Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Bharathi sent this mail ... Telugu Guy: "Hello, May I know your name please?" James Bond: "My name is Bond" Continuing in hisinimitable style,"......James Bond." Then Bond asks: " And you?" Telugu Guy: "My name is Rao... Siva Rao... Samba Siva Rao... Venkata Samba Siva Rao.. .Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao... Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao.. .Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda VenkataSamba Siva Rao... Vijayawada Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara YarlagaddaVenkata Samba Siva Rao..." Since then when anyone asks Bond his name he simplysays "James Bond" I was imme. reminded of my friend SHAHUL HAMEED SHANAWAZ ISMATH BATCHA.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Good links

There is one site that gives a list of newspapers country wise - afganistan to zimbabawe and there is this site which tell about ailments and much more

Rest or Respect

I am no big fan of cricket or any cricketer. I was in trichy last weekend and went to a saloon to have a haircut. It was sunday the 4th day of the test, the barber was watching the TV and doing my hair and he asked me some questions like... 'will India win?' i had no idea as i dint even know it was the 4th day and i dint know what target we were chasing. I asked him what was the target? the guy stopped for a while and stared at me, i knew what he was thinking. I know hailing from a place where cricket is a religion it is hard to find people like me, somehow the game does'nt intrest me,instead i might watch F1 or tennis. anyway this what my friend had to say about Ganguly: Ganguly or respect ? OOPS !!! What a disastrous effect the loss by India is gonna have on Ganguly.. Itz true that DADA has to be punished for his not being in the so called FORM.. But is it at the cost of Captaincy....No No No way shud Dada be removed from the Position.. I am not a hard core fan of Dada, but I respect him as a Captain... The Most succesful Indian Captain on the soil so far.. No Indian Captain has the charm and flamboyance as He has.. Hez ' The One '..We all see his batting skills getting sore, his bowling naive.. Think of such a person who is not in form on Field, but is Captain handling all the so called Pressures.. Buddy, Itz Ind Vs pak Match...Things have happened like this...And will happen.. Didn't we route Pak 4-1 in the Sahara ODI Canadian Series ..And when he Earned 'Man with the Golden Arm'.. (Though Dada was not the captained at that time ) We must remember how Sachin crumbled under pressure of Captining !!! Didn't we route Pak in the Test on their Soil.. All through the Ind vs Pak matches so far, Dada's period as Captain in both froms of Cricket has Saved the face of India in the head to head records.... The Post Dada period has more intrinsic victroies in the Head to Head record againt most Nations, than the ..Pre Dada period...I feel thatz Heart Warming.. U must remember that more Pak Players, who have not performed anywhere have tonned against India.. This was bf4 Dada arrived.. He united the players and built team Strength, and India learnt and started to play as a Team, whereby he has lost his place as an Individual Performer.. Thatz the only thing he has to get back..And he WILL.... As far my earlier statement of Dada being punished, he must be awarded the position of Non Playing Captain, from the Playing Captain.. This may, no will prove hilarious and ridiculous..This is not against the rules of Cricket.. England had done that earlier in the more famous Ashes Series... Thou shall lead the team and tatz DADA... and shall be awarded both Rest and Respect.. -courtesy shyam prasad

Saturday, March 26, 2005

tring tring...

The calls that a person gets in India at times irritates and at times amuses. I got these 2 calls.One was from the ICICI bank and another was from HUTCH. ...... A guy calls me from ICICI bank and says that he wants to talk about the credit limit of the ICICI credit card. Having refused a lot of similiar calls, i thought i will talk to this guy and find out what he had to offer. he:Sir, i need to talk about the credit limit of ICICI credit card. Me: fine, go ahead he:Sir you have exceeded your credit limit and payment is due now. Me: what? i dont own a ICICI credit card...! and i am senthil natarajan, just in case if you got the wrong person. he: but sir you have exceeded the allowed limit of your card. Me: I told you i dont own a ICICI credit card, and for your info i dont even have ICICI debit card....!( actually i have a ICICI debit card) he: but i am pretty sure that you have crossed the credit limit( now this guy was adamant) Me: hey, when i dont have a credit card then how will I excced its limit? can you give me the card number that you are talking about? he: Sir, as part of our privace policy we donot disclose the card numbers over the phone. Me: Now we need to put an end to this discussion, just prove me that i own a card. he: Sir can you please tell me the last two transactions that you did with your credit card??? Me: Transactions thru' credit card........! damn! i hung up . Just to make sure that i indeed got a call from ICICI i returned the call to the same number after 15 mins. It was ICICI .....! god save ICICI bank from these guys. .... and this call i got last month from HUTCH. I used to get calls from BPL mobile while i was using it, and they usually called to ask if i was intrested to change to Post-paid connection. I was attending a training session when i got this call. lady: sir we are calling from Hutch.... me: i am sorry can you call me after sometime i am busy at the moment and i hung up after say 20-30 secs i got a call again but with a different number lady: sir i am calling from HUTCH..... me:sorry i said i am busy now ....and i abruptly hung up irritated now then there was no call for 2-3 mins and again a number flashed, i was pissed off but din want to hang up, as i din know the number and moreover i was waiting a call from my trainee incharge in HCL.So i answered the phone lady: sir sir sir your due date to pay your bill is over and tomm. we will disconnect your line. me:oops!and hung up gosh! all the while she was trying to tell me that....and i was thinking she was trying to promote some crapy new scheme.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Network Magazine

i was reading a magazine in our office library and it was quite good, guys in US can get it free

