Sunday, December 05, 2004


I am spending almost 2 hours everyday just fixing bugs in my computer. Connecting to the internet is like entering a battle field. Everytime i connect to the internet i find some new process running in task manager. I only can see the processes that show themselves in the task manager, but what about those which i cant detect. Atleast now i realise that even the latest ANTI-VIRUS cant help much coz new malwares and spywares are created every day. When i was i Australia nawaz and myself used to see a lot of unwanted processes running that always were responsible for unwanted pop-ups. We used to delete those processes and find them back the very next day. We actually only deleted the processes and never knew or thought of removing them from the registry(regedit). The latest malware or spyware i saw yesterday was salm.exe this one is a curious fello he has to be definately removed and also many others along with him. The information that i got from a website is as follows:180Search Assistant(salm.exe)is generally installed by some other piece of spyware. This not only displays ads but logs your browsing habits to send back to 180! If you have this you most likely have several other programs that you need to uninstall. This malware could have been the reason that i was getting popups like smiley central. I am not sure whether it was behind the mischief. There was one more process that i found in msconfig which called itself bgtit.exe. I could not find anything about this process, may be even this was a spyware or a malware, coz this is not a system process. In one site its written that if some process in the in WINDOWS directory and it is not a system process then there is a high possibility that it is a malware or a spyware. For the last two days i was not able to open any 16-bit DOS application and got an error as follows: c:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application. I found the solution in this site. Meanwhile my close friend whom i was talking about 2-3 days back is still gloomy and that makes me more worried. I was told that he is coming to his home country but i dont have any news about him. One blog that i would recommend to people who happen to read my blogs: site Well thats all from me for the moment i have much work to do. I have to go to JB nagar and photocopy a few things, then i have to study. Whenever i sit in front of the computer to study i start looking at the processes and start doing crapy things.

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