Wednesday, December 01, 2004

---Not him----

The news for over a fortnight in Tamil Nadu is over the contrversial arrest of the seer of Kanchipuram. He was arrested for a murder case, Kanchi shankarachariyar is equalled with Pope and imam. His midnight arrest (dont think of karunanidhi) made first page news in all the news papers almost only month after veerappans encounter. The last thing to happen now is that seer has himself confessed that he ordered the murder in "a moment of weakness". Things like this can only happen in Tamil Nadu. My personal opinion is that, today even the media is causing a lot of damage to the society. One of the most respected News channel a week ago discussed about the seers' arrest in a programme called BIG FIGHT. The programme apart from discussing the arrest took a different turn and started concentrating on Brahmin-Non Brahmin problems in TN and congress' involvement in the arrest. These media people inorder to attract viewers instigate irrelevant problems, and this is not the only case and the only channel doing that. The ambani brothers household problem is now blown out of propotions, which i think would have been solved without the media intervention. We need media but at the same time we need it only to tell us the facts, with so many news channels around each channel wants to highlight some issue, which may be unnecessary. But then it is the survival of the fittest. Ok coming back to, i did nothing usefull yesterday apart from taking rest and eating. Today has been pleasent so far and things are going fine. GV, vetri and thiru called me today. i want to set a deadline for my cisco but so far the preparation has been gloomy and very slow. Guess should start reading now enough of blogging today.

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