Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Home alone

Yesterday for once, my sleep pattern was like in Australia- sensitve and extremely cautious. I was alone and that could be the reason. Yesterday amma went to S'pore for a week, before she left she told me the list of people who come in the morning- Newspaper man,milk man,lady who brings flowers and and person who comes to clean car. All this happens everyday before 7, all these days i never heard the bell and never had i seen any of them. Today was testing time, i could even hear the person who comes and sweeps the road early in the morning. Do we naturally become alert when left alone or when we are with someone less cautious?i mean where you are with ppl like Nawaz who would sleep even if a truck went by his side ;-), thats definately God's gift but... I wanted to write something yesterday itself, but was helping amma with her packing. Spoke with a few people today-jk is goign to hyd to attend a test, susi in blore and vetri who woke me in the morning and now in the evening. Gv said that he will come tonight, but his plans keep changing so until he comes, i cant be sure about him. I dont have anything intresting to write today.

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