Friday, December 03, 2004


Its already evening now, end of another day. As per schedule i should start to Melbourne tommorrow but i have postponed the ticket. I guess thats what the malaysian airlines people have done. I am not sure as to what they have done, i gave them the money and ticket and asked to postpone it, but after a week a got an envelope with the ticket and the money. one person says that its been done successfully, but there is nothing written over the ticket.I will have to wait for appa to come back and check it. I have a strange feeling that the transperency is absent in India. The companies are not at all bothered, atleast thats what i presume. I guess thats mainly because of the call centers. For any querries for any product we call the call center and most of them working in there do not know ins and out about the product. I call satyam for a problem in my internet connection(sify) and the girl does not understand the problem and just gives the basic solution. I still do not know why the problem occurs. If anyone reading this knows pls lemme know in the comments. I have a dial-up connection, when i connect to the internet it gets connected, i mean the server authenticates my username and password. The problem occurs when i try to browse any site, i see the message in status bar "FINDING SITE:WWW.XYZ.COM" and after 1-2 mins the browser displays PAGE NOT AVAILABLE. The problem which i think is i tried pinging the DNS server and i could not reach it. I have no reason why this thing happens. This does not happen always, i face this problem only at times and i usually solve this by doing a dumb thing either i reconnect or restart the system and it works most of the time. Does anyone know what is the real problem? and what could be the proper solution. Hope i get a solution for this problem very soon.The day so far was pretty cool, i have to study for the day. enough of blogging for the day.

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