Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A guy (lets call him A) was waiting for a girl (lets call her B) whom he had never seen but knew her heart. She would be wearing a rose today at a crowded station. Almost a year ago A was in a public library browsing for a book. He found it and removed it from the shelf and started reading it. Along the margins he found that someone scribbled something in pencil. He read those lines and was immediately impressed. On the last page he found that only one person had borrowed the book, it was B. Somehow he managed to find out the address of B from the librarian. He wrote a letter to B admiring and appreciating her feelings from what he read. B replied and both of them were corresponding through letters for almost a year. In between A asked for B’s photo to which B always denied saying true love should never be based on how a person looks. They both agreed on a date and time and decided to meet at a station, and B said that she would wear a rose on her. A was eagerly waiting to see her; just then a beautiful girl wearing a green saree strode towards him. A smiled at her and she reciprocated and walked quickly. Just as she walked quickly across him, he noticed a woman well in her 40’s with a rose on her standing just opposite to him. A wanted to follow B and speak to her and at the same there was this wonderful woman to whom he corresponded for almost a year. He made his mind and turned towards B and said “ are you B?” “yes” “Shall we go to a restaurant and talk” the women said “what is with you son?, a girl in a green saree came to me and handed over this rose and said if a person comes asking for you then till him that I am waiting in the restaurant on the other side of the road” A giggled and made his way towards the restaurant. If you love a person for what he looks is LUST If you love a person for what he is –is LOVE

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