Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Into kitchen

Being alone is boring. I am just bored of TV, all the TV serials have just one motto " cry cry and keep crying" at times its just sick. I wonder how the actors and actresses in these shows manage to cry everyday( glyserene may help but even then) . Vetri and gv stayed with me yesterday night, we were talking for sometime before we hit the bed.Spoke with Bharathi yesterday and today, i always knew that this guy was always confused but now i think even the people around him get confused. Poor fellow as usual is totally confused and i just hope that whatever happens to him, should be for his good. Still no sign of any interview or tests, i am keeping my fingers crossed. I spoke to vomshankar yesterday and he was asking my plans! this guy was my classmate in Swinburne, extremely hard working guy, he worked so hard that he cleared his MS loan debt by doing just part time. Shyam mailed me ( another classmate) he is doing J2EE course in bangalore. Been a while that i spoke with shyam. Vetri said that he will come today, no news from gv so i guess that he is not coming. Have to cook rice and potato side dish. Time to cook. catch up later


Anonymous said...

so u guys hit the bed together???

Anonymous said...

pervert thinking!