Tuesday, November 30, 2004

-Airport colony---mumbai---16:33---30/11/2004

Atlast found some time in my not so busy schedule to scribble something. I dont even remember when was the last i wrote something. I found that i remember blogs either when i am quite happy or very desparate. Well today... i am writing in a fit of desparation... y so? reason being very simple -i am going through the biggest problem than everyone faces ! getting a job. Today i was so irritated with the way things are happening, i have not attented even a single interview (one thing for sure is i have definately become lazy) i just hope that things change very soon, i am preparing for cisco and want to finish it soon, i know that this is the best time to take up certifications, but my mind is not determined i wanted to write one more paper in Microsoft and suddenly i have started preparing for cisco. I hope i get things right very soon! what else to say? Oh yes! i spoke with nawaz today i have called him only when i wanted some some work done there in Australia, how mean! but then it is expensive to call. Nawaz is fine, selva called the other day... by the sound of it he is working very hard which is good for him. Ghuru called me just now, he was awake till 5 in the morning poor chap has to finish his thesis. I have no idea what bharathi is upto ? he said that he will land in india before december but no news from him so far... i guess thats all from me hopefully will write something tommorrow.

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