Monday, May 23, 2005


Gosh XPE is a nightmare.... Steps that are involved to get a driver loaded along with the imgae. I had the need to load unibrain driver and this is the way i found best: Update about the Windows Embedded. The driver for the unibrain can be loaded in the following way. INF files that are need to be componentized: 1.ub1394.inf 2.ubfwnet.inf 3.ubsbp2.inf The above files can be found in the program file folder of the system in which it has already been installed. Lets take an example: ubsbp2.inf Once you build a .sld image in the component designer itself on the left pane click on .sld file windows xp embedded client on components on the driver file on resources On the right tab right click and say “add” 1.Add FBA Generic Command 2.Add FBA DLL\COM Register 3.Add FBA OC mgr request Import the component into the Database, using component database manager Do the above steps for all the files. Then in the target designer add all the components, there will more than 10 components, and build an image. This is just a trial and error method and it worked fine here. The catch is unibrain driver gets loaded but it will not get displayed in the Network connection. Though the driver does not show up in the network connection, it works. For that we need to do the old trick of adding hardware, this we are doing in windows xp pro as well, so this is a problem with Unibrain windows driver glitch. The above procedure doesnot require us to install unibrain driver for the card separately, it gets burned along with the Image. There is a glitch when the unbrain driver is installed, windows does not recognize and we have to do the “add hardware” to get it listed in the Network connection, but again without doing this also the 1394 card will be functioning. To see that type netsh Netsh>interface Netsh interface>show interface This will list the 1394 connection. I am planning to move all the tech stuff to a different blog... Latest update about my adventures.... got myself hurt once again.

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