Wednesday, May 26, 2004

nothing big

well i dunno if anyone has come across my space, if yes hi to them. i wrote last time when i was not at all feeling good and was upset a bit. today i am feeling better, went to my friends house and then with him i went to city to do some window shoppin. i thought of buying a dvd player and was seeing all the prices and mean whil my friend(sham) was all intrested in buying a digi cam. they are all too attractive oooo.... spoke with barathi today.... its his bday tomm.. so will call him. hmm.... who is this barathi?, one legend shld say a gem may be i can call him with all soughts stone names thats what he is. i will call him tomm. bloke wanted to speak to me and its been a long time that we guys spoke. meanwhile there are a lot of intrsting characters that i need to inroduce but not today, need to cook dinner.

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