Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Steve not again

I have always wondered what is it with apple's secret releases, of all the products released so far, i can think of iPhone and leopard for which the dates were announced. Rest either u see them on the site or its in some news that the product is already out. I definitely don't understand the marketing behind the whole thing. For instance i got my mac book september first week, 5 days after i got it, Macbooks were shipped with iLife 08 and i din have clue coz i would have waited another 5 days... if i were to upgrade i will have to shell out $79 for the newer version.

I like everything about apple, but not the secret releases... i cant honestly comprehend the tactics behind this. I can understand the impact is big when the speculation is almost nil, but i hate when i get affected. Anyways my vote is for u steve anyday...

The latest news... 1G Shuffle is just $49 go grab if u are planning for one


Beautiful Mind said...

Shuffle is a news da..Monday I checked was 79 dollars...good..

senthil natarajan said...

@naren - yes da!!! and the 2G has been announced for 69