Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am back

I am not sure how many of my good ol readers still visit my blog, i had given myself a decent break from blogging. I am back again ( would love to put that billa music for this punch... lol over scene). Was trying to reason out as to why i was out of blogging world... i dont know why!!!

I want break myself free out of this stupid routine life.. no workouts, no games (well since i returned back i dont have my old pals in chennai except for one).. when i am idle i am really idle and when busy.... anyways no more excuse, should do things worthwhile.

btw chk this out.... lol


Anonymous said...

Most Welcome :-)

Baasha Returns~!

Meenakshi Pavithra said...

me too been a silent reader
here :-) nice blog; laughed my way through some of your posts :-)

senthil natarajan said...

@anon - who are you ?
@mp - u2 ha ha... anyways keep visiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like u are upto wrong guesses and u can never hit at the right one and I dont want u too!

Jus felt like commenting on yr earlier post.I guess I shdnt have, that too in disguise.Its my stopping here.Forget the name I feel that wudnt be of any use.Let me walk out discreetly and you have a real great wonderlife ahead.

No worries no more anon comments.Apologies for confusions if any.

Good Bye!

Beautiful Mind said...

Good to see you mate...

SamY said...

ur back to blogging coz ur back in chennai ;)