Friday, December 03, 2004


How frustrated can a person be because of a girl? No, I am not talking about myself, i am talking about my very close friend. Never seen him so dull and gloomy. I never knew that he was all that serious about that girl! not that i would have changed his life had i known earler. Yesterday was that first time i saw him emotional and feeling guilty. I know that he will come out of this very soon but at the moment he is drained. No more comments on this issue, let me think what i did yesterday. I din study as i intended to after finishing blogging, i wasted my time. I was actually wondering what poxwx.exe is which i found in my task manager. I could not find anything conclusive about this .exe file from google searches. For the moment i have just disabled it from msconfigs' startup. XP i think is a nightmare OS to have with so many ports open to attack. while doing this i found a new search engine ixquick, seems to equally good. It calls itself meta search engine wonder what it is? and how different it is from the normal ones( if the normal ones are not meta search engines). Long back when i started blogging(just 3-4 months ago) i was introducing my friends. Here i continue with my next friend thiRumathi. A very good friend who used to be very sensitive has changed a lot still she is a bit sensitive. One person to whom you can polambify(hee hee) ,atleast she listens carefully. thats all for now will keep updating about my friends.

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