Sunday, February 13, 2005

you long for the weekends... and they come and go in a blink of an eye. I always think of the lovely friday evening, i dont do anything great but still friday evenings are the best. Last week i was in ambattur attending OOAD programing. Coming week i will be going to greams road again. I bet going to greams road is lot more easier. All said and done chennai roads suck, with all the new cars and bikes , the roads are unbearable... can't help it anyway probably the roads are chennai's trademark. My parents are coming from Mumbai this week, eagerly waiting to see them...but then they will be here for only 3 days. I will probably buy a bike by the time they come here. Planning to buy Fiero F2. They bike looks decent with decent mileage and comfort. Haven't decided on it. I thought i will start writing intresting sms again here comes one:
Inky Pinky Ponky
Sms Padikidhu Donkey
Donkey smiles
cellPhone cries
Inky Pinky Ponky
One more
Our Friendship has become
Even if you take out 'H'
' a bit' remains.
Take out 'a'
'bit' remains.
Take out 'B'
'it' remains.....

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