Wednesday, August 17, 2005

East vs WEST

The balance of power will shift to the East as India and China continue to grow over the next decades, a leading American business magazine says.

While the alarm triggered in the West by the trend is understandable, it emphasises that the US and other powers will have to learn to make room for China and India.

Cisco's scheinman is quoted as saying "We came to India for the costs, we stayed for the quality, and we're now investing for the innovation."

"Barring cataclysm, within three decades India should have vaulted over Germany as the world's third-biggest economy," says the weekly.

Managers in the vanguard of globalization's new wave were say the impact will be nothing less than explosive. "In a few years you'll see most companies unleashing this massive productivity surge," predicts Infosys Technologies (INFY ) CEO Nandan M. Nilekani. -ECONOMIC TIMES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So buisness in India is not only coz of MONEY, it is also for the quality.... now that's intresting.

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Tamizhan said...

dei china is far ahead of india and the sooner we acknowledge the fact, the easier it will be for us. "china's strides in manufacturing have given them a 6-8 year headstart. we have a 4-5 year headstart on them in it services" - Vivek Paul

thanks for the bday greetings machi. we shd meet up sometime....