! What a disastrous effect the loss by India is gonna have on Ganguly.. Itz true that DADA has to be punished for his not being in the so called FORM.. But is it at the cost of Captaincy....No No No way shud Dada be removed from the Position.. I am not a hard core fan of Dada, but I respect him as a Captain... The Most succesful Indian Captain on the soil so far.. No Indian Captain has the charm and flamboyance as He has.. Hez ' The One '..We all see his batting skills getting sore, his bowling naive.. Think of such a person who is not in form on Field, but is Captain handling all the so called Pressures.. Buddy, Itz Ind Vs pak Match...Things have happened like this...And will happen.. Didn't we route Pak 4-1 in the Sahara ODI Canadian Series ..And when he Earned 'Man with the Golden Arm'.. (Though Dada was not the captained at that time ) We must remember how Sachin crumbled under pressure of Captining !!! Didn't we route Pak in the Test on their Soil.. All through the Ind vs Pak matches so far, Dada's period as Captain in both froms of Cricket has Saved the face of India in the head to head records.... The Post Dada period has more intrinsic victroies in the Head to Head record againt most Nations, than the ..Pre Dada period...I feel thatz Heart Warming.. U must remember that more Pak Players, who have not performed anywhere have tonned against India.. This was bf4 Dada arrived.. He united the players and built team Strength, and India learnt and started to play as a Team, whereby he has lost his place as an Individual Performer.. Thatz the only thing he has to get back..And he WILL.... As far my earlier statement of Dada being punished, he must be awarded the position of Non Playing Captain, from the Playing Captain.. This may, no will prove hilarious and ridiculous..This is not against the rules of Cricket.. England had done that earlier in the more famous Ashes Series... Thou shall lead the team and tatz DADA... and shall be awarded both Rest and Respect.. -courtesy shyam prasad

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Shan said...

I knew shyam was nuts.. never knoew it was this bad :(