Friday, December 30, 2005

developed India

During my couple of years in the AUS, I used to read every 'feel-good' article and magazine about India with great enthusiasm and pride. Read a lot of articles as to how India became world’s back-office destination. How the middle class was enjoying the economy surge et all. Came in 2004 with some moderate expectation… only to find nothing has changed! Of course its too short a time to have expected too much, but the media had hallucinated me! Yes the urban life style has changed but that’s just a part of the population, and I am still wondering if this change is for good… lets forget the westernized influence for time being. Talking of Chennai; it still has electricity problem, leave the rainy season, summers are known for frequent power cuts…. The Krishna or veeranam or whatever water that the govt. promised comes to many houses but is it potable? {should be happy that connection has been laid, though at many places it is hand pumps} Traffic jams and pollution are just the order of the day. Probably all the cities here are facing the same problem but nothing is being done, except Delhi where I believe Govt. is really on the move. What has changed? {not just 2-3 years, lets say what has changed in the past decade) o yes! Somethings have Almost everyone sports a mobile Toyota, Hyundai, skoda are becoming more common Malls and multiplex culture. Divorce on the rise! Yellow journalism on the rise. We need growth at the root level! On the contrary only a section of the mass is progressing (may not be in all aspects but at least in materialistic way). The socio economic pyramid is getting steeper by the day, and which is not a good sign. No wonder the crimes are on the rise. Too much of blaming the Government ( not that they are doing their duty properly), what are we as individuals doing to improve the society apart from following the rules and paying the taxes. I was thinking if I really did anything for the society at least this year? Hmmm the grim answer would be NO! One thing is for sure we should stop blaming the govt, and start looking at ourselves, one area where the westerners have excelled in leaps and bounds. The individual feels more responsible and acts accordingly. and till each and everyone start contributing we will still be in the bottom list of developing nations leave alone developed countries. What should we as individuals be doing to improve the place in our own small way? I am just running out of ideas. Hope all of us has a better 2006 and see a better India. Wishing readers a happy n a prosperous 2006


Vidya said...

Hey ,
I navigated to your blog and find this entry intriguing !

You are right in thinking that Indians need to think more in terms of growth in individualism also. But you should also realize that our society has never been an individualistic society. So this change cannot happen in a year or two.

We can be the change that we expect to see in this world. If each individual thinks that way, then Indians and consequently India is on a good track !

On an unrelated subject , Can I blog roll you ?


Anonymous said...

the blaming will still be there! we are known for it n good at it!!!
even i cant think of any idea! may be obeying the rules and paying the tax is enough at this time.
Have a nice new year!

NaiKutti said...

well 2 years is no time to look at... things are improving (not the malls kinda imrpovement but rural development) but very very slowly... the least we can do is probably join an already active NGO which is doing some good work and supporting them with time and money...

sai said...

That was a good one and radically different from the ones you usually do!!

Happy NewYear!!


Marutham said...

Wish you a very happy 2006. And atlast i have rectified the problem with the the left COLUMN. was those extra dots.........that had it come on bottom left.Thanku! Now it looks allright (i mean it appears on the right side of the screen) :P Bye for now!

NaiKutti said...

Have a wonderful and peaceful year ahead Senthil

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Happy newyear! Byw in this year atleast shift from Tricycle to Bicycle ;)

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

senthil natarajan said...

@vidya : Thanks for droppin by! I know the change is not going to happen in a year or 2, just that it has to begin sometime
@sri: ha ha yeah! we are good at it!
@karthik: i am not talking of just two years! just that it is taking too long! and hey happy new year

senthil natarajan said...

@sai: thanks and wish u the same!
@marutham: yeah! it looks good now!
@ponna:sure! will try and learn... wish u happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Each and every Indian citizen has to make an honest effort in making India a developed nation.

Our Polititians are a bunch of jokers.Now with Vajpayee resigning from active politics, BJP is in dogs hands. Congress on the other hand does not have any leader who has a vision or the charisma to lead the nation.

Lets pray that India shows some progress in the Year 2006.


Anonymous said...

Hello Senthil,
Neenga thaan antha ANNIYAN aa.. "Thani Manitha Olukkam" illatha evaraiyum uyiroda vida kodaathu. So, Change yourself from Camera Senthil to anniyan.

To be serious, yes we need to be responsible, which will help in our growth & towards the Country's growth.

senthil natarajan said...

@sudar:i guess there are a few good politicians too.. like sheila dixit! but overall you are right..
@anon: anniyan a? adhu seri! Mr. Subbu so finaly found who the anonymous is...thanks for droppin by..

Skely said...

Hey Senthil,
since you are thinking in this line, why don't you also you suggest a few methods in which we could contribute to the progress of our country....

Gautham said...

Good one senthil...individual growth has been one factor that has not been able to catch up with the pace of economic growth in India.. but I guess it would soon do so because individual attributes and the general society outlook is something that has been passed on from one generation to next. To start from, we should throw away our resistance to change !!!

senthil natarajan said...

@skely: me2 wondering the same! i cant think of any.
@gautham: very true mate! wc back

Prabu Karthik said...

Ah! am happy that i have a company on this issue:)

i firmly belive all this globalisation to india has actually widened the ga between the haves and the have nots

though i've been a beneficary of this outsourcing boom to some extent that does not make it good for the whole of india.

Wish u a very happy new year 2006!