Saturday, December 04, 2004

viRus viRus everywhere

Installing and running the latest Anti-virus cannot always assure you. I have Norton internet security 2004 installed and still i found my system has 159 infected files. I found this from Panda active security, this is an online scaning system. Since this is an online site where you can scan your computer for viruses, it might get updated everyday for new definitions. Yesterday another peculiar thing happened, i had to restart the computer because it was not responding. After a succesful restart i kept getting messages to connect to the internet and the message that it gave was"you(or a program)have requested information from which connection do you want to choose?" and the sites that it wanted to access were sites like irc, angelfire and these sites i have never visited. I saw in the task manager a process called rasautou.exe was responsible for thisThis from google searches i found out was a system process and was Microsoft Remote Access Dialler. The description for this from a site was as follows: rasautou.exe is the Microsoft Remote Access Dialler process. It is used by the system or by third party applications to manage modem connections. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.That is well understood but why is it trying to access the sites that i have never visted, of course it was trying to access yahoo site as well. As for the poxwx file, guess it is a malware and thats what people say in a forum which discusses the problem with XP. Yesterday that was what i did. i studied very little and most of the time i wasted. Got a call from thiru today and spoke to gv yesterday. Appa has gone to Singapore and amma will also join appa, amma is starting 7 night and will be back by 13 along with appa. This is first time amma is travelling outside india and i am excited more than her. Thats it for the day and hey i have added a process finder in the blog so that i will atleast get to know what kind of a process in running.

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