Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another day

One more boring day, nothing interesting happened today as though something always happens. Not much progress as far as the Job hunt is concerned. Same mails I get everyday about the openings but hell some shit happens after I mail them back. Still fingers crossed Cheer up da ( to myself), I got this good SMS which goes like this:
you know why god created
gap between the fingers?
So that some day the one
who is made for you,comes
and fill those gaps by holding
your hand forever.....
Good one isn't it? I am going to get a very heavy Mobile Bill. I cant help it, I talk a lot over the phone. I am trying to control but I dunno when i will.
I saw punch dialogue of Big B :
mard ho tho dard nahi hota
He says this in his typical style(kudos!), thinking of punch dialogoues i cant resist kollywood
Simbu says:
modhalae first yaar poranu mukiyam illa
Last le First yaar varanu mukiyam
Vijakanth says:
puyal adichu thupichaven irukaan
ana indha thavasi adichu pulaichavanae kidaiyadhu!
naan oru dharam soluvein, orae dharam dhaan soluvein!
There are many more but i dont remember now. Some of them are just too much. If anyone remembers some dubakoor punch dialogues then leave them as comment.
I am signing-off for the day.

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