Tuesday, February 22, 2005


There are a lot of technical ppl in india and still technology wise we are backward. I have been using netbanking for almost 3 years now, thanks to common wealth bank. Now in India i tried using it, it doesnt match what common wealth offered me 3 years back. Guys all said and done we are lagging a lot behind the westerners. A good example would be the motor bikes there and here, the best bike here will look like a moped there. check these two sites http://www.dancewithshadows.com/honda_unicorn_photo.asp http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/motor/index.htm?motor.asp The first one is decent good looking bike in India and the next one is normal bike in Australia, the latter looks like a dream bike here. Though i knowthat those bikes are just too much for indian roads, still why are lagging so much. With all the population to capitalise Indian government s doing nothing. No point bragging too much I got some details about the hi- end bikes in inda http://www.dancewithshadows.com/honda_unicorn_specs.asp Thats it for now gtg i am at vadapalani office, and i am done for the day.

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