Friday, October 07, 2005

i am a doctor akela hoon bimaar hoon

Today I started to office pretty late. Actually I had told that I will be coming late, now don't ask me why.. as usual was not feeling well.

As I crossed vadapalani signal, the road was unusually empty. The very next signal was the one near the TCS office, even it had a green signal. I throttled a bit and as I crossed the signal I saw mama ( police) waving at someone. I don't bother to look at him again as I was sure that he was not waving at me.

I throttled a bit more and was kind of enjoying the ride. After some time I realized that I was driving a bit fast and to my amaze the speedometer was showing the arrow ahead of 85 and almost 90 (Gosh! What has got into me, immediately I started slowing). I took my off the speedometer to look at the road, but was too late.

A mama was standing almost at the middle of the road and asking me to stop, he was just ahead of me some how I managed to stop.

Mama : Enna speed limit laam theriyadha?

Me : {usual excuse } sir naan indha ooru ku pudhusu, enaku therilae. Naan rumba fast a laam otaliyae?

Mama: fast a otalia??? Adhu seri…. Seri urru ku dhaan pudhusu nalla sokka pant laam poturukae, unuku English kuda va padi ka theriyadhu…yethini yedathula speed limit poturukku ( by this time I knew I was loosing the argument, but had last excuse)

Me: (held my ID CARD half covered by my hand itself and wanted to tell him that, sir I am coming from vadapalni office and urgently going to ambattur office –actually was coming from home only, anyway wanted to try it) Sir enakku kunjom urgent a….

Mama: sir idha modhaliye solla kudadha ( naan onummae sollalae…. And I wanted to look at my ID CARD, do I resemble any big shot…or does my ID CARD have something else that I haven't seen yet…what does this guy think of me)

Mama: case attend pora…konjum medhuva po sar, illa neeye case aiyuduvae…!( what the heck….what case, what is he thinking, but I kept silent, simply blinking)

Mama: ini "+ "sticker otiko sir, police will not stop you. ( god! He thinks I am doctor)

Mama: seri seri poituva….


Came to office and looked at my ID CARD again, what made him think that I am doctor and even so do doctors wear ID CARD outside, whatever…. One ID CARD saved me atleast 100.


SamY said...

yaaaru andh traffic police nu sollu ... naan avar kitta peesaren ... unna paatha Dr maadhiri irukkakum ... =)) ... dei vaazhvu da unnaku

adhu seri nee puppy face potta yaaru thaan nambha matta?

definite'a avan unnoda ID card pathurundhan ... avalo thaan ... andh kuthathukagave ulla thoookeee poturuppan :p

Tamizhan said...

ada paavi! respecte sir, as i am suffering from fever....andha maadri irukkey....

ghuru said...

something would have told him that you belong to a hospital..enna, id card ellam vechirukranaala unna patient'nnu nenaikaama doctor'nu nenachutaar andha vasoolist..unakku fever varra frequency patha nee '+' sign potukradhu thappu illa...epdium nee oru hospital duty paakra maari dhaan..

senthil said...

@samy and ghuru: tooooo much.

vee-jay said...

idhu nalla idea-va irukke. next time try pannaren :-p

sathyus said...

so ivaru oru vela mental hospital(case ??) nenachitaaro?

senthil natarajan said...

@sathya... idhu konjum too much