Friday, May 28, 2004

well it was just another day and nothing more. Yesterday was the same so i thought no point in writing anything. applied for a few jobs online and saw a telugu movie yesterday. well i dunno but i have started liking chiranjeevi. That guy is a dynamite. well first character to introduce Mr.Shahul Hameed shanawaz ismath batcha phew.... man thats his name. This name is associated with me now for more than 6 yrs, which started as a hi and bye in the early engg. days is now with me in melbourne. Mr.Nice guy who at times tries to use his brain too much. hee hee.... He is one the verge of finishing MS in a month i guess. He is one of room mates and dunno what he does all the time in front of computer. Half the time he checks mails and rest of the time sees simran(south indian actress) and chats with old friends. i am sitting in uni lab, which actually i shouldnt coz i am no more a student. anyway as there is nothing to mention for the day i am finishing with this. i have night shift tom. something that i hate.

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