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I found this site while browsing through The age

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A guy (lets call him A) was waiting for a girl (lets call her B) whom he had never seen but knew her heart. She would be wearing a rose today at a crowded station. Almost a year ago A was in a public library browsing for a book. He found it and removed it from the shelf and started reading it. Along the margins he found that someone scribbled something in pencil. He read those lines and was immediately impressed. On the last page he found that only one person had borrowed the book, it was B. Somehow he managed to find out the address of B from the librarian. He wrote a letter to B admiring and appreciating her feelings from what he read. B replied and both of them were corresponding through letters for almost a year. In between A asked for B’s photo to which B always denied saying true love should never be based on how a person looks. They both agreed on a date and time and decided to meet at a station, and B said that she would wear a rose on her. A was eagerly waiting to see her; just then a beautiful girl wearing a green saree strode towards him. A smiled at her and she reciprocated and walked quickly. Just as she walked quickly across him, he noticed a woman well in her 40’s with a rose on her standing just opposite to him. A wanted to follow B and speak to her and at the same there was this wonderful woman to whom he corresponded for almost a year. He made his mind and turned towards B and said “ are you B?” “yes” “Shall we go to a restaurant and talk” the women said “what is with you son?, a girl in a green saree came to me and handed over this rose and said if a person comes asking for you then till him that I am waiting in the restaurant on the other side of the road” A giggled and made his way towards the restaurant. If you love a person for what he looks is LUST If you love a person for what he is –is LOVE

Sunday, March 06, 2005


I am in trichy... came here today morning by Rockfort Express. Hey! i donated blood today... grandmom here is not doing well and as her and my blood group are the same. It feels good when you do something like this. I was told it is actually good for health if you donate once in a while!. I always thought that www was US's invention until i read this article Achievements/Achievements-en.html Achievements/WorldWideWeb/WWW-en.html and this is one hell of a site! i can't belive there is a site like this ... at first i thought it is crap.. but this site is genuine.

Friday, March 04, 2005

all in a days work

My office is at vadapalani and commuting is a pain in the a** , the buses are just horrible... i dont even feel like getting into one in the morning peak hours. So this is what i do, i live at adambakkam which is near to St.Thomas Mount Station. 1.I take a share Auto from Adambakkam to Guindy, mind you this is not the big share auto it is a normal auto where at times i even sit along with the driver. This wonderful ride usually costs me Rs.5 2. Then i cross the Guindy railway track[overbridge] and cross the MountRoad [subway] and go into the Guindy Industrail Estate and take another Share auto(these autos are big ones) to Udayam and this cramped ride cost me Rs. 3 ( missing connex trains and yarra trams) 3. From udayam i take another share auto to Vadapalani which cost Rs.5 today was in a way a nice day to say, so this is what happened : Step 1. As usual i took a share auto from adambakkam and i was the first one to hop into the auto so i made it a point to ask the driver whether it was on a sharing basis to which he said 'yes'.A little ahead i saw a girl standing ( beautiful) i was just wondering if she was looking for a share auto, just then she waved her hand and said that she wanted to go to DMS. To my surprise the driver accepted.She sat next to me.... o gosh! i wanted to look at her but then i couldnt turn my face 90 degrees to left and blush. With all the hard earned intelligence i looked thru the mirror, just then she also looked at it... so even that idea went into the drain. A little ahead someone else also hopped in so she came even closer. Damn me! i felt like talking but ........ Then came the climax of step one, she took out her nokia and started talking in English" Hey da wazzup and where are you? have you done the job that you were supposed to do...." she was talking something and all and then suddenly in tamil she said "payyan a marakama kulipatidungo...!" was she married ? god no I got down at Guindy and went inside the industrial estate...Today there was no share auto there... i found out that those guys were on a strike.. i was wondering what to do... going by bus was just out of question, too crowded. I saw a good looking girl standing next to me. I presumed that she was also waiting for a share auto, i thought i will ask her and if she agrees we might take an ordinary auto and share. Me: Are you waiting for share auto? She: Yes! Me:I guess these guys are on a strike...! She: oh! btw where are you going? Me:Vadapalani and where are you going? She: I am going till ekatuthangal... if you don't mind we will take an auto and share! Me: You are just going half the way i don't that will work out (scenu actually i was willing to!)She: Oh thats not a problem! i will give my share you can give it to him when u get down! Me: Hmm... ok! We took an auto and the driver asked Rs.40 till vadapalani and we agreed on that. ( I was under the impression that we would share equally although she never mentioned that and not fair either)On the way not wasting any time i just asked one thing " are you working?" for which in a rather abrupt way she replied "yes"I din talk much as ekatuthangal is not very far from guindy. As she was about to get down she gave me Rs.10 and asked the driver to stop, and told him "avaru kita vaangikongo"O shit! she dint even bother to ask me as to how much she would share.... my fate the journey which normally would have costed just 8 costed my 30 and all that coz of a girl..... I am not worried about the money.... but all this coz of a girl .... hee hee feel like laughing at myself. i guess a long post after a long time thats it for .... going to tricy tomm. eve

All in a days work

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

O dear laloo

This one i read in a magazine If Hema[MALINI] is my fan then i am her air-conditioner